Author's Note:

Hey guys! I'm just sending a note to tell you guys that my laptop has viruses and I won't be able to use it until my dad sends it to a family friend so he can fix it (and it would cost less to have it fix). Also, I finally got a job! My first job and I'm 20 years old. I'm not ashamed. It's better that there's someone out there to hire someone who doesn't have work experience but it is willing to give it.

Anyways, it will be harder to update with the new job and a summer class I'm taking online. But if I have the time to finish typing a chapter, I will update as soon as possible! I promise. Also, for those who are following me on tumblr, I won't be updating unless I'm reblogging something because I'm pretty sure once my laptop is fixed, all of my pics are going to be gone. :(


PS: Enjoy your summer! (At least it's summer over here in San Diego)