Sorry this first chapter is so short but its more of a prologue than an actual chapter…kinda like a pilot episode to test the waters…I had a crazy idea about bucket lists and it led to the creation of this story…maybe it's not wise to start a new fanfic with two others going at the same time plus an original story on but I had to do it...

"Elphie!" Galinda cried, flying into the dorm and crashing onto her bed.

"What?" wondered her green roommate in a disinterested monotone.

"The world is going to end!" Galinda announced dramatically. There was no reaction. "Elphie were you listening?"

"Yes," Elphaba replied, not looking up from her thick textbook. "The world is going to end."

"Aren't you worried?"

"That depends," sighed the green witch, finally putting her homework aside. "Where did you get this information?"

"ShenShen's gossip magazine said that a prophet in the Vinkus had a vision that the world is going to end in exactly one week," the blonde informed her dubious friend.

"I stopped listening after 'ShenShen's gossip magazine'."

"This particular magazine is quite accurate," Galinda insisted. "It's correctly predicted every fashion trend to date."

"That's quite a feat," Elphaba chuckled in mock approval. "But predicting what outfit every vain princess is going to wear is quite different from predicting the end of the world."

"I guess you're right," the blonde admitted. "But what if there really is only a week left?"

"Then we'd better start making our bucket lists," the green girl smiled, deciding to humor her spastic friend. "We can both do something we've always wanted to do every day until the end of the week."

"Seriously?" Galinda gasped, surprised that her level headed friend was going along with this.

"Why not?" Elphaba shrugged. "The end of the world is a good excuse as any to have some fun."

Let me know if I should continue or not…there will only be a total of seven chapters in this fic (not counting the prologue)-one chapter for each day until the "end of the world".

I'd love ideas for what each girl should have on her bucket list…no matter how crazy they are I'll try my hardest to use them all…