Summary!!! Betrayed and exiled Harry leaves the wizarding world to go to a friend of Sirius's and start a new life. He hadn't expected to meet Sam Winchester and get drawn back into the Supernatural world. The minute Sam's brother, Dean Winchester, steps into the semi peaceful life things start changing.

Warning!! Suggestive themes, language, sexual innuendo (sexual comments or jokes), crude humor, inappropriate jokes, and failed attempts at humor, OOCness, DeanxHarry

Disclaimer!! Angela Kyuuchi The FAllen does not own Harry Potter or Supernatural just the idea for this story and the plot.

Help, I'm Alive

I tremble…

(They're gonna eat me alive)

If I Stumble…

(You're gonna eat me alive)

Can you hear my heart

Beating like a hammer?

-Help, I'm alive: Metric

Prologue- I tremble, If I Stumble

Emerald eyes widened as he looked on in horror as Voldemort fell, dead. He felt everyone's eyes look at him and he felt their feelings toward him begin to change and shift. He knew, he just knew that he was no longer the hero and that he was going to be turned on. He felt his body begin to tremble as he looked at Voldemort's still body and turned toward the one person who felt the same things he did. Her dark brown eyes were just as wide and terrified as his because she also knew just like he. Emerald eyes made th mistake of taking in the eyes all around him and stumbled back as he watched the fear and disgust aimed at him from those he once thought of as friends and comrades. That was when he felt two large hands grab his shoulders roughly and the Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt said,

" I think you need to come in with me to the Ministry."


The piercing cry of his friend calling his name was the last thing before his world faded into darkness. He knew what would come now, they had gotten rid of a danger and for becoming the next most powerful wizard he was the next danger. They built him up, used him, chewed him up till he was practically broken and now they were going to spit him out finding it too much of a liability and danger to keep him around.

Ministry of Magic- High Court

"Harry James Potter, do you understand what's happening to you?"

Dull emerald eyes looked up to the face of the Prime Minister and a sneer crossed his pale complexioned face as he snarled out,

"Crystal clear in understanding. Can I bloody leave now?"

Little lights of magic were sparking off of his body and he saw the look of pure fear pass the Prime Minister's face before the Prime Minister nodded and he stormed out of the court. He wanted to destroy everything, wreak havoc and show them what they really should be scared of but he would not give them the satisfaction of being proven right. He forced his temper down and the sparks faded away when he saw the figure of one of the few people who had stayed true to him in the end…no…there was one who was long gone by now, disappeared long ago. He looked into sorrowful brown eyes and mousey brown/blonde hair framing a heart shaped face.

"I'm sorry…"

Was her soft whisper and it seemed to ease his anger a little because he gave her a small soft smile and said,

"Don't be…Keep in touch?"

She nodded her head vigorously before drawing him into a tight hug and whispering into his ear as she tiptoed,

"I wish this wasn't happening. This isn't right, Harry."

He felt his heart thundering as he swallowed a lump in his throat and wondered if she could hear his heart beating like a hammer as he said,

"I know…'Mione…Goodbye."

And with that he pulled away from her and Disapparited.

South Dakota- Bobby's place

Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer looked out his window with a shotgun in hand as he heard the roar of an unfamiliar engine. The windows were tinted on the red sports Mercedes Lancer so Bobby couldn't see who was in the car and as he walked onto the porch he aimed the gun expertly at the car. It parked a few feet away and out stepped a boy who could be no older than seventeen. Bobby eyed him warily finding that the boy looked oddly familiar for some reason. The boy chuckled as he looked at the man who was pointing a loaded gun at him and this caused Bobby to frown uncertainly.

"Who the hell are you?"

The boy feigned a hurt look and said,

"That hurts, Singer! How could you forget about me?"

At the glare he received from Bobby the teen grinned and continued speaking casually,

"But then again I was only a year old when you last saw me before my parents were killed and my godfather, your friend, was locked up."

Bobby looked at the boy wide eyed as he registered who this boy was and in a disbelieving tone, lowering the gun he exclaimed,


The startling emerald eyed, messy black haired, pale complexioned teen grinned amused and said thickly accented,

"Bout bloody time. I need a job…A supernatural one if that's alright with you."

Bobby frowned slightly but nodded his head hoping he would understand why his best friend's godson was on his doorstep and no learning what most of his kind did.



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