Princess Daisy And Her Crown

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I love Petey Piranha. I bet y'all love Petey, too.

Disclaimer: Princess Daisy, Toadette, Birdo, and anything else in this story belong to Nintendo.

Princess Daisy was proud of her crown. So much that she would not allow anyone to touch it. It was bright, sunny, and the birds were singing, but Daisy, who was about to have a picnic with Toadette and Birdo, accidentally dropped her beloved orange crown in a river stream nearby. Gasping in horror, Daisy jumped into the river, swimming towards her precious crown. unfortunately, a large purple-colored Cheep Cheep gobbled up the crown and started swimming towards the eastern direction, going against the current. Daisy took note as she grabbed the Cheep Cheep fish by the tail and hung on, closing her eyes as the cool water splashed into her face. The sun still shining, Daisy screamed in both excitement and shock as the Cheep Cheep jumped over several rocks. Quickly glancing behindher, Daisy yelped as a swimming green-colored crocodile was tailing her, trying to snap at her legs. Daisy retorted by kicking water into the crocodile, propelling it away from her. Daisy looked forward, and screamed as she crashed into a large boulder, falling back into the river face up as the crocodile opened its mouth and snatched Daisy.

Daisy woke up, to see that her head was inside the crocodile. Screaming, she tussled with the reptilian brute, punching it from the inside as it was forced to let her go. Growling, Daisy turned around and followed the Cheep Cheep, dashing on top of the water stream as she lept onto the Cheep Cheep, trying to open its mouth as she tried reaching for her crown. Unfortunately, a large waterfall was up ahead, and both Daisy and the Cheep Cheep fell as they approached the edge. The Cheep Cheep spat out the crown, and Daisy grabbed it, unfortunately hitting the set of boulders that were waiting at the waterbed. Daisy moaned in pain as swirlies were in her eyes, shaking her head and watching her crown being swipped by a pair of michevious, yellow-colored Kritters, who retreated back towards the flowery meadows. Daisy got up, tore off her usual yellow-and-orange dress to reveal her spots clothes, and jumped over the boulders, landing on land to chase after the Kritters.

As Daisy dashed her way through the beautiful, flowery meadows that were brightly shined by the Sun, she witnissed the two Kritters hidding behind a lone deciduous tree, climbing up and hiding into the green leaves. Upset, Daisy began ferociously kicking the tree with enough force, causing the Kritters to come tumbling down. Grabbing both of the kritters, Daisy grinned as she began beating them up, her crown falling into the flower garden. As Daisy continued her brawling, an innocent Monty Mole felt the crown as he popped out of the crown, and took it with him, going back underground. After taking care of the Kritters, Daisy turned around to grab her crown, when she noticed it wasn't there. Upset, Daisy began digging furiously underground, chasing after the thief who went off with her crown.

Back at the Mushroom Meadows, Birdo and Toadette wait on a pink rug as they have their picnic set up.

"What's taking Daisy so long?" Toadette asked as she munched on a chocolate cupcake.

Birdo shrugged, sipping some tea from her pink cup, "Well, it beats me, Toadette. I'm sure she'll get here soon enough, though."