Snowflake Earthquake

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: And I'm too lazy to be bothered to change the author's notes. Oh lawl.

Disclaimer: Waluigi, Princess Daisy, and anything else in this story belong to Nintendo.

Waluigi was outside, strolling alongside Princess Daisy in the Mushroom Kingdom as snow began falling down from the skies. The two humans looked up in awe as the snowflakes turned into hail, causing them to run as fast as they could. Suddenly, Daisy tripped, and she landed in a mud pit below. Waluigi turned around and grabbed Daisy's arm, pulling her as hard as he could, but alas, the mud was enough to drag Daisy down.

Sadly, the weather got colder, and the two were now trying their best to withstand the cold as Waluigi pulled Daisy out of the mud. Daisy moaned in disgust as she noticed her dress being covered in mud, but arrows began shooting towards her and Waluigi, causing Waluigi to shield Daisy. Waluigi managed to suck in the pain, the arrows leaving their mark in his body as he picked up Daisy and began running, using his purple vines to horde off the arrows. Guarded by the wall of vines, Waluigi took the arrows off one by one as Daisy grabbed some turnips in the ground and began chucking them at the direction the arrows were coming from. Sadly, a Bullet Bill was incoming from the other direction, bursting through the wall of vines as it collided into Daisy's butt, causing her to hang on by the ridges as the Bullet Bill headed up far into the snowy sky.

Waluigi watched in disbelief, before being blown up by a tossed Bo-Bomb. Waluigi growled as he grabbed an eggplant from under his purple overalls and ate it to recover some health, noticing that a group of Snifits were tossing the Bo-Bombs at him. Growling angrily, Waluigi pulled out his trusty purple tennis racket and began smacking the Bo-Bombs back, causing the Snifits to flee as the Bo-Bombs exploded, causing the deciduous forest to collaspe on itself. Daisy was still going sky high, until the Bullet Bill ran out of fuel, and started dropping like a rock. Daisy screamed as she covered her eyes, her dress flailing in the air, revealing her orange panties. Waluigi looked up, and he quickly assembled a bungie, waiting for Daisy to land on it. Standing a few inches back, he watched as the Bullet Bill bounced into one direction and exploded into a couple of trees, and Daisy bouncing to the other direction, landing in Waluigi's arms.

Waluigi and Daisy both looked at each other, laughing as Daisy's stomach then growled, followed by a loud fart, which caused an earthquake to occur. Both of them screamed as Daisy summoned as many flower pedals as she could to use them as protection for the ground while Waluigi quickly got out several nails and smashed them into the ground with his tennis racket. Before long, the ground surrounding the pair collasped, leaving the two on a lone platform. Looking down at the ground, then up at the sky, and then at each other, Waluigi and Daisy settled down to watch the snow, which filled up the open canyon surrounding them.