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5 months later...

"Eddie! Over here!" Shouted Emmet from the other side of the yard. The boys were currently playing football outside while the girls sat on the patio braiding each others hair. Esme and I sat on the deck chairs behind the girls and watched our children play.

It was a beautiful sight, watching Edward interact with Emmet and Jasper, playing football with them. He's grown so much these past months since he came out of the hospital, it's truly amazing.

We insited on him seeing a therapist, so he could talk to them about what happened to him and thankfully, he has. His therapist, Janet Thomas; a lovely woman, has gotten him to open up and overcome so many difficulties in his life. He's even told us little things that his father did to him and for that we're gratful, just to understand somewhat of what he's dealing with.

He's getting along with Emmet and Jasper just fine, they act like brothers already in the short amount of time he's been with us. He smiles and laughs a lot more, plays football and baseball with the boys, even wrestles with Emmet. Esme and I are truly proud of him. And the rest of the kids for accepting him as one of the family so quickly.

The first time we heard him laugh and saw him really smile, we were over joyed. His cute little giggles and dimpled grin make Esme and I so proud that he's overcome what happened to him and that he's living his life.

He's also inproving in school, his teachers have commented how much happier and carefree he seems and how he joins in with the class now. He's such an intelligent little boy, helping him with homework you can see the cogs turning in his head as he works out a question.

I remember when we'd just brought him home from the hospital and showed him his new room.

Walking through the front doors Esme and I were over the moon, Edward was finally out of the hospital and finally coming home. Home, to our house, to become part of our family. It was unreal that he'd agreed to become part of our family, to become my son. Though we have gotten extremely close while he was in the hospital. I hoped that closeness stuck.

The kids were at school so he had some peace to get settled in before they arrived home. Bringing his bags into the house we lead him upstairs. "Are you ready to see your new room?" I asked him.

"M-my room?" he asked shocked.

"Of course, everyone got to have their own room. Where did you think you'd be sleeping?" I chuckled.

He didn't reply, just trailed behind us to his new room. We walked down to the end of the hall and opened the door. It was a fairly large room, with a huge window covering half of one wall and a double bed placed in the corner. There was also a closet, four shelves on the wall, a desk and a bedside table.

The room was pretty bare at the moment, we'd go shopping with Edward so he could pick up things he'd like to decorate his room. We'd also have to take him paint shopping so he could paint the room whatever colour he wanted.

As we entered the room, Edward froze, his mouth dropped open and he just stared. "This is my room?" he asked turning to us shocked.

"Of course dear, though we'll have to go shopping for you so you can decorate and paint it the way you like it," replied Esme smiling.

"Tha-thank you, so much," Edward whispered gazing at his new room.

"You're welcome son."

We went shopping then the next day while to kids were at school and picked out paint to paint his room with, he picked a jade green colour. He also picked a green coloured lamp, green and white coloured curtains and a rug with different shades of green on it. He also picked out several new bed coveres, all green with white and black on them. It seems Edward has a love for anything green.

We also bought him games, teddies and books too for him to read and play with. Esme picked up a lovely picture frame and handed it to him. He looked at her confused.

"To put your mothers picture in," she explained.

Edward smiled and nodded, "Thank you."

We had fun painting his room, we got more paint on each other to be honest. When Edward saw his room all done and finished, he beamed.

"Thank you, so much!"

"You're welcome, son," I beamed also.

We're all so proud of him and how far he's come. How all the kids get along together and how they already call him brother. Esme and I couldn't wish for better children. We've truely been blessed.

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