He left me.

He left me one hundred years and sixty two days ago..

It has left a whole in my chest like you wouldn't believe.

I didn't know how to live without him, but I had guides.

They are my family, my everything.

If they were gone, I would have been nothing but ashes.

I had thought about taking myself off this spherical world before; but I could never find myself to strike the match.

Not only for him but for my family.


"Hey!" All the kids cheered as they ran down the stairs.

"Hey guys," I smiled, "What's for breakfast?"

"Waffles!" They all cried, all but Hop.

Hop was a beautiful girl. She was a vampire-werewolf hybrid. Yet she was the most beautiful girl on planet Earth. I had never seen a more beautiful person, well one.

"Did you hunt Hop?" I asked.

She nodded, "Did you?"

"Not yet, I will after you guys leave for school."

I handed each boy a plate with ten waffles each.

I loved how Cooper always grimaced after the first bite, I loved how Johnny always used a whole bottle of syrup, and I loved how Hop always watched them lovingly.

Cooper was Hop's mate. They were perfect for each other in every sense. Cooper's black eyes matched her blue ones. His tallness matches her tallness.

Johnny was Cooper's brother. Johnny oddly reminded me of Emmett. He was the comedian of the family. Not to mention he was the muscles of the family.

Besides the physical features there was one more thing that really was different. Johnny and Cooper are werewolves and Emmett is a vampire.

Cooper and Johnny each gave me a kiss on the cheek and ran out the door.

Hop skipped up to me, "Bye mom."

"Do not call me mom." It happens all the time but it still annoys me.

"Bye mom!" She said as she gracefully walked to the car.

You'd think that since I'm a vampire, therefore I can't have kids, they'd stop calling me mom.

I shrugged it off and went hunting.