A/N: This is a story my teacher told me and I asked if I could make a story into it, and she agreed! Of course, I added my own parts and it has my own flair! Also, of course, there was at one point, educational value about cartilage in children being stronger, but I dropped that out! So lucky you, lol.

Dawn nearly purred in content with how her life turned out. She had the perfect husband, Paul Shinji, even if he didn't seem like it. She had the perfect children, four year old Kylie and older six year old Luke. Luke looked like his father with blue eyes and Kylie looked like her mother with purple eyes, a perfect mismatch. She leaned back as Paul wrapped an arm around her shoulder. They were watching amusedly as Kylie ran around, following Luke and copying everything he did. Kylie imitated every single thing, like follow the leader. As Dawn watched Luke climb up on top of the plush foot stool, and then jump across to the couch, one of his new favorite things to do, she laughed. Her chuckles were silenced as Kylie attempted the same thing, managing to climb up and jump, but her frame was much smaller than Luke's, not even the length between the couch and the stool, therefore, she face-planted, half of her on the couch, half of her off of it. Dawn immediatly popped up, screaming loudly, making Paul wince.

"Kylie! My baby!" Dawn nearly flew to where Kylie was shaking. She then continued to blatantly ignore the fact that Kylie was laughing her head off, that's why she was shaking, and grabbed her under the arms, lifting her turned her attention to Paul, glaring at him for chuckling at her and Kylie.

"Momma! I'm fine! I wanna play!" Kylie objected shrilly. Dawn examined the girl intently.

"Dawn, let the poor girl go." Paul sighed, amusement clear in his voice.

"But! She fell! She might feel hurt!" Dawn whined, sounding quite like a four year old herself. She was still clutching Kylie to her chest. Paul rolled his eyes, feeling very pitiful for his daughter pouted and crossed her arms, already well aware of her Mom's overprotective urge.

"I'm fine Mama." Kylie sighed exasperatedly. Dawn eyed her doubtfully, before putting her down on the ground. Kylie immediatly bolted, knowing this might be her only chance to get anywhere away from her Mom.

"Be careful!" Dawn called after her worriedly. She sighed before walking back over to the loveseat, sitting back down next to Paul. He snorted though, causing her to glare at him. "What?" she asked, annoyed and defensive.

"Nothing Darling, nothing." Paul snickered, attempting to cover himself. Dawn continued to glare at him. "Overprotective freak." he muttered purposefully. Dawn gasped and slapped his arm, spinning away from him. But, slowly, she started to smirk as an idea hit her.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, Kylie met the must adorable boy, she was telling me-" that was all it took before Paul cut her off.

"What?! Who was the boy? How old is he? Did he touch her? Did he hurt her? When did you meet him? Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you let me meet him? I swear he'll-" Now it was Paul's turn to be cut off from shooting questions at Dawn, as she burst into laughter. The fierce look in his eyes faded as he gasped, realizing she had tricked him, that there was no boy.

"Now who's the overprotective one?" Dawn smirked as Paul scowled at her.