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Jane's Special Gift.

I blinked with my eyes. I had to think for a moment which day it was, but I remembered it again. It was Christmas Day and that was the family day of the year. I loved to be here with my parents and with my grandmother.

I sat up straight and I spread my wings. Yes, my wings. I'll introduce myself before I go on with the story about my past. I'm Jane, Jane Volt. I was taken away from my parents – Anita and Victor Volt – when I was just a few minutes old.

When I was born, a doctor took me away from my parents. He told them there was something wrong with me and he took me away for a so-called examination. However, in reality, he was a whitecoat. Whitecoats work for the Itex and they are scientists who are up to no good. For five years, I was trapped in a dog's cage. They treated me as if I was a lab rat. And not only that, they gave me wings. Hawk wings to be precisely.

After five years of imprisonment, I broke out and went to my parents. At first, they didn't believe me, but after some time, they started to believe me. Now, it has been ten years ago since I was reunited with my parents and it's wonderful to live with them.

"Jane, are you awake?" I looked up and I saw Cindy jumping up my bed. Cindy is my Siamese cat. She's sweet, smart and adorable. And did I tell you she has chocolate brown wings and can actually talk? She was an experiment of T.H.E.M., who started to work together with the Itex. I rescued her from T.H.E.M. when she was four months old. When my parents saw she was a mutant just like me, they let me have her. I'm still happy they agreed with that.

"Yeah, I'm awake." I said and I looked to Cindy. "I just can't wait until tonight. You know, having Christmas dinner together with Granny."

Cindy stretched herself out and she lay down on my bed next to me. "And I can't wait to get a new toy." she chuckled and I smiled. Mom promised Cindy that she would get a new toy. Although Cindy was super smart and acting like a human, she still liked the cat toys.

"Well, you still have to wait until tonight, when Granny is here." I said with a smile and I started to stroke Cindy.

Suddenly, Cindy jumped up with a scream and she climbed into the curtains. "Miaouch!" she yelped and she looked to me. "That hurt!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Cindy!" I said and I walked to the curtains. I forgot she had an old scar right next to her ear and that was just the place where I stroke her.

"Jane, what's going on here?" I suddenly heard and I turned around. I saw Dad standing in the doorway. "Are you alright?"

I smiled a little bit. "I'm alright." I turned around to look to Cindy. "But I touched Cindy's scar on accident, so now she is in the curtains." I spread my wings. "I'll get her out of there."

Dad walked into my room and he looked to me. "Well, just keep it quiet, angel. Your mother and I try to sleep just a little bit more."

Sometimes, Dad always calls me angel. It's his nickname for me and no one else will use it without getting hurt by me. "I will, Dad. Oh, and is Mom still feeling sick?" Mom didn't feel well the past days and I just hoped she would be all right now. I wanted to have dinner with my whole family and not that there would be one missing.

Dad gave me a little smile. "I think she would be alright today. You know she is never sick for some long time." he looked to Cindy and gave me a little smile. "Just try to get Cindy out of the curtains, sweetie, before she will ruin them."

"Thank you for caring so much, Victor." Cindy snapped. "I told you I just can't withdraw my claws just like that. I would fall down to the ground."

Dad chuckled and he looked to me. "Just get her out of the curtains."

"Dad," I said before Dad would walk out of my room. "Could you tell Mom that I wish you and her a merry Christmas?"

Dad smiled. "I will and a merry Christmas to you too." and before he turned around, he said to Cindy: "You would fall down quietly if you would fall." and with that, he closed my bedroom door.

I chuckled as I flew up to Cindy. "He is a little bit right, Cindy." I said to her. "You keep forgetting that you have wings."

"But I do have to get my nails out of the curtains and that won't work every time." said Cindy and she looked to me as I tried to get her nails out of my curtains. "See?"

When I finally got her last nail out of my curtain, she spread her wings and she flew next to me. "Well, it wasn't that hard." I said and I looked to her. "And cats are suppose to land on their feet when they jump."

"Yeah, well, not from this height they don't." Cindy landed on the ground and I opened my curtains. It had snowed all night and the streets, cars and trees were covered by snow. It was still a little bit dark, so you didn't see too much, but it was more than enough for me. It's not like I have 'bat-vision', but I see better in the dark than my parents and any other person. Cindy jumped onto my windowsill and she started to shiver. "Can you please give me something warm? I start to shiver when I see the street like this."

I smiled and I walked back to the closet. Mum and I did some shopping for Cindy, so she wouldn't have it so cold in the winter. I really didn't know there were so many clothes for a cat! It was unbelievable and funny and now Cindy won't get a cold. I grabbed a little red jacket and I showed it to Cindy. "How about this one?"

Cindy jumped off the windowsill when she saw me grabbing the jacket. "Ow, come on. You make me look like a catish Santa Clause." she walked to me and she gave it another look. "But it looks warm and comfy, so let's pull it on."

I helped Cindy with her jacked and I gave her little smile. She looked really cute in it. "You look cute Cindy!" suddenly sounded and I looked up. Right in front of me were a few people standing; a few ghostly looking people. They were my ghost friends. That's right, I can see ghosts and spirits, ever since I was born. My parents know about it, but they don't really mind it. After all, they are my friends.

"Hey, guys." I said with a smile and I looked around. A young girl and a young boy were kneeled down next to Cindy. Their names were Sissy and Jeremy, both of them died during the Civil War. Next to me was a young woman. She was the Hawaiian spirit of volcanoes and her name was Pele. I also have a few ghost friends who died when the Titanic sunk. "Were is Captain Edward Smith, Jack Philips and Wallace Hartley?" I asked to Pele. I couldn't see them anywhere near.

"They are at the Titanic, celebrating Christmas." said Pele with a smile. "You seem to forget it every year, don't you?"

I forgot! Every year with Christmas, the Titanic ghosts went all back to the Titanic to celebrate Christmas. I looked to Pele. "Why are you guys here?"

"We just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas." Pele looked at me. Ever since I got back to my parents, the spirits left me alone at Christmas, so I could celebrate Christmas with my family. It was so sweet of them and I really appreciate it.

"Hey Jane, before we go, can we do just one flight with you?" Sissy looked up to me and she stood up. "Please? I just want to see the snow from above."

"Okay, I'm in the mood for some flying too." I said and I looked to Cindy. "What about you? Are you coming with us or will you just be staying here?"

"I'll just stay here in your nice and warm room, thank you." said Cindy and she jumped onto my bed. "Just wake me up when you're back."

I gave her a little smile and I walked to my window. "I will." I said and I opened the window and as I jumped out of my window, I spread my wings to fly out high.