A/N: Okay.. This one was like a five minute job, the idea came and I wanted to get it down. Please review and correct my mistakes because my English still isn't that great.

I love books.

Crime, suspense, horror, drama and mystery always kept me hooked when I was younger. Depending on the author and the quality of the book, they still do today. I can't put them down. I always have to know what's going to happen next, whether it's good or bad. Nowaki can do that, too. It doesn't matter whether it's my birthday, Christmas or our anniversary he's always surprising me, even when I know I'm going to be surprised.

Sometimes I find myself reading supernatural, sci-fi and poetry books. To be honest, they are more of Nowaki's type of thing. He doesn't often read books, (he's way too busy) but when he does he doesn't half pick up a good one.

However, angst, hurt, tragedy and even romance bring tears to my eyes often. I can't help it if I'm slightly soft on the inside. But there's only one person I'll ever let see me in my tender, candid moments. The same person that'll pull me into him, kiss me, wipe my tears away gently and hug me until I've stopped crying completely. This same person will then threaten the book by staring at it vacantly (albeit evilly) for as long as it takes for me to rid of the book myself. He never tells anyone I cried in the first place.

Books also have a comforting smell.

But they can't take you into their arms and tell you that everything is going to be okay.

Yes, I love books...

...but I love Nowaki a hell of a lot more.