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Chapter 3: Follow Me

When darkness falls And surrounds you When you fall down
When you're scared And you're lost Be brave I'm coming to hold you now When all your strength has gone And you feel wrong Like your life has slipped away
Follow me You can follow me And I will not desert you now When your fire's died out No one's there They have left you for dead
Follow me You can follow me I will keep you safe Follow me You can follow me I will protect you
I won't let them hurt They're hurting you, no Ooh yeah When your heart is breaking
You can follow me You can follow me I will always keep you safe Follow me You can trust in me I will always protect you, my love
Feel my love Feel my love


We leave the restaurant for the theater. I don't know why I am so nervous right now, it isn't like I have never been on a date. I have been to Tinseltown with my sisters a million times and once when Mike Newton asked me out and I just felt bad for him. But this felt different. Is it because I was with Edward? Maybe its because this feels like a real date, you know those ones you see on TV or in the movies where the guy picks up the girl, they go to dinner and then a movie. Then at the end of the night he walks her to the door and gives her a chaste kiss as she knows her parents are waiting just on the other side of the door or even better they flick the porch light on and off to signal that she needs to come inside. I only wish that life could all end like one of those chick flicks.

"You ready to go in?" Edward says as he pulls me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah, I am. I didn't realize we here yet." I smiled as he help me out. He was such a gentleman. As we walked in to the theater in a comfortable silence. He bought our tickets and we got some popcorn and drink. You can't go to a movie with out getting some popcorn. After get to out theater we sat their watching the coming attractions and then the trailers started. I scooted closer to him and with that he lifted the cuddle bar as I would call it. I cuddled into his arms a we watched the movie.

When the movie ended we left. It was still early, since I really didn't have a curfew when I am home on break. "So what are we doing now?" I asked.

"You'll find out soon." He replied.

"Edward, I know you haven't known me long, but hate surprises. I would rather know what to expect, so I can be prepared." I told him so he would know for future reference.

"Well I will tell you tell you I am taking you to my favorite place in town. And no its not a bar down on State street or my bedroom." He grinned at me. I reply with a quick smile as we drive away.


I hope she like my favorite place. I am driving down Peach Street. I know most guys would take her to a bar, a club, the beach or even possibly their bedroom. But this is a place I have loved since I was a small child when Esme would bring my brothers and me to visit Carlisle on his lunch break. We would walk down here. We finally reach our destination, Dobbins Landing. I know not the most romantic place, but the place I love. I walk around the car and open Bella's door.

She smiles at me as I take her hand. We walk silently around. Its late at night so the tower isn't open but I would like to take her up there sometime. We get to the end and I decide to break the silence.

"Esme used to take us here after we would have lunch with Carlisle. I would always make her buy an extra sandwich at the cafeteria or bring bread from home for the ducks." I looked at her. She just smiled.

We walk over to a bench and look out at the water. "How did you know this is my favorite place?" She asked.

"Great mind thinks a like?" I grin.

We sat there just looking out. We were there for what seem like forever, when I notice Bella shiver. I put my jacket around her.

"Thanks" she say.

"Your welcome hun. We better go. I don't want you to get sick or we won't be about to go out tomorrow." I decided to push my luck.

She smiled and just said "Sure."

I drove us home and I walked to her door. A debate raged inside of me. Should I or shouldn't I go in for the kiss. This whole relationship or potential relationship has been far from normal to why no chance it. I leaned in and kissed her chastely on the lips. Then she quickly responded with more vigor. All too soon she was pulling away.

"I better get inside before daddy comes out her." She smiled and turned to walk inside.

I caught her arm, "Til tomorrow?"

"Yeah, tomorrow." She walked through the door.

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