This one-shot is for Leigh-Leigh, merry christmas Oneechan! Also this is years after the mews defeated the aliens. Retasu is 23 and Pai is 25. Also, this must look random and pointless, cause it does to me...

Disclaimer: Pai and Retasu don't belong to me, nor do the others apart from Tsuki, Muki and Touki.

"No way in hell Retasu."

Pouting, Retasu stared up at her husband, the outfit in her hands.

"Please Pai."

Pinching the bridge of his nose, the alien sighed, "Retasu..."

"Don't Retasu me!" She exclaimed playfully, "Please Pai-kun... think of the children..."

At the word 'children' a pair of twins stared up at their father.

One was Tsuki, the oldest of the two. His green eyes twinkled, as a puppy dog look crept onto his face. Following his brothers example, Muki pushed his pale lips together and his blue eyes grew, allowing them to tremble slightly.

The look made Pai's knees weaken, "Fine! I'll dress up as Santa."

The twins grinned and shared a quick high-five, while Retasu wrapped her arms around Pai.

"Oh thank you Pai."

Pai grumbled, resting his head against Retasu's.

.:Christmas Eve:.

Sitting on the chair with tinsel wrapped around the arms of the chair, dressed in a Santa's outfit, Pai was pissed, well not pissed but quite bored. Having to ask the children 'what do you want for christmas?' was getting on his nerves. A few times he wanted to just rip of the beard and walk out until he caught sight of her and her smile.

Unknown to Pai, his day was about to get more crazy.

.:Other side of the shopping centre:.

Two pairs of couples strolled along lazily. The girls were both leaning against their boyfriends as they walked along.

One of the girls had brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a thick coat to stay warm with a pair of skinny jeans and her name was-

"Leigh," The boy she was leaning against, spoke her name softly, "Have you got Darren's present yet?"

Shaking her head, Leigh answered, "No, not yet. I just have to get dads gift then I'm going to get his."

Nodding, the boy smiled to himself. He had dark coloured hair and eyes. His name was Evra, the other two were called Touki and Hareta.

Looking around, Touki's blue eyes widened.

"What? What is it Touki-chan?" Hareta asked, looking down at the smaller girl.


"Oh dear god no," Leigh muttered, "Who knew Santa was here?!"

The two boys shook their heads while Touki was tugging on Hareta's arm, "C'mon! I wanna see Santa."

"No Touki." Leigh answered.

Turning to look at Hareta, Touki smiled cutely. Hareta's shoulders slumped, as he gave in.

"It can't hurt can it...?"

Squealing, Touki ran, heading towards Santa.

"You need to say no to her sometimes." Leigh commented dryly.

.:Pai's POV:.

All these kids, they would be the death of me. Oh dear god.

I could feel my eyes widen, standing next in line was a girl.

How old is she!? 15? 16!?

"Go on Touki-chan."

Looking over to the right was a group of three.

.:Normal POV:.

Touki's eyes narrowed, as she stared at Pai.

Coughing nervously, Pai looked up at her.

"Ho ho ho... what do you want for christmas?"

"Your not Santa." She hissed.

Breaking out into a sweat, Pai pulled on his hair, "Of course I am."

"No your not!"

Grinning, Leigh was filiming from the side, "This is gold."

"Touki-chan, I think your making Santa nervous." Hareta murmured quietly.

Looking up at him, Touki was about to protest until he scowled.

"Your right, sorry Santa!" Touki exclaimed then sneered, "Fake."

Moving over to Hareta, she took ahold of his hand, as they started to move away.

.:Hours later:.

"Pai!" Retasu smiled, as she hugged him tightly, "See? It wasn't took bad was it?"

"No." Pai muttered, "Except from that one thing..."

Laughing, Retasu reached up as she kissed him, "You'll get over it."