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Prompt: Cut
Rating: K
Characters: Charlie, Don
Warnings: excessively hot men being hot, PWP without the pr0n (Plot What Plot?)
Genres: Family, Fluff, Gen, Pr0nless PWP (Plot? What Plot?)

Summary: Charlie makes a change.

A knock on the door frame of the War Room got Don's attention, but he was looking over possible escape routes for their felon so he just said, "Yeah?"

"Hey, uh, Megan said you were looking for me?"

Don clicked and dragged the map up slightly. "Charlie? Yeah, I called you like four times. We need your help figuring out which route this guy's gonna take."


"Where were y— Whoa."

Don had finally pulled his attention away to look at his brother, but he wasn't expecting what he found. He gave the younger man a quick but thorough scan even as Charlie squirmed under the inspection.

"I was getting my haircut and couldn't get to my phone under the cape . . . thing."

"I see that. Any particular reason why? You haven't changed your hair in years."

Charlie shrugged. "I don't know. Just . . . felt like a change."

"Uh huh," Don said. He looked back at the screen, then said after a moment, "How does Amita feel about it?"

He could almost hear the blush when Charlie said, "Amita feels . . . conflicted."

Don grinned.

"She likes the way it looks, but . . . well, anyway. What did you need again?"

Don chuckled as Charlie stopped hovering in the doorway and joined him.

"I need you to use your pursuit curves or whatever and figure out where my fugitive is going to try and hide," he said, gesturing at the map projected on the wall.

"I don't think pursuit curves will help you here, but maybe . . ."

Don shook his head as Charlie trailed off into mumbles and then grabbed a marker and started scribbling on the closest board.

While his brother was distracted he gave the kid another look over.

It wasn't a bad hairstyle in his opinion. Weird, sure, given that he was used to the curly mop his brother called hair, but . . . eh.

"The warehouse."

Don blinked and looked up. "Sorry?"

"The warehouse," Charlie repeated, going to the wall and pointing. "That's where your guy is hiding out."

"All right. Hey, thanks Charlie," he said on his way out, then turned and pointed with the folder in his hand. "Nice hair, by the way. Colby! David! Let's gear up and head out."

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