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Chapter 3

-- Christmas Eve Morning (24h of December) 8:30 pm --

"The bees are coming-islu. They're going to nuke Winnie the Pooh...miceise...We have to save him." Lois said quite loudly, making Clark looked down at her. Lois had somehow ended up using his elbow as a pillow for most of the night and his arm was pretty numb at this point. "We'll use the tractor...smucly...Hurry." She continued. Clark laughed slightly. He didn't know Lois talked in her sleep, the only person he had ever heard do that before was Peter, in 4th grade, when they decided to camping in the Kent's front yard. The slight rumbling movement his laugh had caused was apparently enough to wake Lois up, because she began to move slightly.

"Morning, sleepy head." He said trying to retrieve his elbow, without success. Lois head was heavier than expected.

"Smallville." It seemed to take the sleepy Lois a few moments to locate exactly where she was. Then she shot up, into a sitting position, thankfully freeing Clark's elbow. She looked like she was about to ask what she was doing there, but then seemed to remember. "Ooh um right!" She murmured and Clark could have sworn she was blushing slightly. Lois quickly relaxed though, but remained sitting, Indian styled, as she looked at him with sleepy eyes as if he was supposed to tell her something important.

"So Lois! Did you like Winnie the Pooh when you were a kid?" Clark asked the first thing that came to his mind as he sat up a bit so he could look at her properly. Lois had bed hair – and it was adorable.

"Of course I did? Everyone loves Pooh. Why?"Lois raised an eyebrow, clearly wondering why in the world he was wondering that. She apparently didn't remember the dream she had just had.

"Just asking." Clark smiled a cheeky smile, and Lois leaned down to kiss him.

"Has anyone ever told you how odd you are?" She wondered as she pulled away slightly, smiling. Clark took the opportunity to brush her long hair out of the way, and letting his hand slide down her back and then let it rest on her hip.

"I believe you do that on a daily basis." He told her, jokingly.

"True." She smiled wider, before leaning over to whisper in his ear. "But I also tell you, you're very cute..."Lois teeth scraped across his neck then she added, still purring in his ear"...and sexy. Despite the flannel." Lois eyes flashed over to a pile of old, plaid, flannel shirts for a second, before going back to kissing his neck.

"Lois we should-"She stopped by once more connecting their lips, kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

"Stop?" She finished for him, but they were both clearly lacking in the self -control department and Lois lips were soon back on his.

"We have to talk about something!" Clark blurted out, feeling a bit stupid. Lois kisses had begun to trail down his neck and collarbone. She wasn't paying attention or well she was; only to the wrong thing. She needed to know his secret before things went any further, if not for her safety then for his sanity. But he couldn't' just tell her...things were complicated...he needed time.

"About what?" She was trailing kisses back up his neck.

"It's a secret." Lois pulled away, looking at him suspiciously so Clark quickly added. "But it's nothing bad. Okay? But not now. Later." Lois looked slightly doubting at him, before leaning in to kiss him again. She pulled away for a second then she leaned down and kissed him again, shorter and less eager this time, then she rested her head in the crock of his neck.

"We really should get up shouldn't we?" Lois eyes fell on the clock on his bed side table, even though it felt like just a few minutes nearly half an hour had passed.

"Yeah we really should." Clark confirmed, Lois pouted and rolled off him. "But how about I'll make breakfast and you can stay in bed for a while longer?" Lois smiled widely at his suggestion and wrapped the sheets closer around herself as he got out of the bed.


"What are you wearing Lois?" Clark's eyes were glued to Lois wrist as she walked into the kitchen.

"I found it in the closet. I figured it wasn't your size anymore." Clark's eye's moved from the bracelet to the T- Shirt she was wearing. It was his police T-shirt from when he was 9 or so. It seemed to fit Lois perfectly- a little too perfect - the stretchy material clung to her like a second skin. Clark swallowed. "What? I can't wear your old clothes." Lois said, thinking he disproved of her choice of T-shirt. Clark eyes turned back to the bracelet on her arm, with some difficulty.

"What? No. The bracelet." It was Kyla's bracelet, the one her father had given him with the words "For the true one in your life."

"Ohh this? I found it under your bed looking for a pair of socks. I just thought I was sort of pretty. I can take it off-" Lois rambled as she began to pull the bracelet off her wrist.

"No, keep it on. It's just it belonged to someone I knew a long time ago." Clark quickly took a few steps forwards and stopped her from siding the bracelet off. He then quickly turned back to the pancakes he was making, while his mind flashed back to his sophomore year in High School those few days he had actually thought Kyla was the one.

"Um. Good or bad memories?" Lois asked, clearly picking up on his slightly zoomed out look.

"Both." He answered with a smile, flipping the last pancake into the serving plate.

"It wasn't Lana's, was it?" Lois looked up from the bracelet, worried. Lois only ever knew about his relationship with Lana and a bit about the one he had with Alicia. Kyla had never been mentiond. In fact it had been a good long while since he had even thought about her. Clark felt a bit guilty for that, but quickly turned to Lois.

"No. It wasn't Lana's." He told her with a smile as he poured coffee for the both of them. Lois looked like she wanted to ask more, but to his surprise she didn't. Maybe the fact that it wasn't Lana's was enough for her.

"Well I really like it." Lois just looked adoringly at the bracelet, Clark frowned. Even though the legends had seemed appealing to a 15 year old boy, he now knew it was a sweet story but he seriously doubted its credibly. A bracelet couldn't mark one's soul mate.

"I didn't think Lois Lane was one for chunky bracelets?!" He half stated, half asked. Lois rarely did wear larger pieces of jewelry it seemed odd that she would take an instant liking to something like an Indian bracelet, didn't' it?

"I'm usually not…it's something about it, you know?"She smiled at him before digging into her pancakes. Clark wondered if maybe he should put some stock into the Kawatche Indian's stories. Coming to think of it hadn't much of their predictions come true? Could the story behind this bracelet be true too? Did he want it to be true?

"So are we going to talk or what?"Lois abruptly snapped him out of his thoughts.

"What?" For a moment he wasn't sure what she was talking about, and then he quickly remembered.

"This secret of yours?"She reminded him before taking a bite of a pancake, raising an eyebrow.

"Ohh that. We can talk about that...later." Clark said vaguely. He still needed to make up his mind about what it was exactly he wanted to tell her.

"Okay, now you're really starting to freak me out." Lois looked up at him, her worry clearly showing her eyes. Her entire body was angled towards him, as if to subconsciously tell him he had her full attention.

"It's nothing okay. We'll talk about it tomorrow. It's Christmas."He squeezed her shoulder slightly, before letting his eyes fall back on the pancake pile.

"The fact that you want to postpone the conversation only makes me more nervous. It's something bad is it?" She looked at him with big eyes for a second before her eyes turn towards the floor."You're going to disappear." The last words slipped out before she had a chance to stop herself, she hadn't meant for him to hear them he was sure. It was her fear, he knew that. That he would disappear. He swallowed, thinking of the best way to assure her he wasn't going anywhere.

"NO. I'm going to be here for you Lois, as long as you want me here. This secret is not about you. It's about me." He tried to sound re-assuring, but he was worried. Worried what would happen once his secret was out.

"Like that makes it any better." Lois began to move her pancakes around on her plate absent minded. Clark could see she wasn't about to let this go and he felt stupid for bringing it up at all.

"Maybe we just drop it?" He asked, he too looking down at his food.

"Fine." Lois glared at him then started to pour large amount of syrup on her pancakes. She pulled out her phone a few seconds later, surprising Clark a bit. They were not working any stories over Christmas - they had promised each other that. Maybe Lois was waiting for Chloe to call about something.

"Are you waiting for someone to call?" He asked not able to contain his curiosity, before stuffing a large piece of pancake into his mouth.

"No, not really. I was just sort of thinking the Blur would call and say merry Christmas." She said simply.

"Have you two been talking a lot?" Clark asked, (while swallowing his food) as he tried to sound like he didn't know the answer. The truth was he hadn't even called her once as the Blur, after their talk about dating. It somehow felt wrong.

"Not all that much. I mean he calls to talk to me like every other day. Just so you know." Lois looked up at him, with a smile he couldn't quite place.

"Really?" Clark looked at her, closely, genuinely surprised.

"Um. Really!" Lois hand nearly missed the table as she was about to set her coffee cup down. Lois wasn't that great of a liar, and he had always had special ways to tell if the words coming from her mouth was true or not. And now he could hear her heart drumming a bit too fast for just casual breakfast conversation. Lois was pretending that the Blur had contact with her, but why? The Blur wasn't even real; he was...

"Are you okay Lois?" He smiled, but felt confused. Why was Lois lying to him?

"Yeah? Why wouldn't I be?"Lois voice was a bit higher than normal. "So are we going to get a tree before all the good ones are taken or what?" She quickly got up from the kitchen counter.

"They get all the best trees in on Christmas morning so I still think the perfect tree is out there for us." Lois raised an eyebrow. "I'll go out and get the snow off the car. You-"

"I'll just play some x-box." Lois jumped up excitedly, before turning back to him with a dramatic look on her face. "Farewell my brave solider." She waved ridiculously in the air as if she was waving him off as he went to his death.

"I was going to suggest you go some warmer clothes on. It's two foot of snow outside." He smiled at her as she stopped in mid air to change direction, looked out the window at the snow covered landscape and then turned.

"Great!" Lois grumbled as she head up the stairs, Shelby following her, probably just to annoy Lois or to see how well the allergy pill where working…


Clark quickly headed over to Lois car, she would probably insist on taking it even though the truck would be much more practical for getting tree home in. He had only just begun getting the large amount of snow that was covering the car's windshield when his phone rang.

"Hey Oliver." Clark quickly answered seeing the caller ID.

"Morning, I was just wondering I sort of had this last minute guest drop in. I wouldn't want to bother-" Oliver's voice sounded a bit odd. Like he was distracted by something.

"You want to bring a date?" Clark asked surprised. He had a sudden imaged of a tall blond supermodel at Oliver's side frowning at the Christmas dinner he and Lois surely would be slaving over for the rest of the day.

"What? No not a date. A friend. No don't bite that..." Oliver was clearly busy doing something else. Clark wasn't quite sure he wanted to know what exactly…

"Well it's just going to be me, Lois, my mom and Chloe. You can bring anyone you want Oliver. But maybe not the Justice League." Clark wasn't sure how he would explain AC or Bart joining them for Christmas dinner to Lois.

"Wasn't planning on bringing them. But Chloe is going to be there right? No, No don't bite the cable..." Oliver sounded very distracted, and there was something in his voice when he asked about Chloe. Clark couldn't quite place it.

"Why Oliver? And what are you doing?" Clark asked, starting to worry about Oliver's mental health.
"Nothing. And I was just asking. No crime in doing that right?" Clark could imagine Oliver smirking on the other side of the phone.

"No I guess not." Clark replied, before making his decision to ask Oliver his question. "Hey Oliver. Did Lois ever lie to you? When you were together." Clark felt stupid for asking, but Lois had never lied to him before, well the occasional white lie maybe. But not like she had this morning.

"What? Lois lying?" Oliver sounded surprised. "Oww. No, not my toes." he then whispered, clearly holding the phone away.

"Yeah, she sort of said she had been talking to the Blur a whole lot. But I know she hasn't because I haven't called her once." Clark explained, while brushing the last off the snow off the car.

Oliver then did something that surprised Clark very much. He began to laugh.

"What?" Clark asked, now very annoyed.

"If I didn't know better I would say Lois is trying to make you jealous" Oliver told him, and something told Clark that Oliver was serious about what he was saying, even though he was still laughing slightly.

"Of the Blur?" Clark asked, confused.

"Clark this is hilarious. Lois is trying to make you jealous of yourself." Oliver laughed yet again, the kind of laugh he hadn't heard from him in a long time.

"Stop it Oliver. It's not funny." But it kind of was, Clark even found himself smiling a little. It sounded totally crazy when Oliver said it but Clark suddenly realized something. Lois plan had worked - at least a little bit- Clark Kent had been jealous of the R&B Blur, even if just for a few seconds.

"It so totally is." Oliver continued to laugh.

"Hey Clark?" Lois called from the porch. Clark waved at her, indicating that he was on the phone. Lois rolled her eyes before taking the first step from the porch onto the steps and then her feet slipped and Clark watched in slow motion as she bounced down the front steps with a few hard thumps. Clark was torn between laughing and freaking out, but as Lois quickly got up and looked around, as if to see if anyone other than Clark had witnessed her blunder.

"I have to go Oliver." Clark quickly put his phone down and hurried over to Lois that was complaining loudly.

"Oww. My butt." Lois looked embarrassed and Clark began to brush away the snow that was covering most of her.

"That's what you're worried about? How's your head?" He looked disbelieving at her, as she rubbed her backside in pain.

"It's fine. My head is harder than one would think." Lois blew some hair that had fallen in front of her face out of the way and put her arms to her sides to prove she didn't need to hold on to him for support. "Besides my butt took most of the impact. And I think my spine might be broken. But otherwise I'm fine." She said, stretching slightly.

"Okay. Good? Can we go now?" Clark watched her slightly wary, as she walked past him. She only wobbled slightly, so Clark figured she was fine. At least fine enough to shop for a Christmas tree.


"What about that one?" Lois pointed to yet another tree; Clark looked over at the tree she indicated, but could immediately tell its many faults.

"No it's not wide enough!" He determined was this tree's biggest problem. They didn't need to take more than five steps before Lois jumped forward and pointed to yet another tree.

"What about that one?" She actually pouted, as she stood next to the tree.

"It's too short!" The tree was barely as tall as Lois. It would look ridiculous.

"Would you just pick a god dam tree? Some of us are freezing here!" Lois suddenly burst out, clearly frustrated by his picky in finding the tree.

"Well you didn't have to come." He told her matter of fact-ly, as he began to walk. She looked slightly offended.

"Of course I did. I couldn't let my poor defenseless boyfriend go and get a tree all by himself? One of Santa's naughty helpers might attack you." She looked over to one of the women dressed as elves that were standing by the "Pay here" sign.

"Your boyfriend?" Clark said, she hadn't yet to use that term to describe him. It sounded kid off odd. But thinking about it he kind of liked it.

"Well, what do you want to be called? Girlfriend?" Lois mockingly asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well Lois-"

"What about THAT ONE?" Lois hand suddenly shot out past his shoulder, stopping him before he could even begin his sentence.

"That's actually not a bad tree!" He said after inspecting it for a few moments.

"YAY" Lois said with mild enthusiasm. "You see, you should be happy that I came along." She added with an I-told-you-so look.

"I'm always happy when you're around." He told her, before turning back to the tree. Lois seemed momentarily stunned, probably due to the fact that half of the time when they were together was spent fighting and not being happy...well okay the fighting was pretty enjoyable too...but still…

"Now all we have to do is get the tree home." Clark said, looking over the beautiful tree. It was about a feet taller than him and so wide he found himself doubting it would be able to fit through the front door. But it was the perfect tree, the kind you only saw in the movies, the kind of tree all little kids dreamed of having. This was the ultimate tree - Clark was sure of it.

"That'll be fun!" Lois said sarcastically, looking at the big tree, probably imagining how in the world they would get that home with her car (without getting pine needles everywhere). That was at least what Clark was wondering.

So if some stuff feels a bit OC but that's probably because it's just so fluffy and it's (finally) Clois together. I was re-watching season 2 and remembered Kyla (you know the Indian chick that was sooo cute?) and the bracelet that was supposed to "mark" Naman's (aka Clark :P) true love. Just had to put it in there! And who is Oliver's mysterious date?? Feel free to guess! And if I get 10+ reviews before midnight, you'll get the next chapter tomorrow (it's almost finished and it got some OliverxChloe in it) so review!