Chapter 19: A new ending.

3 weeks have passed of abuse, both physicaly and verbaly. I was hit and yelled at, I only laughed and that braught him to beat me more. Once I was beat so bad, I passed out and woke up to only find myself being hit more.

"Kairi, get your ass down here!" I heard my step father exclaim. He must've been drunk because I haven't talked to him since yesterday getting the shit beat out of me.

I walked downstairs against my will and look in My step families faces. My step ma' looked scared and Ven just stared at the floor.

"You're doing drugs." My step father said calmly.

"What? No way!" I say not believeing his words.

"Then how do you explaint his?!" He yeld holding up a bag of pot.

"Uhm, if you ahven't noticed, I'm clean." I say back to him.

I knew that those drugs were Ven's but do you think I would say anything? No. Why? Becasuse he should act like a man and tell his bastard father for himself.

"You expect me to believe that lie?!" He snarled, "If not you, who else? Ven? No, my boy is raised drug free!!" He yelled and I could feel his spit in my face as I slowly wiped away his saliva in my face in disgust.

I snort at him. "Have you looked at him lately? He looks high to me." I say back to him turning around to walk upstairs, but he yanks my arm back and tries to provoke me.

"You're such a liar." He chuckled slapping me in the face. I got out of his grip and ran upstairs. He called up to me, "Where do you think you're going? The phones are cut off, what, did you expect your little loser friends come and save you? I saw them all when I came. They all looked bad." He laughed in my face. I stormed back downstairs.

"That's not true!" I yell up at him.

"Oh yes it is, I could tell that all those girls there were sluts, and I knew it." He smiled in my face. A nasty smile in fact.

"How dare you, that's not true, you don't know them!"

"Oh, but I do, and that little spiky haired boy, the one you like so much well he's-"He started.


He hit me again, I collapsed on to the floor by the impact and he continued. "No, no, little one, I'm not done yet. He's a loser, a little bitch! I knew that I shouldn't have picked you, the word WHORE was all over your face. I bet you slept with all of them in there cause that's just the little whore you are..." He laughed.

I held back tears and bit my lips. I stood up and did it. I hit him. Strike. Straight in his ugly face. Right on the nose that started bleeding. He fell over and cursed holding his nose. I took a pair of keys off of the table and went out. I closed the door behind me. Thought about it for a minute and opened it again.

"Oh, yeah, by the way..." I smile looking down at him, "You're the real whore in the situation." I smile and slam the door in his face.

I wasn't going to drive away, hell no. Instead I drove the car a couple of miles away and got out, engine still running and let it drive into a 20 feet deep ditch.

Afterwards, I walked into town. My feet hurt so much that I just wanted to fall down, curl up, and die. But I didn't, not until I found Rinoa's shop and banged on the doo violently until I saw Sora open the door looking sleepy.

"S-Sora!" I say jumping into his arms as he spun me around and closed the door behind me.

"Kairi, what's up? Rinoa is out on a date right now, what do you want?" He asked putting me down.

"Sora, I, I can't live with them any longer! They've been doing things..."

"What? Kairi, tell me, what?" He shook me as I sobbed.

"I-I, I can't take it in there anymore! I need you. I don't want to go back there any more...Sora, please, don't leave me any more." I whisper in his shoulder.

"Kairi..." He muttered in my hair. He lifted me up in his arms and carried me to his room and set me on his bed. "Are you okay? What happened? You look bad." He said to me looking confused.

"Yeah, cause a girl wants to hear that..." I say sarcasticly.

"No, I'm searious, what happened?"

"They hit me." I say quietly, "They said that I was useless..." I say to him and this time, tears rolled down my cheek slowly.

He wiped them away gently and stared into my eyes. " It's okay, Kai, I'm here." Sora laid me down on the bed with him and let me rest my head on his warm chest. I held on to him tightly and let myself fall asleep.

I woke up alone to find Sora leaning against the door in a frantic matter. I could hear rants downstairs and I began sitting up rubbing my eyes. I stood up and walked over to Sora.

"Kairi, stay away, don't speak." Sora whispered.

"What is going on?" I ask confused. When all of a sudden I hear someone banging on the door, screaming someones name.

My name.

My step father from the pits of hell.

I saw a knife plunge through the door missing Sora by centimeters. I pulled him to me and stared in disbelief when my step father cut his way through and smiled when he kicked the door open, "Happy to see me? You've been bad." He laughed and I couldn't help but cling on to Sora's body. My father stepped towards us and right at that moment Sora grabbed me and ran out of the door and down the stairs to stare in horror at the messed up shop.

The chairs and tables were out of place and al the clothes and dolls ripped up. Glass was everywhere in the room and right then my step hell father came downstairs with a knife in his hands.

Rinoa must still be out at this point.

"Aww, a prince to rescue you? I don't think so." He rambled and sprinted towards me. Sora pushed me away and was thrown towards one of the tables. He groaned and I stared at his body trying to get up desperately. The man picked me up and was about to plunge the knife at me when I saw Sora rip it out of his hands and throw it out. His hand was deeply cut in the process but he didn't notice at all...

"Get out of my way, punk!" He spat at Sora, punched him in the stomach and kicked him several times when he was on the floor. He took his arms and tied them up against a chair. I couldn't move, the shock turned my legs into nothing but numb parts of my body. "Now, back to you." He said after finishing his little game with Sora and he held me up. "Your little boyfriend gets to see everything I do and he can't do anything about it." He laughed and I squirmed when he grabbed my hair and slapped me in my face. Sora winced and stared at us.

"Let me go, you piece of shit!" I yell at him and he just grabs a random piece of wood hanging around and beat me with it.

"What did you say?"

"Are you death?" I say between small cries of pain.

One more hit and I felt blood trickle down the side of my face. He smiled his psychopath smile and kept hitting me. I felt the glass pierce my skin and Sora screaming at him to stop.

Why would no one help us?

Why would no one hear us?

"I hope you rott in hell." I mutter when he swings me up again to wrap his hands around my throat and shake me.

"You're going to die, aren't you scared?" He snickered and I managed to spit in his face and knock him down.

I ran over to Sora and whispered, "I love you." I kissed him on the cheek, and before I could say anything else hell began again for me as he grabbed me from behind and carried me over his shoulder.

"Look, because this is the last time you will see her." His sick words said to Sora.

"KAIRI! NO! DON'T LEAVE ME!!" Sora sreamed in daze and he kept yelling and screaming in protest I believed my ears were hearing music becuase that would be one of the last times I would hear his voice I believed.

The devil himself threw me carelessly in the back of a car. My mouth was taped up and my hands and feet tied.

I let go of my feelings as I stared after Sora screaming my name.

But you know.

In life, there's always a certain,

Price to pay.


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