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Where for art thou Biggerstaff

Harry awoke with a start; he was still naked on Oliver's bed but something was missing…something very important.

Where was Oliver? He'd only been out about half an hour. It was still dark outside.

He looked over to the fireplace where Oliver's trunk had been sitting when he arrived.

It's gone!!

Harry started to panic a little bit. He flew out of bed and raced to the bathroom hoping to find Oliver there but with no luck. As he walked back to the bed to try and calm himself down he saw it, a small glimmer of hope that Oliver was still around here somewhere was resting on the small bedside table.

A letter…

He raced over and ripped it open. It read:

Dear Harry,

I'm so sorry…

I'm so sorry that I'm not strong enough to stay and stand by you like you deserve. To stay and fight like I know you always will. I beg you to stay safe and to survive the war. I'll be begging Merlin and Gryffindor and every other entity out there that we'll meet again Harry. I'll miss you. I love you, Harry.

Goodbye Love,


Harry read and re-read the letter. Over and over again he read it just sitting there in his lover's bed

Ex –lover he thought to himself.

He fell into the pillows and breathed in the scent that was Oliver's and then slowly without his say-so, tears started spilling down his cheeks. He felt his chest tighten painfully until he gave himself over to the hurt and sobbed, completely broken, into the pillows beneath his head.

As he wept his body shook with grief and that's how he remained until he eventually cried himself to sleep.

He woke some hours later wondering why he felt so deflated since he was waking up in Oliver's bed, but upon seeing the letter he remembered, with such shock that it nearly knocked him over with the force.

He lay there for some time, just trying to find comfort in being surrounded by the other items Oliver had left behind...

"Just like me" Harry thought brokenly.

Harry didn't leave Oliver's cottage for 3 days. He would wander around aimlessly trying to find some clue as to why he would just up and leave without actually talking to him first. They could have dealt with it together.

You knew I would help you through anything so why did you run?!

He sat there in the dark quietly and he realised that he hadn't sent word to anyone at the castle since he'd arrived at Oliver's. Which, he supposed, is why Ron and Hermione were knocking at the door.

When he did answer he heard the door open. He supposed Hermione had unlocked the door with her wand. He heard their shock as they entered the empty house and heard their footsteps as they made their way through out the small cottage to where they found him sitting with his back again the headboard of the bed he and Oliver had shared.

He knew he must have looked shocking because neither one of them started yelling or questioning him. He simply held out the letter that Oliver left and allowed them to figure it out on their own.

Their reactions were much as expected. Hermione was in shock. The hand holding the letter was shaking while the other covered her mouth which had formed a surprised "oh"

Ron, however, was visibly shaking with the force of trying to hold his anger. Obviously lost for words for the first time in their lives, Hermione sat down beside Harry, eyes still glued to the page while Ron opted to pace, trying to make sense of this new development.

Hermione turned to her broken friend, gently resting her hand on his arm as she did and asked, "Harry....When did this happen?"

Harry merely blinked at her, not sure if he was ready to share his past few days with them, but knew that he couldn't keep it from them for long. He looked down at his hands took as deep breath and spoke for the first time since Oliver had left. "3 days ago. I woke up and he was just gone. So was all his stuff."

Ron blew up then, yelling and screaming about how the bloody Scottish bastard they knew at Hogwarts would never do this!! His arms were flying everywhere in outrage on his best friends behalf. Hermione's eye followed her red-headed friend jumping around flailing and beating the air. Every time he would start to calm he would catch sight of Harry sitting there so broken and depressed and he would feel his blood boil and his anger rise and he would start all over again.

Hermione smiled softly, understanding the swinging of Ron's anger but as she turned to Harry and saw him smile at Ron's antics her heart seemingly broke. His smile was broken, the light gone from his eyes. His skin pale and pasty, after only 3 days he was already starting to look weak and fragile.

He turned and looked at her and his smile turned sad again. And she knew that things were going to be hard for him. Knowing how hard it was for Harry to open his heart to people and knowing how completely Harry had given himself over to the other man.

Hermione thought to herself "That man had better have a damn good excuse for this or I swear by Merlin he'll regret this!"

She took hold of Harry's hand, silent tears started to roll down his face once more, all the while watching Ron continue his rant.

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