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This little story is just an idea that popped into my head and I wanted to see where it would take me. The prologue will be followed shortly by Chapter One. I'm writing this one and posting it almost immediately so I can't guarantee it will be perfect but I thought it would be fun. The story is rated M for a very good reason. If you've read any of my other stories you will probably be surprised by the change. I want to warn you that it will be quite graphic and have lots of citrusy goodness which is something none of my other stories include. There will be explicit language and I do not suggest that those under 17 read this. Of course, I can't stop you, just know that you have been warned!

Enjoy my ramblings...


I waited in his bed for him to come home and discover me there. Even though I knew what kind of person he was and that he did not love me, I wanted Edward Cullen to be my first. He was my best friend's twin brother so I was a little worried that things would be weird between us if she found out but I had to take that chance. No one made my body react like Edward. Every time he walked in the room, my heart skipped a beat and my body tingled. The few times Edward had touched me I felt a surge of electricity course through to my core. He made it completely obvious that he had no feelings for me beyond those of friendship. If they even ran that deep. Edward was a ladies' man and had plenty of girls willing to take care of his every need. I had no disillusion that he would fall in love with me after taking my virginity. That knowledge didn't change my desire to have him be the first one inside me. I wanted Edward Cullen.

The door creaked open quietly and my body began to tremble. There was the chance he was not alone. That would be utterly embarrassing. Another possibility was his rejection. That would devastate me. Whether or not he wanted it, Edward had my heart. I tried hard to hide my infatuation but I was pretty sure he was well aware of my fixation with him. I watched his silhouette and almost sighed in relief when it became apparent he had not brought anyone home with him. He didn't turn on the light as he undressed and headed into the bathroom. My heart was pounding so loudly that I was certain he could hear every beat. When he came back out, my heart literally stopped beating. I caught a glimpse of his naked form before he turned out the bathroom light and headed to bed. I lay there unable to make my presence known as he climbed in beside me. For a moment I thought I could just stay perfectly still and sneak out when he fell asleep. He would never even know I had been there. That line of thought lasted until he rolled over to get comfortable.

"What the hell?" He hissed when his arm came in contact with my side. My voice failed me when I attempted to answer him. He reached out again and jumped out of bed when he realized there was, in fact, someone in his bed. Edward turned on the light and just stood there shocked when he saw me laying there.

"Bella?" His eyes darkened as he glanced down at my bare shoulders. I looked down and noticed the covers had slipped off of me somewhat when he floundered to get out of bed and turn on the light. Although I was still mostly covered, it was blatantly obvious that I was not wearing a shirt – and he appeared to assume I was not wearing anything else either. After a few moments he shook his head. "What are you doing in my room? Did you get lost on your way to Alice's?" He stood there in all his glory and didn't even try to cover himself. I blushed ferociously when he realized I was ogling every inch of his body. He smirked and started walking slowly back over to me.

"Bella, what are you doing lying in my bed without any clothes on?" Edward's voice was deeper than usual and I inhaled heavily at the effect it had on my ever increasing heart beat.

"I…I thought maybe you might want some company?" The statement came out more as a question and I realized how stupid I was to even be there. He could have any girl he wanted. How on earth did I ever convince myself Edward would want to be with me? I was inexperienced and plain. He was gorgeous and well-versed in the area of lovemaking.

"You're in dangerous waters Isabella Swan." His desire laced tone gave me the courage I needed.

"I want you to fuck me Edward Cullen." I tried my best to sound confident and hoped he didn't notice how truly nervous I was.

"I'm not going to fuck you Bella." My heart sank at his words. He tried to continue speaking but I didn't want to hear anymore, especially if he was going to start giving me excuses. I hopped out of his bed as quickly as I could, grabbed my robe off the floor and ran down the hall to the guest room I was supposed to be staying in that night. Before I could be humiliated further, I dressed and quietly left the house. My truck was loud and I worried that it would wake the whole family but I had to get out of there.

It wasn't until I was on my street that I realized I couldn't go home tonight. Charlie thought I was staying the night at Alice's. He would hear me come in and I would have to try to think of some lie as to why I was coming home in the middle of the night. My lying skills sucked so I decided to try to find somewhere else to spend the night. Alice would be worried about me when she noticed my absence. How was I going to explain to her what happened? At least I only two weeks to get through before I was heading off to college. Maybe I could avoid ever having to tell Alice about what had just happened in her brother's room. Hopefully, I would never have to see Edward again. I pulled into the parking lot of a super store that stayed open 24 hours and made myself as comfortable as possible in the cab of my decrepit old truck. The tears started flowing then and I didn't even try to stop them. For two years I pined after Edward fucking Cullen. I had thrown myself at him only to be rejected. He had freely given into practically every girl in town but refused to be with me for just one stupid night.

That's moment I realized I hated Edward Cullen.

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