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"And it will work!" I smiled, telling Johnny the rest of the plan.

"Maybe. But how the HELL are we going to get mom out of the hut?" Johnny asked, developing a crease in his forehead.

"Uhhh ok can I ask a really awkward question?" I murmured.

I didn't want to be intrusive. But I valued Edward's sanity.

"Sure." They all answered, clearly confused.

"Is Bella… really your mom?" I didn't look at them when I asked; too embarrassed to look up.

To my utter surprise, they laughed, "No. But I have been told we look alike."

"Right, and Johnny looks like a vampire." Cooper laughed, kissing Hop on top of the head.

"Lets get Emmett's plan over with before Mom and Edward go into a depression, shall we?" Hop muttered taking off.

"See you at our house soon, right?" Johnny asked me.

"Yeah. Soon as I can tear everybody away from each other." I shuddered, imagining what it would take to get Jasper and Alice off each other.

Johnny nodded and took off after Hop.

Cooper hesitated. He smiled and extended his fist. I bumped it with my fist, which was twice the size of his.

I took off wondering what I was thinking when I came up with that stupid plan. They know Edward's talent; and how it works.

But can they control their thoughts?

These thoughts haunted me, until I knew I was within Edward's hearing range.

Dude guess what? They aren't her real kids!

I heard his distant growl, and Alice mutter, "Emmett's home."

So much for my brilliant plan of ripping them off each other. Edward's mouth twitched up in a little smile.

I'm sure Jasper was all but nailed to the floor with the shock that was radiating from my every pore.

Edward smiled.

For the first time.

In one hundred years.

"We are going to Cooper's house!" I smiled before my shock gave me away.

"What?" Edward demanded, voice hard as a whip.

"I was invited by them, so we are all going!" I laughed, delighted Alice was nodding her head in agreement.

"Have fun." Edward said unenthusiastically.

"Oh no you don't!" I sprang.

Before I knew it I was on the floor, with Edward's hand on my neck.

"Dude, that was fucking fast!" I said, a little bit amazed, but mostly annoyed.

I blocked my thoughts, thinking of how fast he did that, and then took his hand and locked his hands in my grasp.

"We can do this the easy way, or this way. Pick your poison." I smiled, walking out the door.

He growled in response, but knew he was going, no matter what he did.

I laughed in pure victory.

Edward growled, again. But knew he was outnumbered, and that he couldn't break my grasp.

"You know," I said conversationally, in my head, "She may want you back. She could waltz into your arms the second we walk through that door."

"Emmett, if she did that, I would only guess out of pity, pity for me. So no, I do not think she will take me back," Edward growled, but I could hear the hopeful twinge in his voice.

I could see the hut now, and hear the talking going on inside it.

"They're here!" Hop cheered.

I really liked her, she was a funny person.

I heard someone groan, probably Johnny; still acting like he hated us.

Rosalie sighed, knowing she was about to face Bella again.

"Hello!" I crowed, walking in with Edward squirming in my grasp.

"Let me go Emmett!" he hissed.

I dropped him on his ass. He sent a warning glare at me. I laughed again.

"Can we play a game?" I asked, more like whined.

"Sure! I have one!" Hop jumped up, "You have one word, and you have to come up with a sentence. If everyone can do it, you go again, with the same word. The first person without a sentence is out."

"Yes! Sounds fun! What's the word, Edward?" I asked, smiling at him with my most pleasant smile.

"Ripped, I start." Edward said, slightly amused. "I wish I could have ripped Emmett limb from limb while I had the chance.

"I bought these jeans pre-ripped!" Hop sang, laughing.

"My abs are ripped!" Cooper said.

The game went on like that, until it was only Hop and I left.

The word was duct tape.

"I wish I could duct tape Emmett's mouth shut!" Hop smiled, quite smugly, at me.

"I wish I could duct tape Hop to a tree!" I smiled at her.

"Duct tape is what Emmett eats for breakfast!"

"Watch it, or I will shove a roll of duct tape, into your mouth!"

"I'd like to see you try, Duct Tape Man!"

"Shut up, Ms. I Fart On Duct Tape!"

"You know what, Emmett? I am going to duct tape, all your most valuable possessions and burn them!"

"I'd like to see you try!"

Oops. I'm out. She won. Shit!

I am so ashamed of myself.

Now, time for the real part of our ploy….