Toyko Encounters!!

Chapter Two

Arcadia Silver

AN" Gomen!!! GOMENGOMENGOMENGOMENGOMEN!!!! I'm SOO sorry for forgetting I was writting this thing! I've sortta busy, and things have been hectic, plus I've had a few distractions, both unpleasant (ex-boyfrined) and pleasant (new boyfriend). And to all of those who asked, yes, Clef WILL be in his older and much more bishonen form! It would be odd for him not to be. Anyways, thansk to all those who have waited patiently for too long for this....enjoy!



"YEEE-OWW!!" Ferio cried, as his body met the hard ground. His vission blurred in the rush of pain of is aching spine. He took a few breaths, and opened his eyes. The sky above him was a pristine cerulean blue. White, puffy clouds dotted here and there, moving slowly, like time through eternity. Under him, he could feel the tickle of grass, and when he pulled a fist full of it up, he saw it was green too. A breif blink of a shadow passed above, and he reconized the winged form of a bird. Their songs filled his sharp ears. The song was foreign, they were not Cephiro's birds. He blinked again, as a new sound rose to join the melodious melody of the winged minstrels. It sounded like someone screaming. He looked up at a black dot that was forming above him.

"HOLY PILLAR!!" he cried. He struggled to stand, his legs not wanting to coporate. He scrambled to his feet and stood, and looked up.

"Guru Clef??" he questioned, as he paused in amazment. By the time he was aware of his need to move, it was far too late...Guru Clef came to a very sudden stop...on top of his prince no less.

"GAHH!! CLEF, GET OFF ME!!" Ferio shouted, attempting to throw the surpizingly heavy master mage off his breastplate. He rolled the short man off him and sat up, wondering if his poor back could take another blow like that. Clef rolled up and looked around, his dismayed cry echoing out a few seconds later has he held the top and bottom of his staff, in both hands.

"My staff!!" he cried out. He quickly fitted the two peices together, and attempted to tie them back with one of the long dangling ribbons that hung from his staff. The device held...for three seconds. The top fell off and landed on his foot. Clef howled and hopped around in his long robes, his feet getting tangled in both cloth and the ribbon that had been unused. He feel to the ground, and didn't move.

Ferio looked at the guru for a few seconds before leaning over and prodding him in the back. Not moving, Ferio shoved him on his back, and found the guru completely knocked out by his fall, and his nose flooding small red runnels of crimson.

"Okaaaay...." he sighed. As usual, Clef was very calm, composed, and graceful. That fall had just seriously ruined that image in the prince's mind. Not knowing exactly what to do, he sat there and looked at Clef. Clef laid out like that for some time, before he blinked his eyes slowly, and sat up-right.

"What happened?" he asked, his mind drawing a blank as to what had happened the few minuets between him being in his garden on Cephiro, and now, him siting in the grass of some park...presumably on "Earth", as the Magic Knights called it.

"You fell." was all that his soverign prince offered as explaination. Clef decided it wasn't much use in asking further questions. They both sat in silence....long silence at that. Both unsure of what to do. Well, an excuse to move presented itself quickly, with the sound of a tree branch breaking. Followed by another, and another, the noise getting closer to the ground. Soon the melody of wood screaming as it was twisted and broken, was a male voice.

"GAAAAH! UGH! .............GAAAAHHH!! UGH!!.............GAAAHHH!! UGH!! Oof!" the subject cried as he hit the ground hard. Clef and Ferio stood still for a while, looking hard at the spot where the sound came from. There was the rustle of metal, like armor, and the sound of someone making their way through the underbrush that surrounded the tree. From around a prickle bush, popped a head of shaggy, but well-kept black locks, which was attached to a head with exceptional blue eyes. The color of Cephiro's sky.

"Cail Lantis??" Clef asked. The head of the Cail pushed out further, causing his armor clad body to follow. Branches and vines that had become entangled in the armor snapped as he hauled his massive body out of the brambles. Lantis stood up, brushing himself off, retaining what little dignity his fall had left him. He cleared his throat.

" Prince? Guru Clef? What are you doing here?" he asked.

" Same thing you are, I guess" Ferio said, shrugging. They had arrived here, their Cephirian grab intact, their weapons as well, though Clef's staff had suffered greatly. They were lost, but at least they could guess as to which world they were in.

"This is Earth, isn't it?" Lantis asked. Ferio nodded. "As far as we can tell, yeah. What got us here, is another question. The only one who can open a path between Earth and Cehpiro is the Pillar; or Makona, the Creator. I don't think Makona did it. And the longer in exsistance. This is just confusing" he finished off.

"Correction, your Highness. Remember, the Magic Knights can travel between here and home, of free will. I could be possible, that they could possibly pull others there from Cephiro. That could possibly explain our sudden....ehh...extraction from the palace." Clef hypothezied. Ferio shrugged. He didn't care what got them here, as long as it could send them home again. He was suddenly filled with the image of all that paperwork sitting on his desk. He shuddered. Maybe staying here for a while wasn't a bad thing, nessicarily.

Lantis stood up, and looked around. They seemed to be in a park. There was trees, and well kept lawns and such. But to the east of them, towering above everything else, was a structure made of metal. It seemed to have no purpose. It was nothing but a large frame with some blinking lights on top. Maybe it was a large fortress, or else an ornament whose purpose escaped him at the moment. Looking around beyond the park's limits, he saw buildings, and heard the sound that indicated roads. This place was remarkably like Autozam. At least he would be some what comfortable here, used to such things like machines and automobiles. Ferio would be okay if there was someone with him. But Clef, a man who had dedicated his life to the magic....he would have the hardest time of all. He had a hunch that his magic would be useless here. This meant they had to find shelter fast, it was becoming dark. No matter where it was, if you were in a city, the worst of society came out at night.

"I think we'd better find a place to stay tonight." Clef stated, beating out Lantis's next statement. Ferio nodded, and patted his sword's sheath. Lantis just nodded, and pointed to the tower.

"That would be the best place to start." he suggested. The rest nodded, and followed him.

Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu took the elevator to the ground floor. Their hearts not as heavy as before, but still dark. They huddled together as the wind picked up, the sun setting and the temperature dropping. They hugged jackets to their bodies atempting to shield against the wind. Fuu pushed her glasses up her nose.

"My, it seems to have gotten much cooler now that the sun has set." she replied, in that manner-of-factly way of hers.

"No joke." Hikaru shivered. "I hate fall, school starts, and things get cold. The trees loose their leaves, which means I have to rake the yard. This means I can't take Hikari can't go out on walks alot anymore." she mourned. "I could use a heavier jacket."

{I could use Lantis's body to warm me up...} her mind wished lustily. She shoved that stray, nice, but stray though from her foremind into the shadowy depths of her secret thoughts. To be brough out and it's possibilites fully explored in her dreams tonight. She followed behind the much taller Umi, using the Water Knight to block some of the cold wind.

" I wish Clef were here. I mean, not just to visit. I would be nice to have a boyfriend you can see everyday, not have to take such extreme means to see him..only once a week." she sighed. The other two nodded.

As the walked along, Fuu let her eyes slide out of focus, just skimming over the crowds exiting the park. For a split second, she imagined a head of green hair, wrapped in a ponytail. She blinked her eyes, and it was gone. She shook her head, she was letting being seperated from Ferio get to her, she was imagining him, very unlike the Wind Knight. She kept pace behind her fellow warriors.

**blink**....There it was again! This time she knew she wasn't imagining it. Ferio must have a twin brother roaming around Tokyo. The green-haired stranger dissapeared...behind a tall figure that looked familiar as well. Beside the same figure was the floating head of what looked like the staff of Master Mage Clef. Fuu stopped, and her unaware friends kept walking along. She stepped, cautiously toward the retreating figures. She summoned ir into her lungs, before calling out, her voice squeaking.....


The Prince turned at the call of him name. It had sounded like his beloved Fuu. No, impossible. This place was entirely too big to have them cross paths. Lantis and Clef also had stopped as well.

"What's wrong Ferio?" Lantis asked.

"I thought I heard me name being called....sounded like Fuu. I must have imagined it." he sighed heavily. He glanced back, and something caught his eye. It was the shine of light off a pair of glass frames. This caused him to stop...just for a moment. He looked again. A head of swishing blonde locks was coming towards him. A familiar voice calling out his name again.


"Fuu?" he asked, unbelieving. He stopped, his breath halted in his lungs. Then, on instinct, he began to run towards her. "Fuu!" he called back, louder than before. He shoved people aside, left and right. It didn't matter. Fuu was right in front of didn't matter who he pushed over...he was going to see her, hold her again, so help him Pillar.

Fuu jumped up, wrapping her arms around a welcoming neck. Ferio's arms clasped behind her back. The prince of Cephiro spund her around wildly, holding to her for dear life, as if she would dissapear from his arms is he blinked his eyes once. Fuu blinked tears from her eyes.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, still holding him.

"I dunno..I just got pulled from Cephiro suddenly. I was in the palace one second, then I the next." Fuu just nodded her head and hugged him closer. Her mind turned for an answer. Somehow...her wish to see him again had been answered. For once, she was more than willing to just let it go at that. You just don't question miracles.