Chapter Twenty-One: peace at last

It took Gaara, Naruto, and Sasuke three whole days to heal and to regain their spent energy used by their other halves. The three of them knew that they would have a lot of explaining to do. The three of them would have never expected that they housed three powerful guardian spirits. As they were recovering, the tailed beasts appeared before them in their human forms.

"What happens now that the Akasuki have been killed?" asked Naruto.

"Unfortunately because of what happened to us in the lab, we can't separate ourselves from you. It has taken us so long to find human bodies to house our power but now it seems that we are stuck like this." replied Kyuubi.

"Is that truly a bad thing Kyuubi, if you guys were a part of us from the very beginning?" asked Gaara.

"It isn't Gaara but you have to understand that guardians are only supposed to be in a human vessel for a short time while they fix or take care of the problem. When done they are supposed to return to the realm of the spirits." replied Shukaku.

"Never before has anything like this ever happened. But maybe this is for the best as we can now play a more active part in securing the safety of the world." added Taka. The three teens looked at the spirits as they have grown used to their presence within them. The three boys then turned to each other nodding their heads before they turned their attention back to the tailed beasts.

"We don't mind sharing our bodies with you. Besides what if another evil comes up? Then you would have to do this all over again. Even though the contracts were made by our parents, they are dead while we live. Maybe it was by chance that those Akatsuki and scientists meddled with our genetic makeup as we are now a permanent part of you. But our legacy shall live on with our children and our children's children ensuring that the world is always protected." stated Sasuke as both Naruto and Gaara nodded their heads in agreement. Blood tears began to streak down the beasts faces moved by the three that stood before them as they thanked them.

After explaining to the whole village to what happened that night and whom and what they truly were. Everyone was surprised, even their mates. Who could blame them? Even though they knew that these three weren't human, they would have never expected this. After much discussion the whole village told the three that they are still more than welcome to stay and live there in the village. This brought tears to the three boys eyes. They have come to think of this whole village as the family they never had. Even their other halves was moved by the generosity of this village.

"Is there more that you wish to tell us?" asked Hiruzen as the three nodded their heads yes.

"Our true names...not only ours but those that reside within us. We managed to remember everything about ourselves and who we really are." they replied in unison.

"My full name is Naruto Uzamaki as I hold the nine tail guardian spirit Kyuubi of Flame." stated Naruto.

"My true name is Sasuke Uchiha as I hold the three tail guardian spirit Taka of Lightning within me." stated Sasuke.

"And I am Gaara of the desert. I hold the one tail guardian spirit Shukaku of Sand." stated Gaara.

"It is nice to finally meet you three and welcome to the Iwagakure village." stated Hiruzen formally.

Many years have passes since that day. The three boys were now full grown males living with their mates and raising their cubs. Their offspring had the same powers and abilities as their parents. On occasion the three would have to go out and keep the peace that they had manage to obtain since defeating the Akasuki. Once their kits were old enough they would take over the duty for their parents. Naruto and Hinata had a cub whom they have named Konohamaru. Sasuke and Sakura had a cub whom they have named Shizune. And Gaara and Haku had a cub whom they have named Iruka. Even though their kits had only half of the power possessed by the tailed guardian spirits that resided within their fathers, they still had all of the power, talents, and abilities possessed by both of their parents. The kits couldn't transform as they were born and remain in half form, the people of the village never treated them any differently then they did their fathers. As the cycle begins a new Gaara, Sasuke, and Naruto looked back wondering what new adventures laid before them and their children who will carry on in their place once they are gone from this world.