Chapter 13

"Congratulation team. You have turned a mission from a failure into a success." said General Beckman.

The weary members of team Bartowski looks at the television screen in John Casey's apartment. General Beckman and Director Graham look pleased. Due to the exhaustion, neither members of the team was able to return the smiles. Sarah Walker knew that her eyes had bags underneath them. John Casey had to stretch before the video conference. Chuck just simply continues to fight it. When he is exhausted, Chuck tend to do something pretty stupid of Morgan proportion. Still, he continues to fight it even for a few minutes longer. Chuck made himself take deep breaths as he continues to place his attention on the General Beckman and Director Graham.

"Quentin is being escorted to a CIA holding facility. Before he even got on the truck, he requested for a deal." add Director Graham as he stand next to General Beckman.

"What can he offer is another thing entirely different. With his computers confiscated, we are confident that we will uncover important details of his operations." said General Beckman.

"To make matter worse for Quentin, we did find his hidden room underneath the house." said Director Graham. The statement cause Chuck's heart to jump. He kept his mouth shut. He never told his handlers about the secret room or what was in it. He did not want to give either authority figure a reason to put him in a bunker. He knows that it is by their mercy that he is still here. If they found out that he saw the room filled with alien weaponry, it would all but seal his fate.

"A hidden room?" said John Casey with disbelief.

"Yes. He had a subbasement armed with state of the arm security system. What we found in the room will pretty much secure Quentin in a maximum security faculty for the rest of his life." answers General Beckman to her trusted subordinate.

What did you find in this hidden room?" ask Sarah to her superiors. Chuck thanks Sarah in his mind considering that she just echo his thoughts.

"While we did not find the infamous one of kind weaponry that Quentin is famous for, we did find an obscene amount of drugs and illegal firearm." reply Director Graham. Chuck nearly choked on his spit. Both agents turn to their asset, who simply nods his head to assure them that he is alright.

"Obscene amounts? How much are we talking about?" ask Sarah once she felt comfortable with Chuck not dying from his own spit.
"Enough to start a civil war in any South American country." Both agents let out a sigh of relief. Chuck places his poker face on and sighs with them. He fights the desire to ask either Director Graham or Beckman if they were lying to him or not.

"With all of this and the guest list from the party, we have enough evidence to put Quentin away for a long time and there is a possible closure on several ongoing cases that we have." said General Beckman as she continue to maintain a smile on her face.

"Good job, team. We expect to have the reports within forty-eight hours." conclude Director Graham. With that, the television screen with black. Everyone in the room let out a sigh of relief. Chuck, who also fought his urge to look at his watch, finally satisfied the urge.

"OK. It is four in the morning and I am going to bed. Call me after 12:00." Chuck could feel his common sense leaving him. He walks toward the door.

"Chuck's right. I got five hours before I got to be at the Buy More." said John Casey as he took his shirt off. Sarah is a little surprised that he felt comfortable to do that.

"You are going in the Buy More?" asks Sarah who is a little surprised to hear John saying that he was going to work.
"Of course, Anna is going to cover for me so I can torture Jeff and Lester." reply John to his partner.

"Well, I will be back in the afternoon to start on the reports." Sarah starts to walk out the door. She did not want to know if her partner was being serious when he said the statement. At four in the morning, it was best to leave John alone. She walks out the door and closes it on her way out.

"Finally." remark John as he walk to the door and lock in. He turns on the security system for his apartment.


Sarah watches as her asset use his bedroom door to get into his room. She figures that he had to be tired if he did not bother saying good night. It is not a bad thing. She watches as he locks his window and close the curtain.

She stays for a few minutes watching the window. She had a choice. She can simply knock on the window and sleep with Chuck or she can drive home, take a hot shower, and crawl in her own bed. Both choices had their disadvantages and advantages. She slowly walks up to the window. She lifts her hand to knock on the window when she realizes one thing.

Sarah Walker, CIA agent, walked up to the wrong window.

Without even knowing it, she simply walked pass Chuck's window and went to the wrong window. She looks in and sees the dark living room of the Bartowski's residences. She let out a sigh of exhaustion. She took a deep breath and start walking back to her car so she can get some sleep.


Chuck could hear his phone going off. He made no intention in opening his eyes. As he lies on his bed, Chuck tries to block out the ringing by covering his ears with one of his pillows. After the thirtieth rings, Chuck finally pick up.


"Dude." It is Morgan. Chuck start counting in his head. Morgan had about to the count of sixty before he hang up.

"Morgan, this has better be important." said Chuck to his best friend.
"Payroll screwed up."

"What?" Chuck rose out of bed fully awake.

"Yeah. We're getting checks today."


"Payroll said that it is a computer error. They caught it in time, but they could not get the direct deposit set up in fast enough. So, they issued out checks."

"So, I will have to come in?" said a frustrated Chuck. After last night's kidnapping and getting suspended, Chuck had no desire to go in the Buy More.

"Tell me that there are in." Chuck resigns to the fact that he will have to go in the Buy More.

"Just came in."

"Thanks, Morgan. I owe you one." He crawls underneath his blanket. His check can wait for another hour.


After getting another hour of sleep, getting a shower, and getting dressed, Chuck finally got to the Buy More. He walks in expecting a bonfire and screaming customers. What he encounters is helpful sales people and happy customers. He felt a little disappointed, but a little relieved. He looks at the Nerd Herd desk to see Anna staring intently at the computer. He walks up to the desk.

"If I did not know any better, I would think that you are doing the invoices." said Chuck to Anna.
"Chuck!" Anna smile as she looks up. Her face brightens up when she realize that it is Chuck. "What are you doing here?"

"I am here to pick up my pay check." answers Chuck.

"You have no idea how much I missed you. Watching over the whole store is a huge amount of work." Chuck could see that Anna is tired. "If it was not for Casey inspiring fear in everyone here, I don't think I could have done it. I can't see how you can do it."

"All you have to do is prioritize." said Chuck with some experience.

"Easier said then done. I never knew how much stuff goes on in this store." Chuck could see that Anna had some appreciation on what he did around the store. "Well, you make it seem so easy. I can't wait until you get back."

"I got until Monday." Anna leaps over the desk and give Chuck a hug. He is a little surprise by this development.

"Well, it can't get here soon enough." Anna let go of Chuck. She smiles at Chuck.

"So, who has our checks?" ask Chuck.

"Big Mike."

"Alright. I better go."

"See you later, Chuck." waves Anna as she leap back into the desk. Chuck start to walk toward Big Mike's office. What he did not notice is the fact that all the Buy More employees were watching him.

Chuck knocks on the door.

"What did I tell you about interrupting my lunch?" yell out the big booming voice of Big Mike.
"It's me, Big Mike." reply Chuck.

"Chuck?" said a confused boss.


"Come in." Chuck opens the door and walk in Big Mike's office. He had a Subway sandwich on his desk and a napkin underneath his chin.

"I'm here for my check. Morgan told me what happened." Chuck place on a fake polite smile. He could feel his frustration, anger and disappointment over everything slowly building.

"Of course." Big Mike opens up a drawer and he takes out an envelope. He gets up from his chair and hand it to Chuck. Chuck takes the envelope and opens it up. When he finally looks at his check, his eyes widen.

"Um Big Mike. I don't think my check is right." Chuck looks straight at Big Mike's face.

"It's right. Before you mention it, there is another check in the envelope."

Chuck look at the second check. The surprises keep coming at him.

"What's going on?" His frustration and anger simply disappear as he stares at the checks.
"Chuck. That is me showing my appreciation for you." Chuck look at Big Mike. He is being serious to Chuck. "You make my life incredibly easy around here. This store wouldn't be able to run as smoothly without you. These few days have been living proof of that. Even with Casey and Anna, there were still fires that I had to put out. You also took one for the team this past week. I know you hated how the whole thing went down. I can't blame you. I hated it too. The thing is that most of those idiots out there wouldn't have taken one for the store. That is why you got a raise and a bonus check. It is the least I can do to show you how much I respect and value you."

"Um, thank you." Chuck did not expect that from Big Mike.

"Don't mention it." Big Mike sits back down. "Really don't. I don't want the other morons to find out." Big Mike put on a small smile. "See you on Monday?"


"Good. Have a good weekend." Chuck walks out of the office and close the door. Morgan runs up to him.

"Dude, what happened?" ask Chuck's best friend.
"I just got a raise." reply a stunned Chuck.


"Holy crap." Morgan shares in Chuck's shock.


"You know what that means." points out Morgan to his best friend.

"Let's go to the computers and do it over there." said Chuck. He knew what it meant. The best friends walk toward the computer section. No one was there. Both men look around the area. Everyone seems to be by the television section of the Buy More. Both men could see that there was a Star Trek Marathon running and it grabs most of the employees' attention.

"Ready?" ask Morgan.

"Of course."

"OK. Four, five, six, seven and eight." The best friends start to in a bizarre chorography dance moves that could repel most females. For both men, they did not show any indication that they care.

After a minute of their dancing, they both stop.

"You know, we don't dance the raise dance that much." mention Morgan to Chuck.

"What? Yes, we do. We dance at least once a year." counter Chuck.

"Well, that is because you get the raise." point out Morgan.

"You could to, if you did actual work." said Chuck.

"Hey, that is blasphemy."


"Apology accepted." said Morgan to his best friend. "So, what are you going to do with the major loot that you scored?"

"Well, I was thinking of buying Sarah a present."

"Really?" Morgan felt a little disappointed. Ever since Sarah came into the picture, Chuck had his focus on Sarah's well being. There was nothing wrong with that except the fact that Chuck tend to forget about his own needs.

"Then I realize that I really don't know what to buy her. So, I am leaning toward something frivolous." Morgan's eye could not hide his surprise. His mind rushes to the one thing that Chuck would consider frivolous.

"No way."


"Please tell me that it is something that we both enjoyed."

"I said that I was thinking about it." Chuck did not want his best friend's hope to go up to high.
"I don't dare say its name."

"Then don't."

"Oh, Chuck. If you buy it, I would love you forever."

"Are you trying to persuade me or repel me?" ask Chuck to his friend.

"Sorry." apologizes Morgan, hoping it would persuade Chuck into buying the one thing that both men wanted.

"Don't worry about it. See you later."

"If you mean, tonight. Yeah."

"See you later."

Morgan starts walking toward the entertainment room. Chuck could figure out what his best friend is going to do. It was best not to think about it for too long.


Chuck's heart skips a beat when he heard the voice. He starts to look around the store frantically. All the employees were still at the television section. If only that was what he is looking for.

"Can I say that I have not seen such dancing in my life?" said the familiar voice. Chuck knows that voice. He is just trying to figure out where she was hiding. He looks frantically for the blonde hair.

"Seriously. I think you may need some dance lessons." joke Jenny's voice.

"Well, it is not meant to be something serious." retorts Chuck to the familiar voice.

"I can tell. There was a lot of joy in that dance. Trust me; I have seen plenty of joyous dances.

"Yeah. I bet you have."

"Are you looking for me?" ask Jenny.

"What if I am?"

"Oh, Chuck. You are not looking at the right place. Think about it. Where would I really be?" tease Jenny to her friend.

"You like to freak me out. Play with my mind. So, if I want to freak someone out. I would be in the last place I would look for. You…." Chuck start to eliminate hiding places in his mind. Her voice had to be close by. He eliminates the Nerd Herd desk, video games section, the appliance section, and the grill section.

"Have…" Chuck look up the ceiling for any sign that she is in the ceiling. He had been up there and Jenny is small enough to be there.

"To be…." Since there was no sign of Jenny being in the ceiling, he narrows down the choice. Chuck realizes that Jenny did give herself away. She saw Morgan and Chuck dancing. If he can't see her, that means she is not physically here. It only leaves one place where she can be. She had to see him and speak to him.

"In the computer." Chuck turn at the laptops that is being displayed. The only thing he sees is the screensavers. He feels a little disappointed.

"My clever Chuck. Right idea. Wrong computer. I am behind you." Chuck turn around at the regular desktop computer. Jenny, the blonde alien is staring at him from the monitor with a smile. Her face covers the whole computer monitor.

"Oh my god!" Seeing Jenny in the computer still freak Chuck out a bit. "It's you."

"Of course. Who would have it been?" ask Jenny as if it was obvious to anyone.

"I don't know. What are you doing here?"

"Well, I figure I should check up on you. I have to make sure that you are still in one piece."


"So, what do you have any plans for today?" ask Jenny with some hesitation.

"Maybe." Chuck hesitates a little bit when he answer that question.

"Anything important?"

"Maybe." Jenny's smile disappears as she let out her frustration.

"You are not going to make this easy, are you?"


"Chuck Bartowski. I am trying to ask if you would want to have lunch with me."

"What?" Chuck did not expect this from her.

"Lunch, food, eat, with me."

"Where?" ask Chuck as he starts to wonder if where Jenny actually is.

"Clever Chuck. You are starting to ask the right questions."

"Trying to."

"Succeeding with flying colors. I am on the roof of the Buy More with a couple of sandwiches." answers Jenny.

"You mean this Buy More?"

"Where else would I be? Me and my spaceship."


"Are you going to keep asking questions or are you going to have lunch with me?" ask Jenny. She could see where this is going. If she did not stop, Chuck will keep asking questions.


"Alright then. See you up here." The computer screen went black to its screensaver. Chuck stares at it for a moment. He wonders what he was thinking. After all, this could be a trap. An alien girl could be luring him into a trap for the sole purpose of probing him. A shiver shoots up his spine at the thought. Still, she had sandwiches.

He decided that the sandwiches would be worth it.


The moment he walk into the door, John Casey took out his gun. As he walks in slowly into the room, he let out a sigh of relief. He could see the blonde sitting on his sofa. Agent Sarah Walker is using a laptop on the coffee table. John could hear the machine gun-like typing from his distance.

"Walker, what are you doing here?" ask John as he put his fire arm away.

"I was going to ask you the same thing." Sarah stops her typing and turns to her partner with a little surprised look. She could see that John Casey is wearing his Buy More uniform.

"Big Mike let me go home. He said that I looked like crap and that I should get some rest." John approaches Sarah.

"That is pretty bad if Big Mike said that. Didn't you get any sleep?" asks Sarah as she resume her typing.

"I tried to. I ended up finishing my report instead of sleeping." Said John as he took a peek at what Sarah is typing. It was the basic report over last night's mission. Exactly what he expected to be.

"Sorry to hear that." apologize Sarah, knowing that feeling all too well.

"I'm not. I'm all done. I got the rest of the afternoon to get some shut eye while you take care of the nerd." The thought did give John a brief smile.

"You act like it is a bad thing that I am watching Chuck." That thought did give Sarah a smile.

"Hmph." John went to the kitchen, knowing full well what Sarah or Chuck will never admit to each other. "Want anything to drink?"
"No, thanks." Sarah stops her typing. "Casey."

"Yeah." John opens up his refrigerator. He has sport drinks, water, fresh vegetables and cooked chicken. He grabs the bottle of beer that resides beside the tuna sandwich that he had been meaning to eat.

"Do you want to see something?" John closes the refrigerator with a little apprehension. The last time he heard that one of his friends showed him something he dare not remember.
"Depends what it is." He opens up the bottle and took a big drink.
"Our mysterious agent."

"What?" That statement grabs John Casey's attention.

"I caught her on our camera." John went to his partner.

"Back up and explain everything from the start." Sarah could tell that she had her partner's attention.

"Well, I went back on the footages that we got from our cameras at Quentin's house. Like before, the cameras were not working when we were there. About ten minutes before the van that had Chuck left, the cameras went back online."

"We always thought that Quentin may have a jamming device. That proves it. Something must have happened to it."

"Exactly. I got footages of the guards leading Chuck to their van." Sarah saves her report. She closes out the document and opens up the video player. Sarah opens up the file that contained the video from last night. Sarah starts to play the video on the laptop. The laptop shows Chuck being surrounded by guards. John simply nods his head.

"OK. What should I be seeing besides Chuck being boy hostage?"

"Exactly that. Nothing special here. It does show that everyone left in the house left with Chuck. In theory, no one should be at the house. I simply fast forward the footage, seeing if there may be another player that knows Quentin operation."
"Never thought about that." said John.

"I wouldn't either if it was not for movie nights with Chuck."

"We both know that real life is different then the movies."

"I know. I thought it would be a good idea to make sure. Look what happens an hour before our team raid the house." Sarah fast forwards the footage. John then saw the little blonde woman simply appear. She starts to walk down. She stops and turns. Sarah stops the video. The image of the blonde woman's face was clear as day. John could see the ponytail and a smile on her face.

"What the hell?" John did not have to be reminded on who it is on the computer screen. It was the woman from last night party that caused the disturbance. "Where did she come from?"
"Don't know. All I know is the fact that she was in the house. I fast forward through the whole footage. Take a guess what I found out." Ask Sarah to her partner.

"Don't want to. Tell me." John did not have any desire in playing the guessing game.

"Based on the footage of this video, she never left the house." state Sarah to her partner.


"That is exactly what I said. I went through the whole footage again. Nothing. I don't have any record of her leaving the house."

"Even when our team got to the house?" ask John. He could see where Sarah was going with this train of thought.

"My theory is that she was in the house when our team searched the place." The chill went up John's spine.

"That does not make any sense. We would have found her." argue John to his partner.

"I know. Like I said, I don't have anything showing that she left the house." Sarah had to reason with her partner.

"Have another team sweep the house."

"Done. I have already set that up. They are sweeping it as we speak." John nods his head. He forgets that his partner is good at her job.

"Did you tell the General or the Director?"

"No. Considering that we have nothing, I did not think it would be wise to mention before I talk to you about it."

"What do you mean?"

"I plug the agent's face into our databases for all known agents. It came up with nothing." John backs away from the sofa and the laptop.

"You have been busy." points out John to his partner.

"Yes, I have. Unfortunately, nothing to show for it."

"So, our mysterious agent is still a big question mark. You think that she found the room."

"No. There were enough agents that we would have caught her." Sarah looks at the woman's face. Her certainty melts away. "I don't know. Something about her is different. I can't put a finger on it."

"Besides, having nothing and just a gut reaction, what now?"

"I'm just going to put her face in the system. If she turns up again and if we get lucky, we will have something to go on. Maybe we might get lucky and actually find out who she really is."

Sarah lead back and look at the picture, wondering who she is and where could possibly be.


"I got to admit. I am impressed." said Jenny as she took another bite from her sandwich. Chuck look at his new friend.


"I am being serious. With what you told me. I can not help but be impressed. You flying a helicopter, which you have no idea of flying. You save your sister. You disarm a bomb. You have no experience and you still did all of those things. I have to say that you are one impressive individual."
"Thank you."

"Not only that, you have your own sandwich." Jenny took another big bite out of the Chuck sandwich.

"Well, it does help if you dated the owner of the deli." Point out Chuck to his friend.

"You must have made a big impact on her if she still has it on the menu."

"Well, I am pretty fantastic." Jenny chuckles at Chuck's remark.

Chuck and Jenny are sitting on a blanket facing each other on the roof of the Buy More. Each individual had their own sandwich and chip. While Chuck is drinking a grape soda, Jenny opts to drink a nice hot chocolate. She takes a good look at Chuck. She could not help but smile at her new friend as he takes another bite from his sandwich.

"It looks good on you." said Jenny Chuck tried his best to chew his sandwich.


"The confidence. It does look good on you."

"I have confidence." state Chuck.

"I know. I just saw it. But you don't keep it on. You really should keep it on more often then you do. It makes look good."
"Thanks, I think."

"Well, it was a toss up with confidence and the mustard on your cheek." Jenny smile as Chuck wipe his cheek. He felt the mustard as he wipe it off.

"Thanks." Chuck smile. He just got a raise and he is eating lunch with a cute woman. He could ask for more but he did not want to push his luck. "I have a question for you."
"Ask away." said Jenny.

"Did you take that entire alien tech out of that room last night?" ask Chuck. He made sure that he is staring at Jenny's eyes. Jenny took a deep breath. It was not the fact that the question was hard. It was the fact that she could feel herself blushing.

"Yes. I did go back. I actually went back for the ship's parts. I was always going back for it. When I got there, I actually look at the room. I realize that it would be best to get rid of all of it before anyone else found it." said Jenny.

"So what did you do with it?"

"I threw it all in the sun." Jenny bit into the sandwich. In an odd way, he believes her.


Jenny looks directly at Chuck. For a whole minute, they eat their lunch in a calm fashion. Jenny could not keep her smile off of her face. She took a deep breath. The next part is the hardest part for her.

"You know that saying where if you save someone, you become responsible for that person." said Jenny to Chuck as he finish his sandwich.

"I don't know if it is an actually saying or if it has been made up by someone. But I know what you are talking about."

"Well. I save you. Now, I am responsible for you."

"No, you are not." Chuck did not know where this is going.

"Are you sure?"

"I am pretty sure that I can take care of myself."

"You are not going to make this easy for me."

"Easy for what?"

"Chuck, I am trying to ask you to come with me." said Jenny with some frustration.

"Excuse me?"
Jenny snaps her finger and her ship appear behind her. Chuck's eye widens. He finally is getting a better look at the ship that saves him. While he saw it last night, the lighting was not the best. With it floating in front of him, he got the best look at the ship.


"I seem to get that reaction from everyone."

"It helps to have a ship."

"Yes, it does. So what do you say?"

"About what?"

"Seriously. Are you dense?"


"I am asking you to come with me in my ship. I want you to come with me to see the birth of a universe. I want you see the emerald river. I want you to see the Vikings on their ships. I want you see to see the end and the rebirth of this planet. Chuck Bartowski. The question is never where you want to go or what time period you want to see. The question is what are you waiting for?" Jenny extends her hand to Chuck, waiting for an answer.

"I can't." Jenny's eyes widen in surprise at Chuck's reaction.

"Oh." Jenny looks into Chuck's eyes. He did not even flinch when he answer it. "Well. I understand. I mean it is hard enough to realize that you are talking to another species. To add the fact that there is a spaceship and the fact that it can travel to time not to mention that the fact that I am asking you to come with me only after twelve hours of meeting me I can blame you in not wanting to come with mebecauselet'sbe …" Chuck got off the ground and went up to her. Jenny is running her words together and it is becoming hard for him to understand her.

"It is not what you think."

"It's not."

"It's not you. It's me." Jenny looks at Chuck in confusion at his statement.

"Well, that is the first time someone has told me that. I do not like it."

"My sister is getting married." blurt out Chuck.


"Here something you don't know about me. My mother left me and my sister when I was very young. Dad was left to take care of us. He did not really do a good job. My sister and I had to rely on each other. She has been with me almost every step of the way. She was there when I got accepted to Stanford. She was there when I got expelled from Stanford. We rely on each other. She now found someone that will be with her for the rest of her life. I want to be there for her if she needs something."


"Then there's this." Chuck points his head. "As long as I have this in my head, the government needs me. It's not ideal. Beside, if they found out that I am missing, they would come looking for me."

"And?" Jenny could tell that Chuck is telling the truth. She also can tell that there is something else.

"There is this girl." Jenny could see the signs.

"What's her name?" ask Jenny


"Pretty name."

"She is."
"You like her?"

"Yes, I do. I know that I would regret it if I did not try."

"I understand. You do not have to tell me anymore. You do not want to be alone." Chuck saw it. It was brief, but he saw it.

"That's why you ask me." Jenny bit her bottom lip. "You don't want to be alone."
"The universe is big and beautiful. I want someone to see it with me. I do not want a romantic relationship. I did that once with my ex. It did not work out. All I want is a mate, a friend, an amigo."

"I'm sorry, but I can't. At least not right now."

"Excuse me?"

"I want this out of my head. I want control over my life again. I want to go to Paris without worrying about spies. I don't know if it will work out with Sarah. I do know that whatever happens, I want my life back. I don't see myself working here at the Buy More forever. I want to do something else." Jenny looks at her friend.

"I tell you what. I will let you do what you need to do. After that, I will come back. When I do, I will not accept no for an answer. Deal." Jenny extends her hand out again.

"Deal." Chuck shook her hand. He thought of something. "Question. How long did it take you to master that time travel device?"
Jenny made a face as she let go of his hand.

"You haven't' master it, did you?" He had seen that face before from Morgan many times.

"I am here."

"How many tries did it take you?"

"I do not know the exact figure, but more then one. Less then a million."

"I think I will wait until you master that."

"Very funny." Jenny felt a little sadness. "You are being serious. You are not coming."

"Yes, I am." Chuck could tell that Jenny wanted him to go. He felt a little conflicted. He really did want to go. Chuck reaches inside his pocket and took out his phone. "Here."

Jenny catches the phone.

"That's my phone. Call me when you have something to talk about. Call me when you have a song to sing. You can call me when you are feeling a little crazy. Most of all, call me when you need a friend."
Jenny looks at his phone and smile.

"I will. Just remember. I am coming back." Jenny snaps her fingers. She disappears in a blue light. The ship that floated above the Buy More starts to rise toward the sky. Chuck simply stares with his mouth open and watch the ship disappear in the sky.

"Dude, what are you doing?" Chuck turn around and to see Jeff and Lester standing by the entrance of the roof.

"Having lunch."
"OK. Not the ideal place, I would have in mind." said Lester. "Anyway. Me and Jeff want to say we are sorry."

"Really." Chuck bent down and starts to pick up the blanket and trash.

"We screwed up. We did not mean to get you in trouble. You always had our backs even when we didn't deserve it." said Lester

"Let's be honest. We should have been fired a long time ago if it was not for you." Add Jeff. Both men look down on the floor in shame. It had been the first time that Chuck could recall that either man did such a thing.

"Fine. Just don't do it again." Both men lit up like a Christmas tree.

"So, why are you having lunch on the roof?"
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Chuck walk pass them astounded by his reply. Chuck shook his head. If it was not for the two guys, he would never meet Jenny. He owed them one, but he will never tell them that.

Chuck did have one question on his mind. When is Jenny coming back?

The end