Author's Note: Christmas fic for HermitKnut, who accosted me in a mutual manner on my first night out on uni when I mentioned the word 'fanfiction'. Chair, this one's for you!

Jack shivered slightly and crept out from his hiding place, looking around cautiously. He'd heard nothing for several minutes, so it was probably safe for the moment. Probably

Suddenly, he realised that Ianto was looking at him from below. He jumped, startled, and inadvertantly splashed a foot into the puddle. Ianto's reflection disappeared. He looked up, his heart racing, expecting to see the younger man standing right in front of him – but there was no one there. Ducking back into his hiding place, he scanned the upper levels and caught sight of Ianto himself backing away out of view as fast as he could. Jack grinned and darted out, intending to push Ianto onto the back foot, but rediscovered that Ianto was twice the bastard Jack thought he was.

He yelped and froze in place, staring in shock at Ianto and the bright yellow bucket in his hands. Ianto had covered his mouth with his hand and was clearly torn between laughing and rushing down to take care of Jack, whose goldfish impression was now coupled with shuddering in the cold. "Sorry?" Ianto looked truly apologetic, especially with his hesitant tone, and he dropped the bucket and gave in the urge to run down to Jack. He hugged him, ignoring the fact that he was getting himself wet as well, and ran his hands through Jack's soaking hair. "I'm really, really sorry," but he was giggling. "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Jack wrapped his arms around Ianto and buried his face in his bare shoulder in an attempt to warm his nose up. "It was," he reassured him. "It was bloody brilliant, just maybe not in December."

Ianto laughed out loud now and rubbed his hands rapidly across Jack's back and arms in an attempt to warm him. "We should get you out of those wet clothes and into something warm."

"Mmm," Jack nuzzled into his neck. "You're warm."

"I know, Jack, but we have to move you. I'm not prepared for coping with you dying of hypothermia because I threw a bucket of cold water over you in the middle of a game of hide and seek. For starters, I'm not prepared to explain to Owen about why you're only half dressed."

"Explain that we were only halfway through the game," Jack didn't move. "And when I pointed out that you're warm..."


"It was in response to your suggestion that I get into something warm."

Ianto digested this comment for a while, then dropped his head against Jack's and chuckled. "Jack?"


"You're incorrigible."

"I'll take that as a compliment, when I'm not this cold," he promised, squeezing Ianto more tightly. "Right now, I'd take my bed as somewhere warm quite happily."

"Right, yep," Ianto prised him away and led him to his bunker, pushing him down it. "You get settled, I'm going to get some towels."

"Ianto," Jack was halfway down the ladder and reached out to grab Ianto's leg. "Can I point out that you're now soggy too?"

Ianto looked down at him and relented, sliding down the ladder behind Jack. "We could get warm and dry just as easily by snuggling under the blanket."

"Not quite the way I was going to put it," Jack grinned and plastered himself against Ianto. "I had something more..."

Ianto turned his head and kissed Jack to shut him up, letting Jack pull him towards the bed.