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Even In Death


''Daddy are we going to celebrate my birthday today with mommy?'' Rin asked her father, looking through the tinted windshield. Sesshoumaru, behind the steering wheel.

After six long years, she would be able to meet her mother.

For six years she had only known her through the words and stories of her Uncle Inuyasha, Aunt Kikyou, grand Inupapa and those who are related to her mother. Yes, she had seen her, through her pictures.

But she wanted to know her mom through her dad. The one, and only, person who knew and loves her as his life.

It's her sixth birthday, and as he had promised her, he would acquaint her with her mother.

Rin's birthday. Kagome's death.

How ironic.

Life, really, is full of ironies.

''Aren't you happy that we are going to celebrate it with mom?'' he faces their daughter for a second, then turn his attention back on the road ahead of them.

''Nope.'' she turned to face her dad and smile at him. ''It is my first time to celebrate my birthday with mom, and I'm kinda excited dad.''

One year had passed since that day he realized how he had hurt his daughter. Indirectly, he knew that he had hurt Kagome's feelings through their daughter, Rin.

And ever since that day, he promised to himself and to her that he would take care of what was left of their love, which is their child.

Today, together with Rin, they visited her. Kagome. The one being that bind them together.

His wife.

Her mother.

''Kagome, I'm here with our daughter.'' he said as he and Rin had gotten to where she lay.

He kneel and put the flowers, he had specially picked from her greenhouse, to the ground.

''Hi 's me, Rin.'' she sat beside her father and gave her mother her own bouquet of flowers. ''Dad said that you love flowers. I picked some from your greenhouse, hope it's fine with you.''

Sesshoumaru looked at his daughter.

''Mom, I missed you. Hope you're here with me this special day..'' Rin talked to her mother, like she is there in front of her. ''..well, it's still special in a way, because I'm spending it with you now. And I'm so happy mom.''

They spend the morning with her. Rin chats about everything she thinks her mother wants to hear from her, he only listens to their daughter as she talks to her mother.

Then it is time for them to go back home. ''Until next time mommy, don't forget that I love you.'' Rin said as she stands beside her father.


[People die, but real love is forever..]


''I love you, Kagome..''

Sesshoumaru gaze at the white marble that held his life's name forever.

He'll love her forever.

He'll not forget her memories, her love.

He'll continue to love her.

No one else but her.

Kagome Higurashi-Taisho


Even in death.


A/N: There you have it. My first attempt at writing an anime/SessKag fanfiction. My apologies to you, for what I've done to Kagome. Anyway this is just a product of my imagination as I listen to the song. I'm hoping you've enjoyed it. ^_^

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