A Day for Petey Piranha

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I love Petey Piranha. I bet y'all love Petey, too.

Disclaimer: Petey Piranha and anything else in this story belong to Nintendo.

Here, we look at the interesting life of one Petey Piranha, who seems to be taking quite a nice, healthy break recently...

"Rawr," Petey simply stated as he laid on his right side, relaxing on the sandy shore of Gelato Beach.

As he relaxed, he noticed the blue Pihanas were chasing after the relaxing Nokis, chucking them into the air as the Nokis retreated into their shells, while several Piantas were heading to the watermelon bar to catch a nice cool fruity drink. Petey then turned his attention to the shrine, where several Piranha Plants popped out of the ground to snack on the bees and birds that were surrounding the area. He then took another glance towards the shore right by the watermelon bar, where a young green Pianta was trying to get a coconut from the tree with a bamboo stick, but failing.

Petey, however, decided to get up and do something productive. He turned to see the lone island with a swing on it. He noticed a yellow-colored, red striped surfboard right by the swing. Feeling pumped up, Petey flapped his way towards the island and grabbed the surfboard, getting onto the swing. As he positioned himself on the surfboard, Petey rocked the swing back and forth, using the momentium to jump up into the air and land in the tropical warm water with a splash. Petey then emerged out of the water, and bellowed with excitement as he then began showing off his surfing skills, the friendly dolphins witnissing this proclaiming in joy as they joined him to make a spectacular sight.

The Piantas at the watermelon bar took notice of this, and they began clamoring for Petey Piranha as one of them took out a camera and began taking pictures, while the bar owning Pianta quickly placed up a sign over the watermelon bar, which read 'Come See the surfing Petey Piranha show off his Skills!', prompting the Nokis who got back out of their shells after the Pihana incidents to come on over and watch delightfully, for a small fee, of course. Petey, who quickly glanced over at Gelato Beach, noticed this, and he watched as he flipped himself over and did the surfing while upside down, scoring some bonus points on his own account as the Piantas and Nokis cheered enthusiastically.