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Alice's POV:

As much as she didn't want to admit it, the clown, Xerxes, still filled Alice's mind as she escaped down the hallway. the others called after her, but she did not reply. That little kiss, it had let something loose inside of her, something she wasn't sure if she was ready to face yet, or not. There was silence behind her, no one was following. It didn't matter, she almost wished that someone would, then she would have an excuse to bash their face in. She really had to get rid of some of the confusion and anger building up inside of her. The hall seemed to stretch before her, endlessly, but finally, she was around the corner and out of their sight. 'Stupid, stupid clown... this is all his fault!' Alice grumbled to herself. Still, a tiny voice seemed to whisper in her ear, that maybe things weren't as they appeared. Maybe... underneath the anger and confusion and irritation.... there was something else. But she wasn't ready. "I'm not ready..." The words slipped past her lips, a desperate whisper in a dimly lit hallway.

The moon was rising from a nearby window. It was full, silver light spilling in through the glass. Alice gazed up at the sky, feeling..... feeling.... lost. Lost inside of herself, battling against the nameless emotion, or the emotion she wouldn't name, struggling to come to life inside of her. "I'm not ready...."

Break's POV:

Oz and even Gilbert called after Alice as she exited into the dark hallway, Shalon remained standing beside him. Alice did not return, and they let her go.

"So.... it really was... just an accident?" Shalon asked yet again, eyeing him with her dark orange eyes, seeking, probing the expressions in his face and eye. Her hand twitched to the paper fan on the floor beside her.

Break didn't let his eye focus on her, "Yes." WHAP!

His chin was slammed against his chest with the force of the impact, "Milady..." Looking up he saw Shalon had gotten up and crossed to the other side of the room, to lounge on her couch, a frown on her face. Oz and Gilbert watched this exchange with confused eyes. Break really didn't think he could take much more of their staring at him, "Excuse me..." He walked to the doors and exited to the hallway.

"I'm not ready..."

The voice, it was quiet, pleading, and all to familiar. He reached the corner and turned it, stepping into the fresh moonlight, "Alice."

She turned at the sound of her name and he saw her face with a shock so huge Break, the Mad Hatter, was frozen in his tracks: tears sparkled in Alice's eyes.

"A-alice-kun...?" It was all he could manage, he had absolutely no idea of how to respond to her.

Alice turned towards him.

Alice's POV:

Seeing him standing there, staring at her, that emotion broke free and gave a roar of life within her chest. Her eyes were hot, tears already flowing, flowed faster. Too much... too much... he was annoying but always there. Pesky, interfering, constantly on her mind, always, always, always. "Damn you... B-break...." Then she was running. But, not to escape, running towards him.

Break's POV:

The weight of Alice's body hit him and the warmth returned. "A-alice...." He couldn't deny it anymore himself, and all he could say, "I don't think that was an accident..."

Alice's lips were on his again, and again, and again.

Break pulled away, luaghing a little, "I wonder if we've gone mad."

"We're a little mad..." Alice said, giving a chuckle.

"Damn that accident." Break said, tilting her face up again, tone sarcastic and burning.

"No... it was a very fortunate accident." She said.

When they finished kissing again Alice spoke, "What do we tell the others?"

"That we keep having more accidents." Break said.


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