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Saving Edward

Chapter one.

I sighed, another long day at the hospital. I looked at the clock, only another 3 hours and I'd be on my way home. Esme must be going crazy with all the kids home for the holidays, I really hope Emmet hasn't broken anything today and Alice and Rosaline haven't gotten into another fight over their make-up, last time it ended with the eye shadow all over the place, I still don't understand how it got all over the walls. It took them hours to clean it all up; I chuckled remembering the look on their faces when I said they had to clean up every single smudge.

I'm just glad Jasper knows how to stay out of trouble, he's the quiet one out of the bunch, he normally just stays in his room and reads, though Alice can get him to do anything for her, she's a little devil when it comes to what she wants, though Esme and I think Jasper has a little thing for her.

There's nothing wrong with that, I mean they're all adopted, soon after Esme and I were married, we found out Esme couldn't have children, we were terribly upset, Esme was devastated, she'd always wanted children and now that she couldn't, it hurt her deeply. We went into adoption soon after and found Alice, she was only 5 at the time, her parents had tried to kill her, claiming she was evil and working with the devil, her parents being big believers in God, thankfully a neighbour had heard little Alice screaming and crying and had called the police. We fell in love with little Alice quickly, she was very small for her age but her bubbly personality made up for that.

We found Emmet next, his parents had died in a terribly car crash, Esme instantly fell in love with him, he was big for his age but his little dimples in his cheeks gave away what a softy he was. When we brought Emmet home, Alice was ecstatic, her and Emmet became friends instantly and though Emmet being 3 years older than Alice, Alice was able to make Emmet do anything for her.

Next I saw Rosalie and Jasper in the hospital; their step-father had been beating them and even raped little Rosalie. Jasper was able to run to a neighbour's house and get them to call the police, their step-father was arrested and sent to jail. Rosalie wouldn't let any man near her, except Jasper of course. Though somehow I got her to trust me, I think maybe it was because Jasper and I talked quite a bit. Maybe he put in a good word for me? Who knows, but soon I became quite attached to them and eventually asked if they wanted me to adopted them, they happily agreed and met the rest of the family, Rosalie was a bit cautious of Emmet at first because of his size but as soon as she saw what a softy he was, they became very close, Jasper and Alice also became very close.

So now, with Emmet at 12, Rosalie and Jasper at 10 and little Alice at 9, they can be quite a handful.

I was taken out of my thoughts when Clara, my secretary, who by the way won't stop flirting with me, told me a man and a child was waiting to see me. Telling Clara to send them through, I walked out into the waiting area to see, a tall man pulling a little boy behind him, the man, who I guessed was his father, was walking rather too fast for the boy and was finding it difficult to catch up, tripping a little, the boys father glared down at the boy, who ducked his head to get out of his father's gaze. I frowned at the sight, but quickly masked it as the father looked up at me.

'Please, take a seat,' I said politely while moving out of their way so they could enter my office, as they passed the little boy looked up and me, I smiled back in response but the boy ducked his head.

Once they were seated, I made my way around my desk and sat down comfortably, 'so what can I help you with?'

'Yes, I'm Anthony Mason and this is my son, Edward. He uh, fell down the stairs earlier today, he's got a few cuts and bruises and I think he might have broken his arm.'

'Oh right, I see,' I got up from my chair and walked over to Edward. 'Do you mind if I look at your arm Edward?' I asked softly.

Edward looked at his father, 'go on Edward, let the doctor look at your arm,' his father said not very nicely.

Edward then looked at me and raised his arm, which I hadn't noticed till now, was bent at an odd angle.

'Well, just by looking at it, I can tell it's broken,' I said to Mr Mason, 'but I still want to x-ray it to see how bad the break is. My secretary has a few forms I'd like you to fill in Mr Mason, so if you could do that now, it'll save a lot of time.'

Mr Mason nodded and turned to leave my office but not before giving Edward a warning glare, Edward in response ducked his head out of his father's piercing gaze.

'Now Edward, is there anywhere else that hurts?'

He shook his head quickly but grimaced in what I can only guess is pain.

'Does your head hurt Edward?' I asked softly

'Yes, I mean no, I mean... a little,' Edward said in a tiny voice.

'Where does it hurt Edward? Can I look at it?'

'Umm... okay,' he whispered while touching the tender bit on his head.

I touched the tender bit as softly as I could without hurting him, I could feel a little bump but nothing serious, 'how did this happen Edward?'

'When I fell down the uh, stairs, I... I hit my head' stuttered Edward.

'You don't sound very sure Edward, is that what really happened?' I said as softly as I could, I didn't want to scare him.

'Yes... Yes, I'm sure. I fell down the stairs and hit my head,' said Edward more confidently.

'You know Edward, you can tell me if anything bad has happened, you won't get into any trouble,' I said looking at him.

He looked back at me for a moment, 'I know sir, I just fell down the stairs is all,' he replied looking down at his hands.

I stared at him for a moment trying to decide if he was really telling the truth, 'Okay then Edward. Let's go get that arm x-rayed.'

I led him down the hall to the x-ray room, it didn't take long, a few quick flashes and it were over. I looked at the images taken of his broken arm, it wasn't bad, a clean break. I led him back down to my office and sat him on the hospital table I had in the other room.

'I'm sorry Edward but this will hurt just a bit,' I said as I moved his arm back into position so I could plaster it. Funny thing was, that when I did, he didn't move, not even a flinch. Just sat there; emotionless.

After I was done plastering his arm I took him back out to his father who was just finishing filling out the forms.

'All done,' I said, 'just make sure he keeps the cast dry and come see me in about 6 weeks,'

'Sure, Doc,' replied Mr Mason and with that he was out the door as quick as possible.

My eyebrows furrowed again, something wasn't right.

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