~Dimension Choice 1~

"Dad??" twelve year old Tailor yelled as she searched the institute.

"Yeah, Tailor?" asked Bobby as he turned the corner.

"Mom and Forge want to see us in the Danger Room. Somethin' 'bout a new invention."

"Then let's go."

Bobby and Tailor headed to the D.R. and walked inside. Rogue sat beside Forge as he made adjustments on a machine.

"Hey, shugah." Rogue said to Tailor and then kissed Bobby on the lips.

"Hey, honey. What's Forge up to now?"

"A portal ta go ta the past."

"Now I have predicted that if we sendc something or someone in this portal, they or it will go into the past about fifteen years from now. We just need to test it out."

"With what?" asked Tailor.

"I'll be using an object the first time. This will be too dangerous right now."

Forge picked a screwdriver from the table and then placed it in front of the machine. Grabbing the controls, Forge aimed the laser at the screwdriver and pressed a button. Nothing happened. "Forge??"

Hold on, Bobby. The circuits are proably fried, or some wires need to be re-wired."

Forge rose the laser and tried doing some fixtures, but at the last minute the laser shot at little Tailor. She disappeared in a flash of light and no trace could be seen. "Forge!!! Where is mah daughteh!!!???"

"I'm gonna say fifteen years into the past." Forge said with a frightened look in his eyes.