Prompt: At Work II
Don, Team LA
language, brotherly schmoop out the wahoo, excessively hot men being hot, PWP without the pr0n (Plot What Plot?)
Angst, Family, Fluff, Gen, Pr0nless PWP (Plot? What Plot?)
Notes: So many of you asked for more to the last chapter. My Muse obliged with this. It's not much, I know, but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway. :)

Summary: He's only related to Don by blood, but that doesn't really matter to the rest of the team. They protect what's theirs.

"Hey, Don," Colby greeted when he joined the rest of the team.

"Colby and I were going to go see if we can get anything else out of Rico Martinez about his former pris on buddies," David informed their boss.

"Not anymore," Don countered. "I need you to find out how many late model dark green sedans with oval shaped decals there are in the LA area."

"Ouch. That's got to be a couple thousand cars," Colby said.

"At least," David said. "What's going on?"

Don was digging his bottle of aspirin out of his desk. When he found it he handed it to Megan and said, "Take this and a glass of water to Charlie in conference room two. He'll be giving you a list of people who he's seen a lot of recently."

She nodded, grabbing a legal pad and a pen. "Sure," she said, accepting the bottle and heading off to the break room for the water.

"Don, what happened?" Colby asked even as David was waking up his computer.

Don sat on the edge of his desk, crossing his arms over his chest. "Charlie said he's seen a car following him."

"What?" Colby said.

Don nodded, then dug his fingers into the corners of his eyes. He should have taken two of those aspirin before handing them off.

"He thought it was just a coincidence—or at least a likely probability," Don corrected. "He thought it was just someone who shared his commute."

"But..." Colby prompted.

"But then they followed him from the school over here today." Don looked at David. "Check the security cameras on the parking garage. Even if they didn't come in, they probably drove past. Charlie didn't have a license plate number, though he said it's the regular standard plates."

David nodded, but it was Colby who hopped into his chair, swinging around to his computer. "I'm on it." David began the request for the list of registered vehicles in the DMV's database instead.

"Cross whatever you guys get with Megan's list, if nothing pops, give Charlie the list of owners and see if he knows any of them."

They both nodded and Don stood. "I have to go talk to Merrick about our current caseload."

"We'll find him, Don," Colby said. David nodded resolutely in agreement and Don echoed the motion.

"Yeah. I just hope it's before anything else happens."

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