Last Christmas
Epilogue Two: Talking to Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke stared up at the large building in front of him suspiciously. He didn't know why Neji had invited him over. The Hyuuga had been completely cold to him since they'd re-started school, which Sasuke was sure had something to do with that idiot Uzumaki. The blond had acted entirely too strange over their Christmas visit, because he was sure Neji noticed something. His unexpected invitation had come completely out of the blue. Still, Hyuuga was too important of a contact to lose. If Sasuke could somehow get back into his good graces . . . . well it would make life infinitely easier.

He knocked on the door and nodded gracefully at the maid who answered him. She blushed prettily and Sasuke eyed her with interest for a moment before turning away and deciding she wasn't worth his attention. She led him to Neji's study and he knocked.

"Come in," Neji said and Sasuke entered. He frowned when he saw that annoyance Nara was with him.

"I thought that this was a private meeting, Hyuuga," he said curtly. Nara's eyes narrowed at him.

"Neji asked me to come," he said stiffly. Sasuke eyed him for a moment, and then remembered that he was fairly close to Uzumaki. Maybe the blond had told him something? Sasuke's eyes narrowed in annoyance. He'd banked on Uzumaki being too ashamed and heartbroken to tell anyone anything. It had been stupid of him to get involved with Uzumaki in the first place . . . .

"What did you want from me?" he asked, wishing for this entire just be over. Neji was looking at him blankly, and Sasuke frowned at him.

"I just wanted to have a conversation with you, Sasuke," he said, almost placidly. Sasuke's frown deepened. "I've been meaning to talk to you for a while, actually, but there were some elements that I couldn't get into place until today."

There was a knock on the door. Sasuke stiffened. Why were there so many bloody people in this conversation Neji was talking about? He'd thought that he'd be working his way back into the Hyuuga's good graces, not having to deal with all of these idiots . . . . He stiffened in shock as the door opened to reveal a certain red-head that Sasuke had hoped to never see again, despite that he was to become Sasuke's future brother-in-law.

"You!" he said sharply. Sabaku Gaara stared at him with impassive green eyes.

"Uchiha," he acknowledged, in a tone that implied that he felt the name wasn't something particularly respectable. Sasuke grit his teeth and tried to stop himself from lashing out at the other man. Just seeing Sabaku brought back Uzumaki's surprising rejection . . . .

"What is the meaning of this, Hyuuga?!" he demanded. "Why is he here?" He contained an inward wince when he realized how emotional he was being. He took a deep and tried to remain calm.

"I told you; we need to have a chat," Neji said. "Now sit Sasuke."

"I thought I would be talking to you personally," Sasuke said, his voice even again. "If you won't grant me that, then I will leave." He stood to go to the door.

"If you leave, I will have John go after you and bring you back," Neji said, referring to the youngest butler, who had recently gotten a scholarship to a university because of his wrestling skills. Sasuke's eyes narrowed at him. He could probably take John if he really wanted to . . . but now he was curious. What was Neji so determined to talk about him about? What did Sabaku and Nara have to do with it? He waited a moment, just to get the tension rising, and then sat back down.

"Alright," he said, staying calm and even. Uchihas showed nothing. "What do you want to talk about?"

"Naruto," Neji said, leaning forward, pale eyes gleaming. "Which you probably have figured out already."

Sasuke's brow wrinkled thoughtfully. "What about him?" he asked, playing for calm and cool. He didn't know how much they knew about his relationship with Uzumaki. However, he couldn't think of another reason that they'd all want to talk to him. But if he told them and they didn't know, there went his connection with the Hyuuga family.

Neji leaned forward even farther, and Sasuke wondered if he imagined an almost malicious glint in the pale eyes. "Oh, don't play the fool, Uchiha. We know about what you did to Naruto."

Sasuke eyebrow flicked in annoyance and he decided to just drop pretenses. They obviously already knew. "What I did to him?" he said incredulously. "Well, I didn't know Naruto was so open about his sex life . . . ." He leered and then smirked when he heard Sabaku growl deeply from behind him.

Neji looked unimpressed. "I meant the part where you broke his heart and treated him like scum," he said dryly. "The part where you broke my best friend to the point that he stopped caring about himself for a year." Sasuke just stared at him, unapologetic. Neji's eyes narrowed and became colder. "Look, Uchiha, I know you're a bastard. But you went too far."

"What? By doing to your friend what I've done to many other girls?" Sasuke snorted. "Uzumaki was a gullible fool." Neji's hands curled into fists, hidden under his desk. Sasuke continued on, sure that his connection with the Hyuugas was shot to hell anyways, so he might as well speak how he wanted to. "He was a good fuck, and that's all. The only thing I'm sorry for is getting involved with him. Had I known it would make him a sniveling, clinging, little bitch—"

A loud crack echoed across the room and Sasuke fell backward, chair toppling over. He cracked his head on the ground and he laid limp for a moment, dazed by the pain blossoming from his head and his right eye where Neji had just punched him.

Neji had risen from his seat, and his eyes were icy slits, cold and unforgiving. His knuckles looked a little raw and bloody, but a satisfied smirk was curling around his mouth.

"Naruto," he said pointedly, "is worth thousands of you."

Sasuke slowly sat up, placing a light finger on his eye and wincing when it resulted in pain blooming across his cheekbone. He glared with his good eye at Neji.

"Whatever he told you, Hyuuga, he loved being with me," he spat, all promises to himself of keeping his Uchiha Mask up gone. He smirked a little, then leaned forward and said, "He loved it when I fucked him. He whined and writhed and moaned like a two-cent whore the entire fucking time—"

Sasuke's head swam as he was seized by his shoulder in a grip so strong that he knew it would leave bruises and was pinned to the wall. He stared down at the red-head in front of him.

"Don't talk about him," Sabaku said, his voice flat, but his eyes full of rage.

"Try and stop me," Sasuke said, feeling a little dizzy, from both his head knock and the adrenalin. Any semblance of cool dignity had left him.

Gaara eyed him with contempt for a moment. "That is what you would do if you were in my place," he said finally. "But I am better than you. So I will do something different." He leaned forward and then said, in a soft voice, "My sister knows everything about what you have done with Naruto." Sasuke paled immediately and Gaara's mouth tilted into a minute smirk. "If you come near her, I guarantee you will be in much more pain than you are now."

He pulled back and let Sasuke slump down the wall, in shock. Despite his many conquests, Temari was a woman that he had genuinely felt for. He felt a shock to his heart at the thought that she hated him now. He looked up to see Sabaku standing there, looking smug and felt rage overcome him. He threw himself to his feet and went at the other man. A tug on the back of his shirt stopped him short and he turned to see Nara staring at him with flat eyes, hand curled in the fabric of his very expensive shirt. His rage grew, and Sasuke threw himself at Nara instead. His rational mind was lost; all he could feel was rage and pain.

Nara dodged him mostly, looking bored. Sasuke just got angrier and angrier. "Let me hit you bastard!" he cried finally. Nara looked surprised and then thoughtful. Without warning, another fist came at his face and the blow to his jaw knocked him to his ass.

"His face when he heard your news was much more satisfying," Nara told Sabaku. Sasuke closed his eyes at the sound of their voices. Why were they doing this to him? Uzumaki was a nobody. Why did they care about him so much? He heard someone kneel next to him and opened his eyes to see Nara squatting next to him. His dark eyes were serious.

"Remember this next time you want to mess with Naruto," he said. "I don't care how important you are; we'll hurt you for hurting him. Understand, Uchiha?"

Sasuke looked at Nara for a long moment and then carefully dragged himself to his feet. He turned and walked out of the room without another comment, ignoring the concerned voice of the housemaid who followed him. He went out into the bright February afternoon and stared at the snow for several long moments.

He regretted ever getting involved with Uzumaki Naruto.

Author's Note: Well, this wasn't as satisfying as I felt it should be. I guess I'm just not the best at the revenge scenes . . . . Hopefully it doesn't completely disappoint! Please leave a review and let me know!