Santa Klaus was in his workshop preparing himself for Christmas Eve. He was currently doing a double check on sleigh. Despite being worn from age, the sleigh was in otherwise perfect condition.

"Is everything alright, sir?" an elf asked Santa.

The jolly old man nodded in approval. "Get the reindeer ready."

"Right away sir!"

The elf skittered away. Tonight was going to be another long night…


…or was it?

"OMFG Santa" the elf shouted as he ran back empty-handed. "its mating season and all our reindeer are having hardcore butt sex!"

"OH NOES" cries Santa. "I can't fly my sleigh without the reindeer!"

Just then, out from the heavens came Baby Jesus!"MY SHIFT HAS ARRIVED!" declares Baby Jesus.

And so Christmas was saved, because ten seconds later Santa realized nobody needed him since everyone just buys presents instead. So Santa spent the rest of his life eating people because he was a cannibal.