Anything goes under the mistletoe contest results:

"In the arms of an angel" won 4th place in the contest! I am thrilled and extremely proud to win a writing contest while writing in my second language, that is an enormous accomplishment!

I want to thank each and everyone who read and reviewed, it meant the world and then some!

Inspired by my great fortune, I`ve tried for another contest called "An officer and a Gentleman" - hosted by The Perv Pack. Its a O/s told from a third point ov view, as it is my prefered way of writing now a days, and the story takes place during the Second World War.
Im told its a good read, so I would be very thrilled if you might want to check it out.

Thank you to Claud_C and Romanticvamp11 for all their help, and to The Sandbox and its judges!