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AUTHOR'S NOTES:: : Please remember when reading this work of FAN-FICTION that characters are Very likely going to be OOC . Things are going to be shaped and twisted this author's way.

WARNING: This will be Yaoi / Shounen-Ai– Pairing; Meaning BoyxBoy / MalexMale. Will also have R-rated language. SMEX; POSSIBLE MPREG (depends on whatever comes up) Turn back now if this offends you.

The setting will set place in High School instead, sort of maybe Au-ish, so that I can change their ages to be 15 for the first years and 16 for the second year and 17-18 for the third years. So instead of 12 in manga/anime, he joins Seigaku in High School first year.

Following the King's Advisor, a young man strolled along the grand hallway of the palace to meet the young prince that he will be guarding. He wasn't sure why he was picked out for this, but he doesn't want it. He didn't join the Heaven's army so that he could guard some brat, even if he was the son of the King of Heaven. The prince was probably some spoiled little snot nosed brat anyways. Finally the Advisor stopped in front of a huge door and knocked. A servant opened and motioned them inside and the two stepped in, the door closing behind them with a click. He saw a child standing straight, arms loose at his side, while a servant did the buttons at his shoulder.

The Advisor cleared his throat and the prince turned his head their way and the young man stifled a gasp.

He woke up with a gasp. It was that dream again. It was so vivid and real. He could still feel the hard marble floor beneath his feet as he walked through that huge hallway. The way the clip clop of his heels resounded through the hall as he walked, following the Advisor, who's face he has never seen in his dream. But those eyes, the eyes of the young prince.. so beautiful. He performed his morning toiletries, dressed and grabbed a gold loop on top of his desk, hooking it into his left ear, then left for school.

" Sael, do something!" He watched as the King yelled out a plea to his Advisor, cradling the Prince in his arms. This was all the King's fault. If he wasn't already so injured, he would have taken up his fallen sword beside him and run that black hearted soul through.

Sael, the Advisor, looked away from his King and shook his head, tears falling from his eyes. Everybody loved the Prince, who has brought happiness and light into the Demon Realm. He clenched his fists, gathering healing energy into his palm again, but it was already too late.

"Love..you..." The prince quietly said, then his eyes drooped and his hand went limp, falling with a soft thud to ground. The King clutched his husband to his chest and let out an agonized scream that could be heard all the way to the Heavens.

Another teen also woke up, sweat pouring down his face, gasping. Another one of that dream that he has had since he could remember. His grandfather had told him that they were probably dreams from his past life. Normally, people would forget, his grandfather said, but if he is having dreams like this, it would mean there is unfinished business he had to take care of .. or something. But how can he find who this Prince that he is supposed to have protected?

All he could remember are those eyes.. and how he always felt so helpless in those dreams, not being able to do anything to stop the prince from getting hurt for that bastard of a husband he had. He gritted his teeth. In his dreams, he was always watching, an onlooker beside the Prince. He knew he was one of the elite bodyguard for Prince, secretly loving the prince, even as he wed another. He clenched his fist. If he ever do meet that King in this lifetime, he's going to punch the man's lights out. He looked at the clock and realized that he was going to be late for school, if he doesn't hurry up.

Ryoma sat on the bench watching Fuji and Kawamura go up against the Fudomine's pair. His gaze would wander from Fuji's red string all the way to the other side, where the black haired captain of Fudomine sat. His gaze much more stern than Tezuka's own. So that is Fuji-senpai's destined one? Well, it doesn't mean they are going to get together or anything like that.

Soon it was his turn to play against Shinji Ibu. A teen that seems to like to hear his own voice, since he muttered underneath his breath to himself through the entire match. Ryoma won the match, but his left eyelid had been cut, bleeding because his racket flew out of his hand , then smashed into a few pieces against the pole. One of the piece rebounded and cut him. He wasn't really bothered by it, but Kawamura-senpai fainted. He really was a big softie when he isn't holding a racquet, Ryoma mused.

He felt a tug at his heart. It was almost as if it was asking him if he was alright. He blinked, that was certainly new. It's never done that before. But he rubbed his chest, silently telling it that he was fine. Then his right wrist and left wrist tugged and he rubbed them as well. Does this mean they are near? Will I finally get to meet them? I am officially crazy, talking to my strings.. and myself.. in my head. Ryoma let out a sigh. His life was just so weird sometimes.

Elsewhere a teen rubbed his left wrist, breathing a sigh of relief. Then he tossed up his tennis ball, bending until his back was parallel to the ground and whooosh, the ball sailed over to his opponent's side.

Another teen rubbed his right wrist, wishing he knew who he should be protecting. Wanting to rush to that person's side, since he knew that person had been hurt.

Not too far away from where Ryoma was at, a teen rubbed his left eyebrow, frowning. He had felt a sharp pain a moment ago and could swear he felt blood flowing down his face. Unconsciously , he rubbed his chest , then sighed when he felt it loosen in relief. He's not sure what is going on, but with those weird dreams coming more frequently and now this feeling like something.. no someone important to him was near, he felt terrified and anxious at the same time. Like he needs to see this person, but was afraid. He scoffed. He's not afraid of anything. But he knew that was a lie. He was afraid.. afraid of what this person would say or do.. afraid this person would reject him.

"Wow, Ochibi. You were awesome out there! How's your eye?" Kikumaru asked, pointing to bandage over Ryoma's left eye. The players, along with the Trio, Tomoka, Sakuno, their coach, and Inoue, the Journalist for Monthly Tennis magazine and Shiba the photographer for it were there, eating sushi at Kawamura's place, celebrating their win against Fudomine.

"It's fine, Kikumaru-senpai." He dully replied, popping another sushi into his mouth.

"Ano, Ryoma-kun...are you sure?" Ryoma did even give Sakuno a glance, just nodded his head, then got up.

"Echizen, you leaving already? Come on, stay just a bit longer and I can take you on my bike." Momoshiro offered, stuffing his face full of sushi.

" It's fine, Momo-senpai. I can walk home myself. See ya." With a wave, Ryoma left Kawamura's Sushi shop. In truth, Ryoma was restless. Those strings had moved again, almost like it had a mind of it's own and he felt scared and anxious all at the same time. He wondered if anyone else's strings does that, or just the red maybe? He wished he knew more about all this.

Ryoma left his teammates at the sushi shop, intent on going home, but his feet carried him elsewhere instead, away from the direction of his house. He's not sure where he's going, but Ryoma didn't care really. His left eye was now throbbing and he just wanted to find a place to sit down. And he was thirsty. Spying a vending machine across the street, he brought his left hand to place it over his left eye, pressing down on it a bit to soothe the pain and crossed the street. He never noticed the lights have changed from green, yellow to red as he stepped down.

Cars honked and the next thing Ryoma knew, he was falling backwards; with arms wrapped around him and he fell on something lumpy-ish.

"We meet again, my Prince." What was that? That voice? Prince? Who?

Ryoma laid there a bit, taking a few breaths, then rolled off, onto his sides. He blinked his eyes, well his right eye, since a white patch was over his left, at the person looking at him. The person stiffened momentarily.

"Ne, are you alright?" The face of the person came into focus and Ryoma suppressed a gasp. Could a face be that pretty? His body shook and Ryoma realized the person was shaking him by the shoulders. "Answer me. Are you alright?" The person has a really soft voice, but definitely a male.

"I don't think he's fine. He's all glassy eye. Maybe he just got out of the hospital with that gauze over one of his eye and all."

Ryoma looked toward the sound of the second voice; A teen with a cap on his head and red hair poking out from either side, stood behind the person that had his arms around him, looking concerned.

"I'm fine." Ryoma mumbled out, dazed and tried to stand up, but wobbled a bit, so the person helped him up. He came to about the person's chest, he noticed, even in his state.

"Maybe we need to take you to a hospital.."

"No." Ryoma interrupted. He just wanted something to drink. "Thirsty."

" Ahh." The person nodded and turned to his companion. "Could you get something for him from that vending machine? I'll take him over there to sit down."

"Sure, what do you want, kid?" The cap wearing person asked him.

"Ponta. Grape." While the cap wearing teen went to get him something to drink, the other one helped him to a nearby bench. Ryoma was feeling less dazed now and stared at the person that had just pulled him away from an oncoming vehicle. He was wearing a pair of tan khakis coming just below his knee and a white v-neck gray shirt. Around his neck hung a necklace and his left ear had a gold loop.

The guy was really pretty; Ryoma thought and unconsciously rubbed his left wrist, but paused when he felt it actually tug at something. He looked down and followed his red string all the way from his wrist and right across from him, it was tied to this other person's left wrist. Ryoma was shocked. This was one of his so called "Destined Person". He jerked to his feet, looking up at the teen. Was that why he heard that voice in his head just now? But this person doesn't seem like he knew him.

He didn't even know what to say. Hi, you might not believe, but we are destined for each other.. Right? Get real, Ryoma. He would stick you in the nearest insane asylum. He also has that red string around his right wrist like mine, but he doesn't have one at the heart..wonder why?

"Here's your drink, kid." The cap wearing person was back, holding out his favorite grape ponta to him. He held it a moment, watching the golden strings that only he can see between the two. So they must be really good friends. That color is pretty bright between them. Ryoma popped the can open and took a huge gulp, letting the cold, sweet, almost syrupy liquid fill his mouth and slid down his throat. Was that why I came this way? Because this guy was here.. wait, he's a guy?! He choked on his drink, coughing and spluttering purple colored soda into his hand. A napkin was shoved into his line of view and Ryoma took it, wiping his mouth and hands.

"Take it easy. You had quite the near miss with that car, so I'm sure you must in quite a shock right now." No, that is not as shocking as finding out that my left wrist is tied to a guy. Not that Ryoma had forgotten the other person was a guy.. it just clicked into his brain at that time. After he drank his drink. Ha! He knew it. The power of Ponta fuels the brain.

"Yeah, kid. Drink it slow." The cap wearing guy said, but Ryoma could hear a bit of laughter in his tone at his embarrassing display. Ryoma rankled at being called a kid. He was fifteen already, even if he was on the short side. That just can't be help! He gave the cap wearing teen a look, his face bored, but even with one eye, the other two teens could see condescension oozing out. That look reminded them of someone… hmm, who?

"Thank you." Ryoma quietly said, standing up, his eye looking at the teen that saved him, ignoring the cap wearing one altogether. Ryoma walked around the pair, wanting to get away. He felt better now and not dazed anymore, but he just wanted to get away and think about this.

The pair watched Ryoma leave. " Jeez, what an ungrateful brat." The one wearing the cap complained.

"He did thank us."

"Tch. He thanked you. Anyways, guess it's a good thing you wanted to come this way, otherwise, that kid may have been pancake." The teen ignored his friend, his right hand encircling his left wrist. He wasn't sure why he had the sudden urge to walk this way. He only remember feeling a sense of apprehension that if he didn't, something bad would happen.

He had turned corner as the light went red and saw the tiny figure stepping onto the road. Fear as he never known before coursed through his vein. He didn't even think, just reacted and ran as fast as he could, wrapped his arms around the small boy, and yanked him back. A feeling of familiarity flooded through him at the contact and when that one eye had opened to stare up at him, he froze. Eye so golden in color. I know those eyes, he thought, but shook out of it, when the other boy just stared at him.

When the boy spoke and said he was fine, he was in awe of it. Soft, yet firm. He studied the boy as he led him to a bench a few feet away. He's from Seigaku .First Year He thought, looking at the black uniform with the Seishun Gakuen insignia on left shoulder and the roman numeral I on the collar.

He even noticed the way the boy had rubbed his left wrist, a habit like his own; then had pause and looked at his left wrist as well, then looked at his right wrist. He saw the boy's face show momentary shock and if he hadn't been studying the boy, he would not have seen it. The boy had then choked on his grape Ponta. He wondered what the boy was thinking about.

" Hey, come on! Let's go." His friend tugged at his elbow. He shook out of his thoughts, and with a last glance at the direction the boy went, he turned as left as well.

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