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"Hey Sam!"

Sam glanced up from his laptop where he had been researching for the past three hours and blinked at the change in light intensity before smirking at the sight before him. Dean was dressed up with a red Santa hat that God knows where he got it from and was holding a plastic carrier bag over his shoulder.

"Dude what are you doing?" He'd thought his brother had gone out to the bar, truly celebrating Christmas the Winchester way, but apparently not.

"Delivering gifts." He threw the bag down onto the closest single bed and kicked at Sam who was perched on the end. "You want these gifts, you come off the laptop."

"Dean you make me sound like I'm a kid." Sam rolled his eyes and started saving his notes, knowing that his brother would probably shut the laptop himself if he didn't move soon.

"You are Sammy." Dean pulled out one of the cans of beer he had bought and threw it at his little brother. "Here."

"Alright, it's off." Sam took the laptop and put it safely by the television - he didn't want Dean messing on it again like last time. Busty Asian Beauties pop-ups had appeared everywhere and everything had crashed. A sight Dean had found hilarious and Sam had found less than.

Dean grabbed the remote and started flicking through the few channels until he found the first Back to the Future film. He grinned and threw the remote to the other end of the bed, content to watch the old film and sup his beer.

"Present in the bag if you want it Sammy," he nudged his foot at the carrier and turned his attention back to the television. Sam glanced up and went over to the bag while fishing something out of his jeans pocket and without looking, he threw the small badly wrapped gift straight at the eldest Winchester. Both boys unwrapped the gifts, which were both in magazine and newspaper wrapping, silently. With a smirk, Sam held up the wiper blades and bag of cheesy Doritos.

"Gee, thanks Dean." He was about to wrap the wiper blades back up in the bag to give back to Dean for the Impala later before he spotted a small package at the bottom of the bag. He unwrapped it to find a new money clip. His old one had snapped last week and he had moaned for most of the day about it. "Oh, thanks Dean." He looked up at his brother with a genuine smile. He truly hadn't expect Dean to notice, apart from to bitch about his whining a bit. Then he thought he'd forgotten it.

Dean meanwhile had pulled the wrapping off to discover another small amulet.

"Thanks Sam." He meant it, he knew the charm was probably from Bobby's but his brother had obviously got it last month, preparing for the holiday. He knew his little brother didn't have much money left after paying out for a lot of the motels recently and appreciated that Sam had thought enough to still get him a gift.

"You can keep it in the car. It's quite powerful, should prevent anything getting in. I thought it could be useful for you."

"Thanks Sammy. Really." Both brothers smiled before leaning back on the separate beds to watch the film. It had been a bad Christmas last year with a hunt gone wrong but this year it seemed perfect.

"Hey Dean? You still got the Santa hat on."



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