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A/N: Merry Christmas, Hols. Figured since this is the only fandom of yours I know, it'll have to do. Hope you like it.

A/N2: This is about the bond between Kestrel and Bowman spanning over the three books. Hope it's okay, I should really re-read them at some point. Before I wrote a poem about them might have been a good idea, too late now though.

Two People

Two people held together

In soul, spirit, mind

A brother and his sister

An immeasurable bind

Two people held together

By experience, loss, gain

Both so very different

But still both the same

Two people held together

By destiny, family, fate

Shared their lives with each other

Shared their love and hate

Two people held together

By adventure, purpose, need,

So close that by cutting one

You make the other bleed

Two people being torn apart

Together they finally fly

Holding on by slipping fingers

As they try to say goodbye

Two people far away

One carries the other within

For all that lives of her

Is the part that lies in him.

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