"You stupid clown! Give that back!!"

"Your being very stingy Alice-kun..."
"Give it back!"
"You should share..."

There was an large crash coming from behind the doors of the dining room, followed by an eerie, complete silence. There was not even the sound of people moving on the other side of the doors. Oz threw open the doors and froze in the entry way, a shocked expression frozen on his face. Shalon and Gil had followed him in and were also staring in surprise at the scene before them. A plate of half eaten sweets and tea set for two was still on the two were lying to the side of the table, a couple of overturned chairs around them. Alice was lying, although one with a more provocative mind would say she appeared to be straddling, on top of Break. And they were... kissing?!?


About 5 minutes ago.

Alice was eating. Of course. The day seemed completely normal, sweets sitting on plates in front of her, and there was no one around to steal them. That is until he walked in. Xerxes Break, their supposed boss was probably an appropriate term for his function as their connection to Pandora. However, mainly he was an annoying clown, at least, in Alices opinion. Break strode casually into the room, wearing his usual white coat, dark pants and purple shirt. He was also pushing a cart.

"Good afternoon Alice-kun." He said, stopping the cart right beside her, "Mind if I join you?"

"Yes." Alice grumbled, but he chuckled and sat down anyway.

Break opened the cart to reveal it held a tea pot, with freshly brewed tea and a pair of tea cups and cutlery. "I remember that you once complained that I had tea with Oz without you"

Break said as he set up the drinks for them, "Sugar?"

Alice nodded, rather reluctantly, if he wasn't going to leave then she might as well have something to drink.

"So I decided that I might as well have tea with you without him." Break smiled at her while Emily sang, "No Oz! No Oz!" In her unusually loud voice.

"Go away clown." Alice said, picking up a piece of cake.

"Um I think Ill stay." Break said smiling again, he reached over and plucked the piece of cake right out of her hands.

Alice jumped up, her chair toppling over, "You stupid clown! Give that back!!"

"Your being very stingy Alice-kun..."

"Give it back!"

"You should share..." Break said, about to put the desert into his mouth.

"CLOWN!" Alice lunged grabbing his wrist, the movement knocked the two of them to the floor, Alice laying on top of Break. Shed closed her eyes, waiting for impact, but instead found the landing to be soft; Breaks breath warm on her face and something warm was pressed against her lips. 'Uh oh....' she opened her eyes one centimeter and found Breaks eyes, err... eye locked on her own. It was Breaks lips pressed against hers.

As Alice stared down at him and he up at her Alice felt something shift inside of her, it wasnt an unpleasant feeling, but it made her heart beat fast. Too fast

The door was flung open, "Alice!" Oz and the others stood in the doorway.

Sorry it was so short.... the next installments will be each characters reaction then... one final piece. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!!!