Title: New beginnings
Author: hoshi'lite
Word Count: 2233
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: A-T-M (Ass-to-mouth), Porn?
Summery: Harry and Oliver's first time together after Oliver's return.
Disclaimer: I own nothing here in.
Authors Note: OMG IT'S SO LATE D: IM SO SORRY! This should have been posted in '09 or there abouts *facepalm* Huge Thank you's to bk7brokemybrain, Brissygirl and Dark_Side_Luc For all their help with Beta'ing! So any problems in here are all my own.
A/N The second: This is – in theory – the last of this Verse I'll be writing but I may come back to it one day, we'll just have to wait and see :)

Merry Christmas Jess. Happy Holidays everyone.

There was a radio somewhere close by playing something quiet and slow. Oliver started moving his feet, minutely at first, then more steadily until he made Harry move as well. The pair swayed slowly, arms still wrapped around the other, dancing peacefully as the emotions of the day's events washed over them.

Harry quietly answered Oliver with "I may have some idea. If you missed me even half as much as I missed you." There was bitterness to his words that Oliver hated to hear.

He stopped moving to just look at Harry. "What will it take for you to forgive me?" The words were whispered, but their eye contact never broke once. Harry's breath caught in his throat and he realised that, while he was still angry with the older man, he loved him too much to stay that way for long.

"Love me and don't leave me again." He replied simply, leaning up expectantly.

Oliver quickly complied, leaning down to capture Harry's lips with hungry passionate desire.

Harry moaned quietly at the familiar feeling as they started a familiar yet oh-so-new dance of tongues meeting tentatively.

Oliver's hands held Harry's head in place, as though scared that Harry would suddenly change his mind and run away, but Harry had succumbed to his fate willingly.

Harry's travelling hands splayed across Oliver's torso as if trying to touch as much skin as he could in the one motion before they came across Oliver's nipples. He brushed across them lightly before pinching them roughly, causing Oliver to gasp at the sensation.

Taking his advantage, Harry pulled away only to attach his mouth to one of the rosy buds, sucking vigorously while using his hand continuing his ministrations on the other taking great delight in the sounds he'd never forgotten.

When Harry felt he'd spent ample time swapping techniques with his mouth and hands, from left to right and back, his hands started to roam again, his mouth following the path leaving hot, open-mouthed kisses in a trail, when his hands landed on Oliver's hip bones.

Harry smirked up at his panting lover before saying "You know there was one upside to never forgetting you."

Oliver pulled himself together with visible effort to gasp out "Oh? And what was that?"

"This." Harry pulled the cotton material down just enough to have a clear path to over's Oliver's hips before sinking his teeth in with enough force to be sure it would bruise.

Oliver cried out loudly as his knees gave way beneath him. He surely would have fallen if it weren't for his grip on the chair he had come to lean on.

"Sensitive pelvic region" Harry practically purred against Oliver's skin has he licked a trail back up Oliver's body until he stood flush against the other.

"Something else I remember is that you have somewhere far more accommodating for this sort of entertainment."

Oliver wasn't sure where this new assertive Harry had come from but he certainly wasn't complaining.

He growled and lifted Harry from the ground, and carried him through the small house before dropping the hero on his bed.

It was a heady sensation to realise that the last time he and Harry had been together he had simply been The Boy Who Lived. Now Harry lay out beneath, Harry who had saved wizards and Muggles alike, writhing with want. Oliver, overwhelmed by this knowledge, leant down and pressed the tenderest kiss he could muster to Harry's lips.

Harry indulged this for a few minutes before becoming impatient and ran his hands down Oliver's body, coming to the waistband of his trousers undoing the knot that was tied there.

Harry pulled his mouth away from Oliver's and started nipping at his jaw line pausing only to gesture at the offending item of clothing and muttering 'Off' before teething at his ear.

Oliver quickly did as instructed, ripping the last of his clothing off, before doing the same for Harry.

They lay there for a few moments, just staring at the body they'd been missing for so many months, before Oliver bent down, taking one of Harry's nipples in his mouth and sucking hard while worrying it between his teeth.

Harry arched off the bed in a surprised cry, but quickly retaliated by pinching Oliver's as his hands travelled down Oliver's body towards his cock.

Wrapping his hand around the member, Harry squeezed and tugged, somewhat roughly, eliciting a cry of surprise from his lover.

"Mean," Oliver gasped as he captured Harry's mouth again as he lay them both down fully.

Hands grabbed whichever part of the other they could reach, making the other groan and moan in pleasure. Mouths searching for more skin to slide across, teeth pulling at lips or jaws or necks and everywhere else.

Oliver's hand was just about to close around Harry's erection when he suddenly found himself on his back with Harry climbing on top of him grinding their hips together, his hands clenched on Oliver's shoulders.

Oliver closed his eyes and savoured the feeling briefly before thrusting up and meeting Harry's hips midway. Both moaning quietly, Oliver reached forward and took both their cocks in hand and started stroking them both.

"Oliver," Harry whimpers quietly, "I don't think I can hold on."

"Go, Harry. It's ok." He ran his hand over the end of the cocks and almost immediately he was rewarded with Harry coming over the pair of them.

Oliver continued to stroke Harry though it until he fell forward breathing heavily into Oliver's neck. Oliver didn't wait before flipping them over so Harry was once again on his back and licked his way down Harry's torso, lapping up come as he went, while catching Harry's eye every now and then until he reached Harry's now half-hard dick.

He gently ran his tongue over it before taking it into his mouth. Oliver concentrated on the head before swallowing the whole thing, effectively cleaning and hardening the appendage at the same time. Oliver took it down until it hit the back of his throat and swallowed around it, his tongue brushing over the underside as he dragged his mouth slowly backwards.

Oliver did this a couple of times and then on the next downward move Harry started as he felt Oliver's fingers added to the mix, being lapped at right along with his dick, brushing against his sensitive prick as Oliver wet his fingers.

Soon they were removed and, as Oliver's left hand started playing with Harry's neglected balls, he started circling around Harry's entrance feeling it clench and unclench in anticipation and excitement at what was about to come.

Gently, Oliver insert his first finger, working it in and out. It wasn't long before Harry started squirming as his arousal grew, and he was ready to go again.

Dragging his mouth gently off Harry's dick he removed the first finger and replace it along with a second, repeating the careful small thrusts his hands make as he works Harry's arse open.

Oliver kept it at that lowering his head between Harry's legs again and took Harry's balls in mouth, tugging gently with his lips and sucked them in one at a time and swirled them around in his mouth, savouring the sounds Harry' was making above him.

When it came time for him to add his third finger, he shifted Harry so his arse was lifted and started licking at Harry's opening as he removed the first two and re-inserted them along with the third.

By this stage Harry had started begging Oliver for more, to do something, anything to help Harry find some release as he attempted to thrust his arse onto Oliver's tongue. Said tongue had now found its way inside Harry, right alongside his fingers, which continued to thrust their way in and out of Harry.

"Haah! Ung Oliver, please!" Harry's high-pitch voice broke through the trance Oliver had found himself in as he focused entirely on Harry's pleasure. However, now that it was broken he felt his own dick throbbing between his legs, and made the decision to move on.

"Okay Harry. Okay love, here we go."

He manoeuvred them so he was sitting directly between Harry's spread legs in the centre of the bed, whispering spells against Harry's skin, making him gasp and squirm as he felt his inside become slick.

"Now Oliver, please!"

Oliver didn't need to be told again. He quickly lined himself up and pushed against Harry as Harry did the same and then he was home.

Oliver remembered the feeling of completion more than the heat that suddenly radiated through him. Always remembers the feeling of being whole and loved as he gently started to move in Harry, slowly at first, but quickly becoming faster and harder.

Harry thrust back against him as they rocked together, feeling the friction of their skin sliding against each other. Their breathing becoming more and more laboured as they picked up speed and set the pace.

Oliver surged forward and captured Harry's mouth. He felt the bed start moving with them, causing them both to laugh quietly. It was like their first time, so long ago, on the other side of a war. In a way it was their first time. It was their rebirth, their time to start again to make it work and to go public with their relationship, now that Harry was of age.

Harry wrapped his arms around Oliver as they continued to rock against one another and started to nibble at Oliver's skin again. Dragging his teeth across Oliver's Adam's Apple while his nails dragged across Oliver's skin, making him groan at the feeling, knowing he'd feel that for days to come.

Oliver gasped as he felt Harry tighten around him suddenly but when he looked at the other's face there was nothing but mischief there.

"No, Harry. I won't last if you do that..." he groaned as Harry did so again.

Harry smirked and then said, "That's okay, but I need to move."

Oliver nodded, slid out of Harry, and moved them until Harry was hovering above him.

Harry placed a greedy kiss on Oliver's mouth before sliding down the length of Oliver's body and taking him in his mouth, tasting a mix of himself and something entirely Oliver as he sucked and stroked until he was satisfied and moved to seat himself across Oliver's hips again.

As he moved into position he reached behind him and helped guide Oliver back inside as he slowly lowered himself down until he was completely seated on Oliver's hips.

"I had almost forgotten how deep inside you could go," he said quietly as he wiggled around, feeling as much of Oliver has he could before he slowly raised himself up and quickly dropped back down.

Again, they set up their pace, Harry leaning forward, arms braced against Oliver's chest, with Oliver's hands guiding him, helping him with his lifts.

They began slowly while Harry became accustomed to the new position, Oliver's hands never leaving Harry's hips as he helped keep the pace. Oliver needed to keep this steady pace as he felt the pressure building, wanting to make it last. Harry on the other hand pushed through Oliver's supportive grip, moving steadily harder and faster, clenching himself around Oliver.

He threw his head back, crying out as pleasure started to overtake his body and began throwing himself bodily into the task of making Oliver do the same.

Harry leaned forward so he was sprawled on top of Oliver has he kept his hips moving up and down and began nibbling at Oliver's skin again, sucking at his neck and nipples as he squeezed his muscles tighter around Oliver. He soon got his desired effect.

Oliver gasped loudly and thrust his hips upwards as Harry thrust downwards to meet him and a new pace was set both racing to see the other finish first. Oliver grabbed under Harry's thighs suddenly, fingers brushing against heavy balls and took all of Harry's weight as he started thrusting into Harry while still lying underneath him.

Harry whimpered as Oliver thrust up hard, his dick brushing against Harry's prostate with every thrust in, and soon, with no warning, he was crying out loudly as he came for the second time that night, covering them both in droplets with some splashing against Oliver's chin.

That, combined with the tightness wrapped around him, had Oliver coming with one last trust up choking out "Harry!" until his body relaxed entirely as Harry all but collapsed onto him.

They lay there, attempting to catch their breath, when Harry sat up, his body shaking in a completely fucked-out, blissed-out way. He looked seriously at Oliver for a moment before speaking.

"I'm still angry with you, you know."

Groaning with effort, Oliver pulled himself up on one elbow and replied with a simple, "I know", before meshing their mouths back together. When they broke apart some time later he whispered, "but this time I'm not going anywhere, so you have forever to yell at me about it, alright?"

Harry looked at Oliver then, red marks covering his neck, hair a mess, lips swollen, covered in cum, breathing heavy, and he smiled with eyes full of love.

Pushing Oliver back down on the bed, he lay down and wrapped himself around Oliver's frame and he quietly said, "Deal."