Modern Sailor Scouts

Chapter 11:

Behind the Glass

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Cassie walked into the classroom smiling. Her cold was gone and there hadn't been any attacks for a week. She was finally glad to have a break. And better yet, her cousin had visited the other day and with a surprise too.

"Cassie!" Charlene exclaimed at seeing her new friend, "You're better!"

Cassie walked over to her, Heidi was there too. "We're so glad that you've gotten better" Heidi breathed.

Cassie smiled, "me too. Anyway, you guys, I've got news"

Heidi looked at her, "About the crystal?"

Cassie sighed, shaking her head, "Not that kind of news. My cousin visited me the other day."

Charlene raised an eyebrow, "And this would interest us, why?"

"I'd get to that part if you'd stop interrupting me" Cassie huffed, "So, he invited me to go the amusement part tomorrow. And I've wanted to go there with you guys to celebrate getting another scout" Cassie smiled, "So, what do you say?"

Heidi blinked in surprise, "You want us to come with you?"

Charlene grinned, "Sure, I don't mind. I've wanted to go there"

Cassie looked at Heidi who sighed, "Oh, alright. I'll see you at the entrance tomorrow"

Cassie smiled widely, "Alright, be there at two" she told them. She went to her seat just as the teacher walked in and began class.

In the dark space, Raion saw with his head rested on his hands. A glass sphere floated before him, revealing the Sailor Scouts and their many fights against Harasu.

"Hmm…" he saw Sailor Moon shine with a beautiful white light as she protected that Guardian of hers. "Interesting…" he remembered back to his first encounter with Sailor Moon, the woman who had appeared to keep him from harming her.

"Her power is great" a voice said behind him.

He looked over his shoulder at a man with deep navy hair and black eyes. "Ah, Minus, where is your sister?"

"Plus is busy with the assignment you've given her" Minus replied, bowing.

"And this power you spoke of, could you track it? Could you find her?" Raion asked.

Minus bowed lower, "Of course, I can feel her even as we speak"

"Good" Raion smirked, "Take Mirros and capture her. There is much I want to look into." He ordered. "Just how much power does this girl have?" he muttered to himself.

"As you wish, my master" and Minus disappeared in a haze.

"Wow!" Cassie exclaimed. She had never been to the amusement part, she was always so busy.

Charlene smiled, "It is pretty cool, and big too"

You could see rides even behind the gates. Roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, water slides and even more they could see. All kinds of attractions for them to enjoy.

Heidi walked up to them, "Am I late?"

"No, I was just early and Cassie just got here with her cousin" Charlene told her.

"Yeah, Heidi, you're early too. We still have 10 minutes till two" Cassie smiled.

"Alright, I've go the tickets" a guy said, walking up to them. He had blonde hair with trace hints of brown and green eyes. You could totally see the family resemblance.

"Aaron, this is Heidi and Charlene, my friends. Guys, this is my cousin, Aaron" Cassie introduced.

"Nice to meet you" Charlene greeted. Heidi nodded her head in greeting.

"Pleasure" Aaron smiled.

Cassie laughed, she loved the way her cousin talked. "Well, let's go!" she yelled, walking towards the entrance.

The four of them walked about the amusement park, riding some rides they liked and there were even some that they didn't like. Cassie saw a carousel as they walked and stopped. She loved them and got her friends to ride with her. She loved spending some time with her friends, not battles or worries. She waved to Aaron who stood at the fence that ringed the carousel.

Something caught her eye, a flash of blue and then something almost transparent. She looked in that direction but saw nothing. Then the view disappeared behind other animals on the carousel. She shook her head, she must have imagined it.

When they got off, they all agreed to something to eat in the nature section of the park. As they walked there, Cassie laughed at one of Aaron's jokes. She smiled at her friends, then someone walked by in front of her and the two collided.

"Ah!" Cassie exclaimed but was caught by big arms that circled around her.

"Not you again" the voice groaned.

Cassie glared and pushed out of his arms. She looked up, glaring at the face of Zander Kean. How was it that they kept running into each other? "I could say the same"

"Seems you still can't even walk without crashing into someone" Zander muttered.

"Well, you haven't learned to look out where you're walking" Cassie countered. She crossed her arms as he rubbed the back of his neck in annoyance.

"Zander?" Aaron called.

Zander looked over at him and smiled, "Aaron, how are you?"

"Good, you?"

"Wait! You know him?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah" Aaron grinned, "We both take Kendo together. He's also in my advance science class"

Cassie glared at Zander, scoffing.

"So, Aaron, how do you know the pest?" Zander asked, smirking at Cassie's annoyed expression.

"Oh, she's my cousin" Aaron explained, "Hey, is Mark with you?"

"He is, he went to get a soda" Zander told him.

Cassie glowered at Zander as Charlene put her arm on her shoulder, "So this is the jerk you complain about?" she whispered.

Cassie nodded, still annoyed.

Heidi sighed, "I think their bickering is childish.

Charlene laughed, "Oh, well. Since Aaron seems to know him, I'm sure we'll be hanging with them from now on"

Cassie groaned, 'Just want I want, a day with him' she thought angrily.

Cassie's day didn't get that much better, it was an annoyance to have Zander there with them. But his friend was nice, Mark was funny and told really good jokes. So the day wasn't that bad. She just started to ignore Zander all together and it got a lot better.

The girls laughed at another of Mark's jokes as they passed a building.

"Hey guys" Aaron called to them. They stopped. "It's a mirror maze" he told them, smiling, "Want to have a go?"

Charlene looked at it and nodded, smiling. Heidi nodded as well, "Sure". Zander and Mark agreed.

Cassie looked at it, a little hesitant, "Umm…"

"What's wrong? Scared of your reflection?" Zander teased.

Cassie glared at him, "Of course not!" she snapped, "let's go" she growled, taking both Charlene and Heidi's hands and walking into the entrance.

As they walked in, she looked around. She walked forward with Charlene right behind her. She started to feel closed in and trapped, she never did well with closed spaces. "Guys…" she called, a little scared. She turned to look at her friends but saw nothing. "G-guys!" she shouted. "Where are they" she muttered to herself.

She walked a little bit and saw Charlene. "Charlene!" she ran but ran right into a panel of glass. "Charlene?" she looked up and her friend was gone. She groaned, she really didn't like closed spaces, she felt even more trapped. She started walking again but bumped into a wall.

"Wha!" she pressed her hand against it. She walked another way, thankfully she didn't find a wall trapping her there. She continued walking, following her hand that slid against the wall. She then found a dead end. She turned and went down a different wall but only found another wall like before.

"Wh-where's the exit…?" she stammered. She couldn't sand it, she stopped trailing her hand and ran, taking any path she saw. Seeing her terrified expression on the walls over and over again scared her even more. She closed her eyes and ran blindly.

She ran into something but not a wall, for it caught her before she could fall over. She opened her eyes suddenly to see Zander, he was glaring at her.

"Don't you ever look where you're going?" he growled. He let go of her as she stood there. "You keep running into people. Don't you get how annoy that can get? Maybe you should just stay…" he trailed off, noticing her looking around franticly with her eyes, as if looking for the exit.

He sighed and covered his face with his hand, "Idiot" her muttered. He looked at her and took her hand, "Come on" he told her.

"Ah…where?" she asked, following close behind him.

"I'm going to get you out of here" he sighed.

Cassie sighed with relief, she really did want to get out of there.

"The exit should be right around this corner" he said to himself as they turned the corner to find a dead head. "No way" he muttered, "I could have sworn that it was right there"

Cassie looked past him at the mirror blocking their way and saw something, it almost looked transparent. She blinked and then pulled Zander back, "Watch out!" she shouted and the glass shattered.

"Damn" Zander yelled, pulling her to the ground and covered her from the glass. "You alright?" he asked after the glass had settled.

Cassie looked up at him, shaking her head a bit and then looked into his eyes. She blushed a little at how close his face was to hers. "Um…y-yeah" she forced out and sat up. She looked at the shattered mirror, "Zander…" she started but stopped at hearing his gasp.

"Ow" he complained, pulling a shard of glass out of his arm.

"Oh my god, are you alright" Cassie gasped.

"Yeah, no worries" he smiled and then looked back at the broken mirror, "That was odd though"

Cassie looked at the ground, worried. 'Yeah' she thought, 'But it was my kind of weird'. She looked at up again, feeling just a tad bit scared.

"Hey, what's that?" he muttered, looking past the glass.

Cassie looked over and saw the transparent figure from before, "Youma" she mouthed silently.

The figure smiled and threw a shard of glass at Cassie.

Cassie froze, 'Oh no, I…I can't transform' Cassie realized.

"No!" Zander shouted and pulled her towards him. The glass missed by a hair and he pulled her to her feet as he stood up. "Run!" he shouted and took her hand, running the other way.

Cassie looked at his back as they ran, around corners and down long stretches. It made her remember…was it…a memory?

She blinked and saw a man in armor and a cape bellowing behind him. Dark hair and the green maze. She felt the wind as they ran and her flowing dressed pressed against her. She heard birds and laughter. She blinked again and it was gone. What was that?

She looked ahead and saw something move, "Duck!" she yelled.

"What?" Zander looked at her.

"Duck!" she shouted more urgently and pulled Zander down with great effort. Shards of glass flew over them not seconds later, shattering into another mirror.

"Ah…thanks" Zander breathed, looking at the now cracked mirror.

Cassie smiled but that quickly went away. She pulled Zander to his back and she herself rolled backwards away from him. More glass shattered on to the ground where she had just been, missing Zander by mere inches. She got up when Zander sat up again. She looked around as he stood up himself. He walked over to her but bumped into glass.

"What?" he muttered, hitting hid hand against it.

"Zander?" Cassie called, she walked towards him but walked right into the same glass.

"I'll looked for a way over, just don't more" he told her, looking at her eyes.

She could only nodded, his eyes locked onto hers. He left her vision and she could only faintly hear his footsteps. She looked around, she felt around for an exit but found none. She was really trapped now, trapped in a room made of glass. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes, "Don't freak out, stay calm" she muttered to herself.

Then there was an awful laughter. She turned to see that transparent figure in the glass.

"Who are you?" she yelled.

The figured smiled, "The real question is…who are you?" And just then, all the glass turned into mirrors. They all reflected back at her and at each other, the same reflection. But then some shifted, they became Sailor Moon.

"No way…they know!" she gasped. And then some more changed again, it turned into a girl in a beautiful white dress with long flowing brown hair. She looked almost like…a princess. "Who?"

"Yes, who is this princess?" the figure murmured.

Cassie glared at the mirrors, somehow feeling the figure behind one. "Stop playing with my head!" she shouted. She pulled out her brooch and raised it over her head, "Moon Prism Power!"

Zander ran but hit another wall, he couldn't even through it anymore. Cassie's refection came into a view on a mirror on the opposite side. He turned, "Cassie!" he shouted, hitting the glass, causing it to gain cracks from the force.

"Moon Prism Power!"

He stopped, looking up and saw Cassie turned from a girl into a Sailor suited hero, "What?" he breathed.

Charlene and Heidi sat at a table outside the mirror maze. "She's been in thee for a while" Charlene complained.

"Yeah, and I haven't seen that Zander guy, either" Heidi added.

Aaron came over, "It's alright, I'm sure Zander found Cassie and they both are just lost. They'll come out eventually" he told them.

Mark set some drinks on the table, "We'll just have to wait for them" he sat down, "if you ask me, its hi-time that he found a girl" he took a sip from his drink.

"But Cassie hates him" Heidi argued.

"Maybe so, but hatred sometimes does lead to love, in a sort of sense" Mark countered, smiling.

Aaron sighed, "Well, I don't think I trust Zander enough with my cousin"

Mark glared at them, "How can you just shrug off something like this?" he asked.

The three of them shrugged and Mark groaned.

Sailor Moon stood where Cassie had once been and glared at the Youma with violet eyes. "This ends now!" she shouted. She pulled out her scepter and ran at the Youma. The Youma jumped out of her way and raised her hands, shooting glass at Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon dodged the attack and quickly touched her tiara, "Moon Tiara Flash!" she shouted and a beam shot out of her gem, hitting the Youma directly. The Youma fell backwards but caught herself by her hands, flipping back to her feet.

She looked up and glared at Sailor Moon, "Moon pest" she growled.

Sailor Moon glared back, "Its over" she muttered and raised her scepter.

"Master Raion" Minus appeared in the dark chamber.

"Hmm?" Raion murmured as he stared into space.

"We've trapped Sailor Moon, would you like to join us?" Minus bowed.

Raion smirked, "But of course"

And thus, the two disappeared in their fashion.

Zander watched as Sailor Moon raised her scepter. "Moon Cosmic Crash!" A silver bolt shot at the Youma, causing a small burst of power and the Youma to turn into silver dust.

The sheer power of the attack shattered the glass room she was trapped in. Zander jumped back behind a pillar to hide from the glass as well as Sailor Moon. 'Was Cassie really Sailor Moon?' he thought, just dumbfounded.

Sailor Moon sighed, it was like when she first started fighting. She felt powerful again.

"Ah, Zander" she realized to moved to look for him but something or someone grabbed her arm and pulled her back. Her arm got pinned behind her back and someone wrapped their arm around her waist.

"And just where are you going?" the voice said.

She looked up and saw Raion in front of her, she was pinned to him. "Agh! Let me go!" she growled.

"Oh, and why would I do that?" he breathed, inching his face closer to hers.

She struggled against him, trying to free her hands. Her tiara shined in her anger.

"No" Zander whispered, he pulled out the mask he wore from his pocket.

"What power…so strong" Raion murmured, "How bright does your heart shine?" he whispered to no one and leaned toward her, trying to capture her lips.

'No!' Sailor Moon thought. She didn't want this. 'Someone…help me…' she thought as she closed her eyes.

"Stop!" someone shouted as a card was thrown at the two, directed at Raion.

Raion released Sailor Moon and jumped back. Sailor Moon fell to her feet.

The Midnight Guardian jumped and landed in front of her, facing Raion. He raised his baton in defense, protecting her. "Sailor Moon, you alright?" he asked.

She nodded, "Yeah, I'm…I'm okay. Just let me catch my breath"

The Midnight Guardian nodded and glared at Raion.

"Oh great, her Guardian has arrived" Raion growled, "Leave boy, I must have her heart"

"You'll never get it" he glared.

"Then I'll have to move you" Raion roared and summoned two duel blades from thin air. He brandished and rushed at the Midnight Guardian.

The Midnight Guardian jumped, leading him away from Sailor Moon and blocked his attacked. He pushed Raion off and swung his baton to strike. Raion dodged it and spun, throwing the blades. The Midnight Guardian moved to the dodge them but couldn't move.

Minus had taken a hold on his ankles through the floor.

"What?" he gasped, seeing the blades coming. He raised his baton and tried to deflect one but it cut his hands, causing him to drop the baton. The second was right after it and sliced across his left arm. "Ah!" he yelled in pain. He fell to his knees.

Raion stood before him, "Too bad, you were a good fighter". Raion picked up the blade had tried to deflect and raised it, "Now die!"

"No!" Sailor moon screamed, reach for the Midnight Guardian. Her hand glowed with a white light and it shot towards Raion.

"Agh!" Raion grunted as the sword was blasted out of his hands. He turned and glared at Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon stood up, "Leave him alone!" she shouted and raised her scepter, "Moon Cosmic Crash!" The white bolt hurtled towards Raion but he just scoffed and disappeared. Minus left the minute Raion had.

Sailor Moon ran over to the Midnight Guardian, "Are you okay?" she asked, worry present in her voice.

He nodded and got up, holding his wounded arm. He walked towards the exit but stumbled after a few steps.

"Here, let me help" she told him. She took his arm and pulled it over her shoulder. He laughed, for she was so much shorter than him. She blushed and started walking, "Let's go"

The two walked out of the building, thankfully, no one was around or no one really noticed. She led him to the back of the building where they could be out of sight. He looked at her as he leaned against the wall. "Here is good" he told her.

"Here?" she questioned.

"Yeah, just need to rest for a bit" he took a breath. He smiled at her and took her hand.

She blushed at the warmth but couldn't help smiling as well, she looked at him, "Yes?"

He pulled her to him, taking her in his arms and kissed her. When he released her, he smiled, "Thank you"

"I-I should be thanking you…" she said, "You rescued me"

He nodded, "And you saved my life. Seems we're both thankful" he got up, "I should go"

"What?" she asked.

"Until next time" he smiled and dashed towards the crowds.

Sailor Moon took a few steps after him but stopped, "Till next time" she whispered.

Zander sat in his apartment, staring at the ceiling. "She's…Sailor Moon" he muttered as he remembered their time alone in the maze. He remembered her as…Cassie.

Cassie sighed as she sat on her bed, she looked at Charlene and Heidi, "And that's what happened". He had told them about what happened in the maze, minus the bits of her and Zander, the ones she didn't want them to know. She had also left out the bit of memory she had caught a glimpse of.

"Raion…" Charlene muttered with a fire in her eyes. She had never met him but she didn't like him so far, not one bit.

Heidi thought about it, "Hmm…they seem to know who you are"

"I know" Cassie groaned, "So much for my secret identity"

Aries sat next to her, "Now, onto the mirrors. What did you say you saw?"

Cassie closed her eyes, "Well, at first, it was just my reflection. Then the next second it was that and also Sailor Moon. But after that…it looked like…well, she looked like…a…a princess"

"A princess…what did this princess looked like?" Aries asked.

"Um…white dress…brown hair…hazel eyes. She looked a lot like me" Cassie muttered, "And…she had…Ah! She had a crescent moon on her forehead with a golden necklace"

"It can't be…" Aries stared at Cassie.


"Could it be? Could you be The Princess?" Aries asked no one.

"What princess?" Heidi asked.

"The Princess, the last one" Aries told them, "The one who survived the final attack"

"You mean…that I'm the last member of Lunar Royalty?" Cassie asked, no convinced.

"You must be!" Aries gasped.

"I'm…the last…one" she muttered. She was finding it hard to believe but also almost believed it. Could she really be a princess and such an important one as Aries said.

"The last" Aries stared at her, "Cassie, you are the Last Princess"

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