Chapter One: The Escape

Deep underground in the Land of Fire in the village of Konahagakura also known as the "village hidden in the leaf" exists a top secret laboratory that no one above ground knew about. Locked deep within this lab in specially designed cell laid three bodies slept peacefully until a loud noise awoke them as the dark cell area began to light up when someone turned on the lights.

"All right you freaks it is time to get up!" shouted out a familiar voice. The three bodies began to stir letting out a long guttered yawns. The three bodies slowly sat up on their beds opening their eyes as they could see a young looking black hair teen turn on the lights to their cells. "Let's go you three. You have five minutes to get up!" he stated as he turned to leave. The three watched as he left hating that he had woken them up so rudely. The three boys got up stretching out their slender but muscular bodies. Their hands and legs were chained together not allowing them full mobility to move around as around their necks were strapped with power inhibitor collars which prevented them from using their powers. Right now even though they looked human, the fact still remained that they were the three most powerful monsters alive. They were not born like this they were in fact genetically engineered by some of the smartest scientist around.

"How much longer are they going to keep this up? Don't they get tired of the same routine day after day?" asked a dark red haired boy with pale green eyes. Black markings much like eyeliner surrounded his eyes as he had no visible irises in his eyes. His chain rattled as he brushed his hand through his hair revealing a couple of light lavender lines and dots on part his face. This was Gaara a beastial raccoon whom had the power of sand which he could use to either defend or attack. This sand was a part of him but also separate at the same time as he could will the sand to do anything he imagined.

"Who knows Gaara. You know sometimes I think that Neji get his kicks off of torturing us." replied a black haired boy with dark black eyes. This was Sasuke a dragon-bird whom had the power of lightning as he looked over to the cell next to him to see a blond haired boy with dark blue eyes whom laid on the ground in pain. The three long marks that were on both sides of his cheeks looked like whiskers. "Hey Naruto are you all right?" Sasuke asked in concern. The blond slightly turned his head over towards Sasuke unable to reply. This was Naruto a feral werefox whom had the power of fire. During certain moon phases Naruto's powers became almost ten fold to what they were normally due to the light of the moon. A full moon, blood moon, blue moon, and harvest moon brought a part of his beast closer to the surface. Both Sasuke and Gaara knew that this had to be one of those moon phases. All Gaara and Sasuke could do was watch helpless unable to help their brother. Even though the three of them looked nothing alike, they were or at least they considered themselves to be brothers seeing how they were all created by these scientists and born in this laboratory. At one time there used to be ten of them all together but now only three of them remained. Neither Naruto, Sasuke, or Gaara knew what happened to their fellow brothers and sisters. Neji came back into the cell area along with a man whom none of them recognized. The man had short silver white hair and jet black eyes one which had a long scar over it. Half of his face was covered by a face mask which covered from the bridge of his nose down. Neji seemed pissed that that was Naruto was up and ready.

"Naruto get up!" Neji snapped banging on Naruto's cell. Naruto didn't move as his body was in too much pain. Neji began to key in the code to open Naruto's cell. The cell beeped opening up as Neji entered into Naruto's cell yanking the teen up to his feet by the collar that he wore. "I said get up!" Neji snapped again as Naruto's eyes seemed lifeless. Neji took a deep breath as both Gaara and Neji knew what was coming next. The scientists that had created them had programed a trigger word that would cause the three of to be in the worse pain until they obeyed. "OBIAS!" Neji shouted. All three teens screamed in pain as Neji dropped Naruto. After a couple of minutes the man whom had entered with Neji had knocked out the teen guard before uttering the word to stop the trigger word.

"Release." he stated as all three teens bodies stopped riving in pain. Naruto just glanced at the man as he undid the chains that bound his feet and hands together. "Relax, I am here to help. I am getting you three out of here. I have been undercover witnessing what they are doing to you. Even if you aren't human, you don't deserve to be treated like this." the stranger stated. Naruto took in the man's scent feeling that they could in deed trust him.

"Leave the collar on or knock me out. Moon cycle is driving me to go feral." Naruto stated weakly as the man nodded his head. He did as Naruto asked leaving on the power inhibitor collar on and knocking the teen out cold before he moved to release both Gaara and Sasuke from their cells and their bondage.

"Who are you?" Sasuke managed to ask.

"My name is Kakashi Hatake. Listen we don't have a lot of time. We have to hurry before they figure out what is going on." Kakashi replied picking up Naruto and carrying the teen on his back. The three men sprinted through the lab with Kakashi leading the way. They managed to get half way through before the alarms sounded alerting everyone to the escape. The three men double timed trying to get out of the laboratory before they were caught. As they turned the corner, they were surrounded by security. "Dam it!" Kakashi hissed underneath his breath. Lighting crackled in the palm of Sasuke's hand as Garra unplugged the gourd that hung on this side that was the length of his lower arm and two hands wide. Sand poured out of the gourd obeying Gaara's commands. Both were ready to defend themselves in order to prevent going back in those cells. Suddenly a huge explosion happened behind the security guards causing the guards to scatter. An older looking man with long white spikey hair and bright blue eyes entered the laboratory.

"Hurry up Kakashi, we are getting out of here now. Everything is set to blow this place sky high." the man stated.

"Jiraiya, you must have the best timing in the world." Kakashi stated smiling which could be seen behind his mask. "You heard the man guys, let's go while the getting is good." stated Kakashi as another explosion ripped through the lab. Neither Sasuke nor Gaara argued with Kakashi and Jiraiya as they were getting the three of them were finally getting out of the stone wall prison where they never saw the light of day. Both Sasuke and Gaara wondered what would happen to them now.