Not for Lack of Trying
So bad.


"I thought we were getting a professional to do this," Lilo said uncertainly from the kitchen chair as Nani fiddled with the piercing gun.

"I know," Nani said, reading the instruction paper with a frown of concentration, "I said I'd take you to the mall, but this was cheaper, Lilo. I promise, it won't even hurt."

"That's what she said about eating our vegetables," Lilo murmured knowlingly to Stitch.

Stitch moaned on cue, clutching his stomach, and collapsed onto the floor face-first. Nani didn't even glance up from the piercing gun and shook her head, "You two are hilarious." When she did turn away from the counter, she brandished the plastic gun triumphantly, setting in a silver earing in it as she approached her little sister.

"Okay, Lilo. You ready?"

"I don't know if I trust you with a weapon," she said, leaning slightly away from Nani and squinting skeptically at the piercing gun in her hand, "Can't Stitch do it?"

Nani raised an eyebrow at Lilo, then at Stitch. He lifted his head off the floor at the question, ears up, and turned his head to the side when Nani looked at him.

"Ah... No, Lilo. Just let me see your ear, it'll take three seconds."

"Okay, okay, just be careful. That is my ear, y'know, I've only got two of them."

Nani chuckled, sitting in the chair next to Lilo and tucking her long hair behind her ear and out of the way. She had just lifted the piercing gun to Lilo's ear and was just about to punch it when the young girl said, "By any chance, you haven't managed to fill out a life insurance policy on me, have you?"

"Lilo," Nani sighed, dropping her hands into her lap and sitting back in her chair, "Honey, do you want some more time to think about it first?"

"No," Lilo said, sounding sort of indignant, "I'm just worried something bad is gonna happen."

"What could possible go wrong, Lilo?" Nani asked, holding up the gun for Lilo to see, "It's just like a stapler."

Lilo stared at her for a long minute, then shared looked with Stitch, who had picked himself up off the floor and was clinging to the edge of her chair. She finally looked back at her older sister.

"That's not the best way to win your arguement," Lilo told her, very seriously.

Stitch shook his head in vigorous agreement.

"Do you want me to do this?" Nani asked.


"Then hold still and stop talking."

Nani reached over, grabbing Lilo's ear, and before the girl could object she punched the piercing gun. Lilo shouted, Stitch gasped, and Nani sat back with the slot in the gun empty, a small silver ball in Lilo's ear.

"You see?" she asked, gesturing, "That wasn't so bad."

Lilo frowned, gingerly cupping her hand over her ear. She didn't want to say that it had hurt when it had, because the small stinging feeling was already ebbing away. So instead she said, "Not really," and watched as Stitch climbed the back of the kitchen chair to get around her and see the earing for himself.

"I told you so," Nani said, wrinkling her nose at her younger sister.

Lilo stuck her tongue out at her. Nani laughed at her and got up to get the other earing.


(A/n) My friends and I have pierced eachothers ears at home before. Yay for fics based on true stories! In their own unique way, at least. ;D They're tons more fun.