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Say it in a Sentence

#01 – Walking

Aki's walk in the rose garden gave her a chance to clear her mind, and contemplate her feelings for a certain raven-haired Satellite.

#02 – Waltz

Yusei held out a hand in a wordless invitation, and when Aki took it, she found that the man had been lying when he claimed that he couldn't dance.

#03 – Wishes

Aki found that Yusei deserved his title, "the Shooting Star of Satellite"; he seemed to be able to grant a person's deepest wishes.

#04 – Wonder

Yusei gave her a small smile, and as he pressed his lips to hers, Aki wondered how she could possibly deserve such a caring man after all of her sins.

#05 – Worry

Even though he knew Aki could take care of herself, Yusei couldn't help but worry about her; it was in his nature.

#06 – Whimsy

Neither Yusei nor Aki were prone to public displays of affection, but occasionally one would grab the other's hand on a whim, and a slight smile would play upon their lips.

#07 - Waste/Wasteland

It was funny, really, how much he resembled his deck; they were both overlooked, judged to be trash solely on appearance, yet when given the chance they rose to meet and overcome any challenge (like opening her heart).

#08 - Whiskey and rum

Yusei sighed in exasperation as his girlfriend was challenged by Jack to a drinking game; he was quite amused, though, when the former King slumped forward in defeat while the former witch was still happily gulping down her whiskey.

#09 - War

War, ironically enough, had brought them together in the first place; if it hadn't been for the Dark Signers, the Fortune Cup never would have occurred

#10 - Weddings

Jack had never seen the two usually stoic lovers look as elated as on their wedding day; frankly, he didn't know if he should be afraid or nauseous.

#11 - Birthday

Aki's birthday had never been a celebrated event in her life after the accident with her powers all those years ago, so she was certainly surprised when Yusei showed up on that same day many years later, handed her a gift, and told her, "Happy birthday."

#12 - Blessing

"This is a blessing, being here with you, and being able to hold you in my arms."

#13 - Bias

Whenever Jack and Aki got into an argument, both would try to get Yusei on their side; he always seemed to be missing at that precise moment, however.

#14 - Burning

Aki sighed in relief as she spotted Yusei emerging from the burning building, relatively unscathed, and went up to him, pulling his head down to hers and pressing her lips firmly on his in a silent plea to never, ever, scare her like that again.

#15 - Breathing

The first time they kissed, she temporarily forgot how to breathe

#16 – Breaking

When Divine died, she felt her heart break; Yusei, however, was there to mend it.

#17 – Belief

"It's okay to believe in yourself; I do, and so do all of our friends."

#18 – Balloon

When Aki saw Yusei holding a yellow balloon, she was inexplicably reminded of Jeager; snickering slightly at the mental image, she waved her boyfriend off when he raised an eyebrow at her behavior.

#19 – Balcony

They often watched the sunset together from their balcony.

#20 – Bane

Aki loved Yusei, she really did, so it quickly became irritating when society, be it the King's fangirls, the media, or people who hadn't gotten over her former Black Rose Witch persona, tried to tear them apart.

#21 – Quiet

They were both such quiet people, Crow sometimes wondered how they had managed to get together; after all, didn't most relationships need communication?

#22 - Quirks

They both had their own quirks, and each would learn the other's in time.

#23 – Question

When Yusei proposed to Aki, her answer, of course, was a delighted "Yes."

#24 – Quarrel

They had their quarrels, of course, just like any couple, but somehow they always managed to solve their troubles in record time; the others assumed this was because they were so alike.

#25 - Quitting

Neither were quitters; they persevered to the end of whatever they set their minds to, including planning a wedding

#26 – Jump

Aki always jumped at any chance to help Yusei, so when she spotted that chip he had wanted for his D-Wheel, she immediately bought it for him.

#27 – Jester

It was rare enough for either to smile, let alone crack a joke, that Crow jokingly suggested that he should dress as a clown for the wedding, just to lighten the atmosphere.

#28 – Jousting

Aki had never pegged her fiancé as a fencer, of all things, but then again she supposed she shouldn't be surprised by now; it was Yusei, after all.

#29 – Jewel

Aki's favorite gift from Yusei would have to be the necklace he gave her; a thin gold chain with a ruby engraved with a silver star on the end.

#30 - Just

Yusei carried a strong sense of justice, and it was slowly, but surely, beginning to wear off on Aki; living together could do that to a person.

#31 – Smirk

Aki didn't smirk very often, so Yusei couldn't help but wonder what his wife was up to when he saw her lips curl up that tiny bit.

#32 – Sorrow

Whatever other sorrows and pain she faced with, he promised to take them all on, and the "Shooting Star of Satellite" had never broken a promise to her.

#33 – Stupidity

Yusei wasn't stupid; he could see that Aki liked him, but that didn't stop him from being nervous when he first asked her out.

#34 - Serenade

Aki had never heard Yusei sing, and was curious if he excelled at that too; he refused to do so when she asked though, claiming the same thing he had about his dancing before.

#35 – Sarcasm

Aki usually reserved her sarcasm for Jack and their constant bickering; Yusei usually found their exchanges amusing, if not a bit exasperating, but her wit was one of those things about her that he was admittedly attracted to.

#36 – Sordid

Even though he had found Divine to be a sordid man, Yusei respected that Aki was still grateful to him; yet again, his empathy amazed her.

#37 – Soliloquy

Jack thought that, if they had been a play, most of the silent lovers' lines would be soliloquies.

#38 - Sojourn

Aki's nightmares often consisted of her time with him being a sojourn; he always assured her afterwards that he would stay with her forever, as long as she wanted that.

#39 – Share

"I want to share my life with you, if you'll have me."

#40 – Solitary

They were both such solitary people, the others were still trying figure out how they had connected so quickly.

#41 – Nowhere

Aki knew that she'd be nowhere with out her shooting star to guide her and light her path, always promising a better future.

#42 – Neutral

Yusei tried to stay neutral in Aki and Jack's arguments, especially when they concerned him.

#43 – Nuance

Even though they were both quiet, reserved people, there were nuances in their attitudes: Yusei was a cool, collected silent, like ice, while Aki's mannerisms were more like a smoldering fire, waiting to be ignited; perhaps the "opposites attract" rule applied to them after all.

#44 – Near

When a strange man began to approach Aki, leering at her with obvious intentions, he quickly changed his mind and turned away again at Yusei's icy glare.

#45 – Natural

After all that he had done for and promised her, she supposed it was only natural that she would develop feelings for him.

#46 – Horizon

She could only imagine what lay in store for them on the horizon; though, being Signers, the former witch guessed that it was probably more danger, complemented with the stress of having the world's fate on their shoulders; who knew when their lives would ever settle down.

#47 – Valiant

His valiant efforts to try and open her heart, to get her to love herself, were well worth the effort, Yusei decided as Aki slept in his arms.

#48 – Virtuous

Yusei was always kind and caring, and helpful in whatever way possible; Aki always considered herself lucky to have captured the heart of such a virtuous man.

#49 – Victory

Even in victory, war always came at a high price; sure, they had both come out of this one just fine, but there was always that nagging worry that next time they wouldn't be so lucky.

#50 – Defeat

When Yusei had defeated her in the Fortune Cup, the first words that she had uttered after her mask broke were a plea for help; she thought, perhaps, that they had been the first signs of her true self leaking through the cracked walls of her heart, for perhaps it knew better than her that this man was the one who could save her from herself.

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