A/N: I highly doubt the people of Okami have Christmas, but do we really care about that? They probably have some kind of festival in the winter, and gifts are likely exchanged. Oh, just accept the Fridge Logic and read the fic!


Oki's hands trembled slightly as he shifted on the mat that served as his seat. He was always a little nervous when Samickle was giving him a gift, but today he was especially nervous, for today was Christmas. The date itself did not concern him. It was the fact that he had nothing to offer in return that set him on edge.

"Ah, here it is!" Oki looked down and wished he could just disappear. Soon, warmth filled the space beside him. He fought the urge to cuddle up against his mate. "Here," said Samickle, handing Oki a wide box wrapped in red and blue paper. Oki took it and just stared at it. "Well? Aren't you going to open it?"

Numbly, his fingers worked their way under the edges of the paper and soon the box was bare. He lifted the lid and set it aside, then pulled out the contents of the box. His breath hitched in his throat.

It was a blanket made of the softest material he had ever felt. He spread it out and looked it over. Decorating the blanket was a brazen blue wolf, and around the wolf was a border of light blue flowers. He lightly touched them. "The flowers from Yoshpet…"

A strong arm wrapped around his shoulders, pulling him against his mate. He leaned into the embrace, tugging the blanket up to his chest. "I figured they're a good symbol of our relationship." Oki nodded, remembering how he'd risked his life to get one for Valentine's Day. "Why couldn't I find anything for him now?"

Samickle pulled him into a kiss, but Oki was relunctant and covered his head with the blanket once they had broken for air. Samickle frowned and tried to move the blanket. "No! Please, don't…"

"Oki, what's wrong? Why don't you want me?"

"It's not you. It's me." Samickle froze, recognizing that as a break-up line. He backed away from Oki and curled his knees up to his chest, a stone forming in the pit of his stomach. "I'm sorry…" Oki uncovered his face but did not turn to his mate. "I…I didn't get you anything… That's why I'm so uncomfortable."

Samickle's eyes widened and he sighed in relief. "Thank kami." Then, he tackled Oki to the floor. "Don't ever scare me like that again! I thought you were leaving me."

"What? No!" Their lips met and soon Oki was on top. He was straddling Samickle, wondering why they were both still clothed. Then he remembered his guilt. He frowned and glanced around, hoping for an idea. "Got it!" He stood and grabbed the blanket. Then, he padded into another room. Samickle propped himself up on his elbows and watched, curious.

A few moments later, Oki stepped back into the room, the blanket draped around him. Samickle's jaw dropped slightly as he realized Oki was bare beneath the cover. As Oki stooped over to pick up the bow from the blanket's box, Samickle pushed himself up further, desiring a better view. A smirk crossing his face, Oki stuck the bow on his head.

"Say, Sammy-boy, would you like to unwrap your present now?"

Samickle could barely force out the words, "I'd love to."