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center Tokyo Encounters!! Chapter One: "And the pillar swept me off my feet..."/center

"Tokyo is always so pretty in spring..." Fuu spoke aloud. The sakura tress were in full blossom, making everything within a short radius consumed in pink snow. Especially beautiful were the grand tress that grew near Tokyo Tower. Hakaru stood in the shadows of the large structure, craning her neck up to see the pinnacle far above her head.

Behind her, Umi had caught one stray petal in her ivory skinned hands, and was rubbing it between her thumb and forefinger, deep in thought. All of them had their thoughts elsewhere, somewhere far off, in another world from from there.

"I miss Cephiro.." Umi spoke aloud, drawing the three girls out of their wandering thoughts. She let the petal go to fall to the ground. She too followed Haraku's gaze upwards, towards the observation floor, where they had met, and their destinies changed. Only five years ago, that day had been. In the grand sceme of things, not a very long time, but when relating to something you miss so dearly, five yeas had been infinately long.

Fuu sighed again. "Yeah, we all do Umi. I miss Ferio so much." She reached her hand into her pocket and clasped a small item. Pink with red and gold ornamentally scrolled around it. An earring. The one he had placed in her hands when he had parted ways from them in the Forest of Silence. Umi put her hand on Fuu's shoulder, an act of consolation. It was easy to see the greif in her heart, for her usual bright blue eyes were dull. Fuu nodded, accepting the fellowship of sorrows.

{Ferio, I wish you were here...}

"I know Fuu," she spoke finally. "I miss Clef so much too. It's been so long, yet I can't seem to let go." She flicked a strand of he rblue hair out of her eyes where the wind had blown it. Dullness sprung to shimmering brillance as tears threatened to spill over to her cheeks. Clef, Guru Clef, master mage of Princess Emurade, Pillar of Cephiro. She couldn't of fallen, in her opinion, for a greater man. Neither could she have choosen to love in a realtionship so impossible.

{I miss you so much Clef, I want to see you.}

Umi looked up surprized, when she saw a hankerchief being placed in her hands. She looked up to see Hakaru placing it into her hands, offering her support to this sisterhood of pained dreams and lost hearts. She too had left part of her heart in Cephiro, in a tall, dark, hansome, talented magic swordsman. She pulled her friends close and they huddled together, seeking some type of solstace in each other. As they kept close, she looked up, sending a thought into the clouds.

{Do you still hear me? Do you feel as lonely as I do, on long nights? Lantis...do you miss me?}

A moment of silence passed. The wind hushed, the birds' song became a floating ghost of melody. In their hearts, one wish echoed in three seperate souls, ringing out to harmonize with their minds, thoughts, spirits, souls.

{I wish you were here....}

Cephiro had been calm and peaceful since the fall of Zagato. Monsters had literally dissappeared, and things returned to a consistant, if not a bit tedious rthym. The dark times precedding the arrival of the Magic Knights of Legend were wiped from memory, and people looked forward to a good, prosperous future. All seemed well, but as you know, looks can be deceving. Though they wore smiles, and carried on, many were deeply changed by the Dark Times. Especially those in Cephiro's castle.

Prince Ferio was again in attendance with his advisors. The meetings were really not needed, all was well in his kingdom, but tradition called for regular meetings. Ferio tuned out the babble of voices, and let his mind wander. He often reminised of the days Princess Emurade had ruled. The days he was free to wander the land unhindered. Days he traveled and explored. Even if he had matured much since those days, the old wanderlust still creeped in his veins.

"Prince Ferio!!....PRINCE FERIO, PLEASE LISTEN!!" one man called. Ferio popped his head up, yanked mercilessly from daydreams of days long gone, and a certain blonde haired girl who carried a bastard sword. (ooc: okay..don't look at me like that, thats what that type of sword is called, I'm honest.)

"Nani??" he asked. The man uffed and nodded.

"Prince, we were discussing some very important issues. Among them, finding a suitable bride for you." Ferio jumped from his seat.

"WWWHHHAAA?? Whats this about finding me a bride? How come my sister never had to find a husband??"

"Sir!" one woman exclaimed. "Princess Emurade was the Pillar, she wasn't allowed to have a husband. It would have distracted her from her duties. Your not the Pillar, so we must secure Cephiro's future by finding you a good bride. Which will bring around a good heir for your throne." Around the table, the others nodded. Ferio turned a brilliant red, which contrasted strangely wiht his green locks.

"I'll be teleported from Cephiro before I'll allow you to play match-maker with me and my life! Forget it!, the deal is off! This meeting is dissmissed!" he raged, banging his fist on the table. The advisors recoiled at his sudden outburst. They slowly stood and left the Prince to himself.

{I don't beleive this...toying wiht my life like some doll. Finding me a bride, yeah right. Most likely using me as some way to gain power with the noble families. "Yes, yes!! Give me enough money and I will marry your daughter off to Prince Ferio!" I bet thats whats going on....} He sighed deeply, the burden of responsibility was becoming too much to bear for him. He needed something... something that wasn't in Cephiro.

"Who am I kidding? You still need Fuu..but thats impossible...she's in another world, another life. I bet she doesnt even remember me." he sighed with regret. He walked to the window, feeling the beams of sun that filtered through the windows touch his face. He closed his eyes, content to just stay in the silence for now.


"Nani?" he looked around. He had heard a sizzling sound, very distinct, like the sound of magic. He serached the room, seeing nothing there but the furniture and paintings that hung on the walls. His hand subconciously creeped to his waist, feeling for his sword. He felt his hands clasp over the hilt, and gripped it tight.

"Who's there??" he asked aloud.

{Ferio...I wish you were here..}

"Fuu?" he exclaimed. The voice had come from nowhere, but he reconized it for sure. that was Fuu's voice.

{I wish you were here....}

He began to serach around frantically, looking here and there. Nothing. "What magic is this?? Show yourself, whoever you are, come out! Prince Ferio of Cephiro commands it!" he cried. Nothing answered.


That sound was there again. The sound and feel of magic. He whipped his sword out and took up a guard position and looked around. Ebergy began to crack from the walls, radiating from the ceiling in rapid currents.

"What?? Whats going on??" he cried. The room had become startlingly hot, and fericely bright. The light building to blinding proportons. Ferio threw up his hands to block the light.

Outside the castle, roaming within the gardens, a bobbing form floated along. Tall, and skinny, it's head looked more like that of a bird. Large blue eyes protruded from each side of its head, and long purple feather flowed from the crest. Well, thats what you say from afar. If you were to come close and look over the edge of the hedge ringing the gardens, you would find that the strange creature wasn't a creature at all, it was in fact a tall oranmental staff. It's carrier was responsible for the waving, bobbing, motions it took.

It's owner was Guru Clef, the master mage of Cephiro. Being exceptionally short in stature, it was his staff that often attracted the most attention. Clef, though being well over 400, had the looks, and mannerisms of a 12 year old boy. But looking at his cerulean eyes, after you got past the horn and silver-blue hair, one could see exception strenght and power. Clef was far from being a child.

Clef walked along, gazing carefully at the rows of herbs and plants that consisted of his garden. Each plant was healthy and strong, some decorated with bright blossoms and blooms. All was well, nothing that needed his attention right now, so he stopped and sat down in the midst of the bursand vines. Hsi staff came to rest across his lap, one of the "eyes" staring up at him. It was a beautiful day in Cephiro, as usual. Blue skyes, bluebirds singing in trees, and the blue blossoms on the flowers reaching up for the sun.

Blue, blue, blue. His mind was infatuated with the color blue. Blue sky, blue flowers, blue water flowing from the fingers of lithe woman with deep blue eyes and long, flowing blue tresses. The same blue eyes boring into his soul, with questions unanswered, and fears unrealized. He shook his head quickly. What was wrong with him? He was usually so calm and centered. So why was it that one womans face could infilrate his dreams, command his thoughts every waking moment?

Sighing in defeat, he looked up, past the white clouds, past the atmosphere of his world, far away. Wondering, like he always did, where was she? Which star in the night sky kept her close? He was absolutely heart-sick. One girl, an alien, a vistior had captured his mind, ensnaring his senses. Why couldn't he escape?? He looked down, and held his breath, before he let go of his tension.

"UMI!!!!" he screamed. The birds took flight, startled by the sudden out-burst, into the sky. Feathered wings lifting them away to parts unknown. He would have given anything to have wings to join them, maybe fly far away, to find Umi, satisfy this insane need he felt to be near her, to see her. It was an unhealthy obession, but one he wouldn't trade anything for. He just hung his head. Somethings were just impossible, even with magic.

{I miss you so much Clef, I want to see you..}

His head perked up instantly, was his mind playing tricks on him? He heard Umi's voice, he knew it, but..it was far off, like a ghost's voice. He stood up, winching as the blood flow return to his legs, and pins and needles prickled his limbs. He started to walk around, letting the prickles die away. He was hallucinating, he couldn't have heard Umi's voice.

{I wish you were here..}

There it was again!! Her voice, it was Umi! He searched around, seeking the source of the sound. If this was some trick...the prankster would pay dearly. Clef walked carelessly around, stomping down his plants in the process, but he didn't care, too caught up in this strange phenomena.

"Umi? Umi?" he called. Nothing. He called again, desperation edging his voice. Still silence was his only answer. He felt his heart sink, it was his mind deceving him. Depressed, he began to head back to the gardens, not knowing what else he could do.


Magic? He turned around, unsure of his senses today. It sounded like magic, and even held faint traces of energy. But could he trust himself to know what was real or not today?

"GAH!" he cried suddenly, letting go of his staff. It clattered to the ground, and he held his hand gingerly, watching in wonder as rifts of magic energy buzzed around him. On the ground, the staff began to tremble wiht the violent energy.


Again! Whats wrong with him today? The magic closed on him. the air become incredably hot, and brillant light clung to him. He struggled, suddenly afriad of what this meant for him. Try as he might, nothing would work, he tried to summon, nothing. His spells never came, all there was was this light, heat, and the feeling of something pulling at him. He struggled til his limbs gave out, and he surrendered.

A form inside the bed tossed and turned relentlessly, as though it was being plauged with pain and disease. A muffled voice cried out, as it's body tossed the sheets around it into crumpled piles of material. A head of ebony hair peeked out from under the sheets, ruffled and disheaveled. Hands jerked in the air, as though they carried a sword. Slashing at the air, desperate to fend off whatever monster was running rampant in its dream.

"Zagato..." the person mummered. His hands (for he was a man) wavered wildly. Metalic clicking was heard as the black and silver armor banged against the bed's frame and the surrounding walls. Words began to come out in rapid manner, slurred and inauditable.

"Emurade...no..brother, Zagato...don't do this. Hikaru, Hikaru, Hikaru....." eyebrows knit together in frustration. Sweat formed at the hair-line and trickled down his angular, handsome face, plastering the black locks over his closed violet eyes. With a few more twists and turns and the sheet was gone, and the man laid in the bed, still encased in his armor, thrashing wildly. Still he cried to unhearing ears.

"Brother...Hikaru, Hikaru, where are you going?? Hikaru, come back!! Hikaru!"


"Hikaru..." he answered to the non-exsistant voice.

{Do you still hear me? Do you feel as lonely as I do, on long nights? Lantis...do you miss me??}


{I wish you were here..}

"Me too.."



The same light, same heat and sound roared in the room. This time, it wasn't met with questions or struggle, just a silence of sleep, this time void of the cries of a man plauged by nightmares. It was almost as if the man accepted this magic, whatever it was, pulling him away. Like he wanted this escape. The light built in strenght, cresendoning to a nova-brillance before it dissappeared, bearing the man in black armor with it. As it faded, the man still saw nothing, felt nothing. His mind too caught up in visions of ruby eyes and a long, swinging braid of red hair. In the heat of fire.

All across Cephiro, people looked out their doors, gazing with question at the three pillars of light that had descended on the castle. Burning bright, and searing those whose eyes attempted to gaze upon them too long. the country side became a rolling feild of white, then, suddenly, cast into darkenss. The pillars retreated into the sky, from which them came, bearing three of the most powerful men in Cephiro with them, far away, to places unknown.

The Magic Knights had long since parted ways, heading for their own homes, jobs, and lives. High school started the next day, and they were at least glad that they would attend it together. Funny it seemed to them, after all their adventures together, normal things like school still happened. Ce la vie...

Sunlight edged over the world, gilding everything it touched. Fresh light reflected off the windows of buildings and cars. the birds wakened, and greeted the light of dawn with beautiful music. Before anyone could rouse to share the morning with them, the sky became dark suddenly, and three pillars of light decended from the clouds. They connected to the ground breifly, depostiting their cargo before rising up to the clouds again, leaving three men behind, lost, confused and very much alone.

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