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Syaoran was the first to offer up his home- it was the closest to the park and there were no parents to hide from. Yue led the group, wary of another attack. If that... monster had been so powerful, who was to say there weren't more of them? He refused to take his chances when dealing with such high level magic.

When they reached the house, Yue abruptly stopped and sighed. Immediately his face pinked- Of all the times for his disguise to inconvenience him... He could almost feel Yukito kicking in his subconscious.

"I...I have something I have to attend to. I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Hoe?" Sakura cocked her head at him in confusion. He looked away, as if embarrassed, but patted her head in reassurance.

Keroberos couldn't hide his chuckle. Enraged and embarrassed, Yue turned on him with harsh eyes. "If there is so much as a scratch on any of them when I return-"

"Hey, hey, I'm their guardian too." Kero snickered in mock offense and tucked in his wings, shouldering his way into the building. As he disappeared into the doorway, he called back teasingly, "Have fun~"

Yue soared off without another word, attempting to keep from hurting the fool. Eriol held back a chuckle as he soared off. That, at least, was a look he recognized. Having a disguise with a love life was surely too complicated. The thought made him rumble in a fit of giggles.

Inside, Syaoran hefted the girl from Kero's back and laid her gently onto his mattress. As he pulled back, he found her eyes staring straight into his-- those big, empty, opaque eyes, a swirling sea foam green.

Before he realized, her hand had deliberately guided up and cupped his face. His eyes widened at the change in her eyes when her palm met his cheek-- why was she looking at him so sadly?

Words hung on her lips, but never became more than mouthed shapes. She tried again, finding not even a rasp in her throat. Finally Syaoran pulled back, letting her hand drop to the mattress. It bee-lined immediately for the spear, which she still held tightly against her small body.

When Syaoran stepped back, Kero advanced cautiously. "Can you understand us?"

The girl continued to stare with her blank, mystified expression. Kero sighed and looked back to Sakura. She started to shrug but gasped and pointed back at the girl. "Wait, look!"

The girl had raised an arm and was making stroke marks in the air. She swept her finger across the air, scrawling carefully before them. When she paused, the group took a moment to look back and forth between each other. Now she looked directly at Syaoran, her face distorted in frustration, and started again, making the same strokes a second time. Syaoran watched closer and finally began to get it.

"...It's Chinese! She's making Chinese characters!" He chimed in surprise and success. The girl smiled-- the first she'd ever given them- and sat upright, one arm still clutching the spear and her free hand signing on invisible parchment.

Syaoran followed each stroke carefully, watched by a mesmerized Sakura and Tomoyo. The girl started on the characters for the fourth time now.

"Fa..." Syaoran spoke slowly, waiting for the second character. "...Bao.... Fabao. That's-" He blinked, as if surprised at the coherency. "Magic Weapon!"

The girl nodded vigorously at him and pointed to the spear and Sakura. Sakura flinched and clutched her necklace unconsciously. Before her confusion, the girl continued to nod.

"Me... What about me? The wand?"

Eriol watched the exchange from the sidelines in silence. Her eyes... why did he know those eyes? It was such a nostalgic sort of deja vu, but not even Clow could recall any memories of her. Who was this stranger that he knew so well?

When he stepped toward her, her eyes guided straight to him. He faltered- she looked up at him with such familiar eyes. Exactly like Yue had the day he told him he was to die. Why did she look like that?

Before he knew it, she held his hand to her cheek. His free arm reached up unconsciously and stroked a stray strand of her long black hair. The group around them watched the exchange in shocked-silent awe.

"... Release your wand." Eriol mumbled. He looked at Sakura and repeated himself more clearly. "Release your wand."

The second time reached Sakura loud and clear. When the strange Chinese girl smiled up at Eriol so softly, Sakura reached into her collar, fished out the key and released it.

Now the five of them stood there, looking back and forth between each other until Tomoyo noticed a renewed expression of glee on the girl's face. She looked back at Syaoran and began to trace new characters. This time he was ready for them.

"Bian hua. Change." The Li blinked in confusion. "Change what?" He asked her calmly.

Tersely the spear was stretched forth, laid straight and flat across the girl's hands. The group watched her in confusion as she frantically pointed back and forth between the wand and the spear.

"Change how?"

The girl continued her frantic pointing until Eriol took her hand once more- she immediately chilled under his touch and looked up at him.

"What do you mean by change?" His voice was calm and rich-- nothing like that of a 12 year old boy's. "Like a Clow Card?"

Instead of nodding, she smiled and took his hand, pressing it to her lips and then her cheek. Kero flushed at the strangely intimate action and coughed, trying to get the group back on track. "But it isn't a Clow cards! Sakura collected and changed them all!"

"Maybe, but there is something that is still being hidden from us. And she is our only lead." Eriol couldn't bring his eyes from her. Despite Kero's sigh, Sakura gripped the Star wand firmly.


"What??" Kero rounded on her in disbelief. "Sakura! We don't even know what to seal them as!!"

"But we've got to try!" The new mistress argued. She huffed at Kero and looked back to Eriol for guidance.

After a moment of thought, Eriol looked back to the girl. It was worth a shot, right? Who else would they ask? "In what name do we seal the spear?"

Now she caught them all off guard. The hand holding his slipped from her cheek. It glided up slowly until her index finger gently pressed to his forehead. Even slower than before, she traced lines across his forehead, the same she had been in the air.

Syaoran followed. "Du...Read. Read?"

She looked at him blankly and then started to scrawl quickly in the air, writing some long, intricate phrase. In the sudden burst of writing, Syaoran groaned and squawked. "Auuugh Paper!! We need paper!!"

The room was turned over in frantic chaos before Tomoyo had found a small notebook and pencil for the girl. Without the same caution as the others, she marched right up to the girl with a smile and offered the book.

"Write on this, okay?"

She looked up at Tomoyo faintly, but quickly smiled and nodded brightly. Without another moment she went to work, writing quickly down the paper and turning it for Syaoran to see.

The lines were shaky and unstable- like the writing of a toddler, but Syaoran managed to make out the incantation and translate it to Sakura.

The group looked among each other silently, intensely. Finally, Sakura grounded her feet and brought her wand forward. The moment of truth was before them.

The words flowed out strongly, despite the nervous air of her companions.

"Card created by the Eclipse of two powers, return to your true form!"

The wand was brought down heavily. A swirl of magic burst forth from the spear, shaking the room in unreal defiance. Sakura held her ground against the mass of energy until finally it condensed into a small slip of light and dimmed into its material form.

The card slipped around the room until it finally came back and hovered before Eriol. Cautiously, he plucked it from the air, and the light around it dissipated.

It was almost exactly like the original Clow cards. There were only two or three differences that Eriol noticed upon first glance. The biggest difference was the back of the card-- where the sun had been before with the moon orbiting to its left, the moon had crossed in front of the sun and left only a black orb with a silver-red line. Eriol flipped the card over again and examined the picture on the front. The girl that had attacked them kept her head bowed and her eyes closed, cradling her spear as the strange girl beside him had.

"What..." Sakura began slowly, regaining her balance from the magical seal. "...was that?"

Eriol swallowed hard. "That... was not a good sign."

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