Gomu Gomu no Shinobi: Mugiwara no Naruto

Summery: When Kakashi refused to train Naruto for the Chunin Exams, a stranger comes up to him giving him a chest which holds a straw hat, a strange book, an even stranger fruit. Read as he becomes Hokage using his Devil Fruit powers.

Naruto will be very strong but not godly. There also will be minor Kakashi and Sasuke bashing. This is my first fan fiction I've made, hope you like it.

Pairing: Naruto x Harem



"Demon/Summon Talking"

'Demon/Summon Thinking'


"I don't own Naruto or One Piece!"

Naruto wasn't upset; he was pissed in every sense of the word. Now Naruto was never one to get this upset, but in the recent events, he couldn't describe how he felt. It started when Neji brutally beat up Hinata for something that she had no control over.

He had always hated people like that. Always judging them without getting to know them first.

That made him mad sure, but what happened after the end of the preliminaries got him in this kind of mood.

-Flash Back- (I know it's early in the story, please don't hurt me)

Naruto was walking up to the hospital to see how Sasuke was doing while thinking on how he could defeat Neji 'I have to defeat Neji, I made a promise to Hinata and I never break my promises.' Naruto thought while walking in the hospital.

Naruto walks up to the receptionist "Where's Sasuke's room?" Naruto asks the receptionist "Sasuke-sama is currently not taking any visitors." The receptionist responded. "Why?" "I cannot say." Naruto just huffed in exasperation "Have you at least seen Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asks "I can't say I ha…"

"Naruto?" The receptionist got interrupted by a familiar voice. Naruto turns around and sees his Jonin sensei, with his face dug deeply in a little orange book and smiles "Hey, Kakashi-sensei! I need you to help train me for the Chunin Exams!" Naruto said excitingly, dreaming at the thought of learning new jutsu.

That dream however was popped at his sensei's next sentence "Sorry Naruto, I can't train you for the Chunin Exams." Said Kakashi apathetically, as though he didn't even care about his students training or well being.

"What?! Why?!" Naruto said, wondering why his sensei wouldn't even train him.

"I have something to do, so I don't time to look after you." Kakashi said, in a 'still don't care attitude' not even looking at his student, and turns a page in his book.

Naruto wasn't as stupid as everyone thought he was. Naruto knew that Kakashi-sen…no Kakashi, was going to train Sasuke. "You're going to train Sasuke, aren't you?" Naruto said, calling his so called sensei out on it.

"Sorry Naruto, but Sasuke needs more training than you do. He is going up against Gaara after all." Still not looking up at Naruto.

"And I'm going against Neji, someone who has no remorse for almost killing their family!" Naruto screamed, getting pissed off that his sensei won't even train him.

"Sorry Naruto, but you chakra control is horrible, I took the time to ask Ebisu to help you with that." Kakashi said, still not looking up from his book.

Naruto had enough. He grabbed the book and threw it into a garbage can while glaring at the Jonin "Ebisu is not my sensei, you are! You're not supposed to just pawn me off whenever you feel like it! I don't need your pity! I'll train by myself and beat Neji, even if I have to sell my soul to the devil!" With that Naruto ran out of the hospital leaving a shocked Jonin and medical staff.

-Flash Back end-

We now find Naruto walking down the street eyes focused on the ground. Finally, it set in that he might actually have to train himself to beat Neji. "What the hell am I supposed to do?! How to hell can I train myself to beat Neji! All he has to do I poke me and I'm a goner! Man this sucks, stupid Kakashi, pawing me off to Ebisu like that, what a one eyed asshole." (Sorry to all Kakashi lovers out there, nothing personal)

With a final huff he keeps walking in silence, not noticing the shadowy figure closing on to him. All of a sudden a hand touches his left shoulder and spins him fast around, finally after spinning all the way around; he comes face to face with cloaked man.

He couldn't see the mans face, but he could tell he was old. His hands were almost as wrinkled as Hokage-jiji's, but he could tell that the man was strong just from his aura and grip.

"Oi, Jiji let me…" "Do you want to be strong?" the old man interrupted.

Naruto was shocked by this sudden question. Of course he wanted to be strong, what sane ninja didn't?

"Of course I want to be strong." Naruto replied

"Why?" the old man questioned.

Naruto didn't hesitate to answer. "To protect my precious people, to protect my village, to show everyone that I'm not some dead last demon!" Naruto said finding his resolve.

The old man had one more question. "How far would you go? Would you sell your soul to the devil? Or was all that back there some mustered up courage that surfaced for a while and now it's gone?"

Naruto paused and thought, before finally finding his answer "I said I'd do anything to protect them and I never back down on my word. That's my nindou, and don't you forget it!" Naruto looked at the old man with determination in his eyes that few have.

Naruto could feel the old man smirk. Said man the let go of Naruto's shoulders and reached into his cloak. Naruto tensed at this thinking the old man was going to pull out a weapon. Instead the man brought out a chest.

It was an old, simple looking, brown chest with a golden lock and trim, and handed it to Naruto. "Then here you are." Looking down at the chest he wondered what the old man was talking about.

"Oi, jiji what the hell are yo…" looking back up, he notices the old man was gone. Looking back down at the chest, he wonders what's inside.

He decided to take it home and open it there.

On his way home he wonders what could be inside. At first he thought gold, after all it is a chest, so maybe it was a treasure chest.

Finally making it home, he starts to walk up the stairs, his mind still wondering what could be in there.

Getting to his door, he finds his keys and quickly opens it, as the anticipation to see was killing him.

Quickly closing the door he sets the chest on his dining room table and sits in front of it.

He inspect making sure there were no traps, finding none he opens it with a smile of anticipation

Only for that smile to drop, as the only thing in the chest was a book, an old straw hat with a red band, and a strange fruit the looked like a violet yubari melon shaped fruit with swirls.

"That senile old man tricked me! There's nothing but stupid book and a weird fruit! My two least favorite things." Naruto grumbled, thinking that the old man just did that for a laugh.

Naruto sighed, wondering how he would get stronger by reading and eating fruits. And what the hell was with the straw hat.

Naruto then decided to just skim through the book. Maybe it was an interesting book. He looked at the title to see it was called 'One Piece'. He opened it and a letter fell out. The letter read

"Dear reader

You are most likely thinking as to how a book, a hat and a fruit can get you stronger.

Let me tell you now that this is no ordinary book, hat and fruit.

First, the book. The book is a story, as old as you and I, about a crew of pirates sailing the world in order to find the legendary treasure 'One Piece'. Yes it's the title of the book.

The hat belonged to the captain of this crew and it has been through more adventures then any pirate to date.

Now about the fruit. The fruit itself is called the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Yes a strange name for a fruit, but the fruit in general is a rare thing called an Akuma no Mi. But in order to learn about that you must first read about its origin and uses. Know now that thousands of men had lost their lives trying to find one of these fruits.

All will be revealed in due time. And don't forget to pass on the will of the D.

Sincerely, a Senile Old Man"

Naruto was shocked. To gain power that thousands have died for. It was a little unnerving.

But instead of looking a gift horse in the mouth, he closed the chest, put it under his arm, grabbed the book, made it past the garbage on his floor, set the chest on the night stand, sat on his bed and started reading.

He was mesmerized by it. Reading chapter after chapter, adventure after adventure. Sailing on the 'Reverse Mountain', and meeting Laboon the giant whale, finding out about Baroque Works, the Prehistoric Land and the giants, Drum Island and the new nakama, the desert Arabasta, the Shichibukai Crocodile, Jaya the 'Lawless Town', knock up stream, 'Sky Island', defeating the 'God Of Skypeia Enel' and his lightning logia fruit ability, Water 7 and Enies Lobby, Meeting Brook and Exploring the Thriller Bark, Counter attack against Moria, Sabaody Archipelago and punching one of the World Nobles, losing his nakama and landing on the Isle of Women (Making Naruto blush.), charging head first into Impel Down to save his brother. Everything he did was amazing!

He learned of what devil fruits are, what the one in the chest could do, what other ones could do.

The loss of the ability to swim didn't even bother him. So what if he couldn't swim. It's not like he's always doing it.

Even the hat amazed him. To him, it was proof of the adventures that they had together.

It all amazed him to no end. Finally he finished it. Noticing the sun rising, he wondered how long he had been reading. Looking over at the chest he makes his decision. Placing it on his lap he opens it finding the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Hesitantly picking it up he lifts it up to his mouth. Opening his mouth he bites down on it.

And that bite began the story of Uzumaki D. Naruto.

-Time Skip- Chunin Exam Finals

Most of the chunin candidates stood side by side in the giant arena as the people in the stands mumbled among themselves. The only ones missing are Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, and Dosu Kinuta.

Shikamaru was thinking 'Oi, oi, we're missing not only Sasuke but Naruto as well. Troublesome.'

Up in the stands, Ino and Sakura were getting worried. Ino suddenly asked "What are the others doing? The matches are going to begin soon." Sakura was thinking 'Where's Sasuke-kun? Not only that Naruto isn't here as well.'

Suddenly there was a whistle and everyone went quit and looked to where it came from seeing a shadowy figure standing above the entrance. The figure was clearly male, and his face was shadowed by a straw hat on his head.

The figure then jumped down to the chunin competitors and landed softly on his feet in a crouch.

The man then spoke "Whew! That was close. I thought I was going to miss the exams!" standing up fully, the figure then placed the hat behind him, clearly being on a string, only to show blond hair and familiar whisker like marks on his cheeks.

The man was none other than Uzumaki Naruto, Jinchūriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune (Nine-Tailed Fox), flashing his 'Foxy Smile'.

Only people barely recognized him. He grew his hair out (Shippuden Hair.). His face was a lot more angular now; a lot of woman had a blush at this, including Temari. He was no longer wearing that hideous orange jumpsuit that screamed with a megaphone 'Kill Me!!!'. He was now wearing an orange, button-up vest (Thriller Bark), black shorts (Enies Lobby arc), and sandals. He also wore a small kunai pouch on his back right hip, a small scroll on his left hip and now had his hitai-ate (Forehead Protector) in black cloth tied around his left bicep.

Ino and Sakura were one of the most shocked at thee changes of our favorite blond. Ino was the only one to voice all their thoughts "Whoa! What happened to Naruto?!" yep everyone "He looks hot!" ok excepted for that part.

Naruto started walking towards the competitors. "How troublesome…oi Naruto what took you so long." Asked Shikamaru. Naruto looked over at the lazy Nara "While I was walking here, a hoard of bulls started to charge at me so I beat them up!" Naruto said still grinning while punching his palm.

Everyone sweatdroped at this, thinking he was making up excuses like Kakashi. "It was a pretty good warm-up, and they learned not to try and charge at me. Ne? Didn't you learn your lesson?" Naruto said looking back, as did everyone else, and was shocked to see a group of big, strong, bulls with lumps and bruises on their heads bowing at him and crying while nodding their heads fast. (Wouldn't you just love to see that?)

"Its fine you can go now." Naruto said nodding; the bulls didn't hesitate and quickly ran off.

Turning back to the proctor, Genma, he nodded his head, signaling to continue. Genma got out of his shocked state and nodded back and turned around facing the crowd. "Stand up straight and show your faces to the crowd." Genma said to the finalists.

Naruto smirked and placed his hat back on his head and then grinned as the crowd roared with applause. "You guys are the main players in the upcoming match." Genma stated as the people kept clapping.

Up in the 'Kage Booth' Raido, a shinobi with brown spiky hair and a large scar on his left cheek was talking to the Hokage "Sasuke is still missing?" the Hokage asked the ninja standing next to him. "Several ANBU teams are searching for him, but he is no where to be found…he may have already fallen into Orochimaru's hands already…if that is the case, it will be impossible to find him." The old Hokage closed his eyes before responding "I understand."

"It also appears as though the Mizukage and the Raikage have arrived at the exams, despite not having a ninja go through to the finals." Stated the same ninja before hearing a group of foot steps.

The Sandaime turned to see the Raikage. A burly man with dark skin, slicked-back white hair with a yellow tint, a few wrinkles and a small moustache and beard. He was wearing his Raikage robe with out a shirt on under it and his Raikage hat, which had the kanji for 'Thunder' on it. On each wrist he wore gold bangle bracelets that looked extremely heavy along with a gold belt with a lion's face engraved onto it.

This was the Yondaime Raikage, Ē (that's his name, it's pronounced 'A')

Behind him was a beautiful, blonde, teenage girl wearing dark purple pants up to mid calf, with her ankles wrapped up in medical tape. A purple shirt with dark purple high collar and sleeves, her forearms wrapped up as well, she also wore fingerless gloves with beads on her left forearm. She had long blond hair that was wrapped up in a pony tail and her hitai-ate around her head.

This was Nii Yugito, Kumogakure Jōnin, and jinchuriki of the Nibi no Bakeneko (Two-Tailed Monster Cat).

Next to the Raikage was beauty like no other. Rust red hair that was down to her ankles and covered her right eye, jade green eyes, the face of an angel, wearing a deep-blue garment over a webbed-mesh bodysuit. At the top of her head was a topknot.

This was the Godaime Mizukage, Terumi Mei.

Behind her was a young looking swordsman/ninja. He was wearing black-rimmed glasses connected to what appeared to be headphones. He also wore a striped shirt and camouflage pattern pants. Also, he wears his forehead protector like a badge on his chest. On his back was a strange, wrapped up, dual-handled sword.

This was Chojuro, Kirigakure Jonin and one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

The next person that came wore a blue traditional Kage robe and a Kage hat with the kanji for 'Wind' on it and a veil over his face.

This was the Fake Yondaime Kazekage. Orochimaru, of the Densetsu no Sannin.

Behind him were two unknown sand-nin in tan cloaks

The Sandaime got up to greet the fellow Kage's "Hello and welcome Raikage-dono, Mizukage-dono, Kazekage-dono. I hope the trip wasn't too hard on you all." The Hokage asked.

They all shook their heads at this. Ē then smirked and said "If a little trip like that is tiring for me then I'm not fit to be the Raikage." the Raikage said, flexing his arm.

The Hokage laughed a little at this "Sorry I didn't mean to offend you." the Sandaime responded while stepping to side, motioning his fellow Kage's to walk by him with the Raikage sitting on the far right, the Mizukage on his left and the Kazekage on Sarutobi's left.

The Mizukage then spoke up "It seems that Tsuchikage-dono didn't show up."

"Despite not being enemies anymore, we are also not allies. He made it clear that since none of his ninja made it through, he shouldn't come and see the finals." The Hokage stated, and the Mizukage just nodded.

The Raikage then spoke up "Ha! Just like an old man, thinking that since none of his ninja made it through he shouldn't come. Instead he should have come to gain new information on non allied nations." The Raikage stated.

"Well, I find the thrill of the fight more exciting than the political advantages." Said the Kazekage. The Raikage only snorted "You're just saying that 'cause all your ninja made it through."

The Mizukage decided to intervene while looking at the blond with a straw hat "Perhaps we should start the exams now. Many people are starting to look impatient." The Hokage nodded and stood up walking over to the balcony "Then, Let's begin this."

The Hokage took a deep breath and started his speech "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to the Hidden Village of Konoha's Chunin Selection Exam today. We will now begin the main matches with the eight that have passed the preliminaries. Please enjoy the matches."

"Kitten, watch out for the blond in the straw hat." Told the Nibi

'What? Why?' Asked Yugito confused as to why the Nibi no Bakeneko wanted her to watch out for an attractive male.

"Because I think he's the jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune." The Nibi stated.

Yugito was shocked that the jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune was in the Chunin Exams. 'Why is he in the Chunin Exams? Wouldn't Konoha want the Kyuubi jinchuriki to use its chakra?"

"I don't think so. But just incase he was trained to, be careful." The Nibi finished before going to take a cat nap.

"Eight? I only see 7. Is one missing?" Asked the Raikage, snapping Yugito out of her stupor. The Hokage stayed silent and looked the competitors.

Genma started talking to the finalist's "There are some things I need to tell you before the matches." He reaches into his vest and pulls out a piece of paper "Look at this." Everyone looked at it and saw their matches. "There was a little change in the match-ups. Check to see who you're going against."

Naruto looked and frowned. He then walked forward and snatched the paper from Genma's hand. He then reaches into his kunai pouch and pulls out a pencil. He starts to write on it and then handed it back.

When Genma looked back at the sheet he raised an eyebrow and then showed it back. Every one else raised and eyebrow. All that changed was a 'D.' in the middle of Naruto's names.

'I had more matches the last time I looked. And what's with the 'D.' Shikamaru thought while looking over at Naruto. 'How much more troublesome did you become in the month, Naruto.'

Genma just started speaking again "Listen up. Although the landscape is different, the same rules apply as in the preliminaries; there are no rules. The match will only end when someone dies or gives up. But if I decided that the match is over, I will stop the match. Do not argue with me over it. Got it?"

"The first match is…Uzumaki D. Naruto and… Hyuuga Neji. The rest of you need to go back to the waiting room." With that said the rest started walking to the waiting room.

Up in the stands Hinata and Kiba were finding their seats. Hinata looked at Naruto and blushed a shade of red that would make an apple jealous. "Naruto-kun."

The two chunin sitting next to them were discussing the fight "This looks like it's going to be an interesting match, huh?" "Yeah. But that Uzumaki kid's been fighting on luck to get here, he's going to need more than that to beat one of the elite Hyuuga clan."

Hinata frowned at this, but kiba just smirked 'Yeah, that's what I thought at first, but if you underestimate him, you'll end up with a fist to your face.' Kiba thought as he watched Naruto and Neji face each other.

"You understand that you're going to need more that a pass of gas and a change of appearance to beat me." Neji said arrogantly. Naruto just smirked "Yeah, I know." That being said he starts doing warm-up stretches.

"You should give up now. Fate has already declared me the winner." Neji stated in the same arrogant voice as before. "You know that you talk too much." Naruto said as he finished his warm-up and cracks his knuckles.

Naruto then put his right arm forward in a closed fist and said "Let's just hurry up; I have a promise to keep to Hinata-chan."

With that Neji activated his 'Byakugan' and slipped into his 'Gentle Fist' combat style, he frowned and thought, 'What's with his Chakra? It's different from before. It's more…Stretchy.' Naruto went into his own style that looked like it was made for a brawler, his left side facing Neji with his left arm slightly bent as well as his right, and his legs spread. His eyes were covered by his hat.

"You will witness that fate decides all. You cannot escape it." "Shut up already, so that we can fight, and see whose ideals are right." Naruto said lifting his hat, eyes showing a fire that couldn't be extinguished.

"Now, first match…begin!" at that the crowd started to cheer.

Both stood there unmoving in their respective stances. A leaf from the nearby tree floated in-between them, until it fell to the ground, officially starting their match.

Suddenly Naruto shot forward trying to catch Neji with a right hook, witch Neji simply leaned backward to avoid, making Naruto fall forward' with his left leg in the air, Naruto tried to spin-kick Neji. But the Hyuuga did a back flip, only to find Naruto straitened himself out and was now charging at him with chunin level speed, attempting to punch with a left hook this time, only to have it blocked with Neji's right.

He then started to punch rapidly with both his hands. Each one was either blocked or dodged. All of a sudden, Neji got into Naruto's defense and landed a hit on Naruto's right shoulder.

Seeing Neji trying to do it again, Naruto rolls out of the way until he's a few meters away. 'Shit! That was to close for comfort. It seems I need to step it up a bit.' Naruto thought ending it with a smirk. "Do you see now fate has already declared me the winner? You might as well stay down, because is you get back up, you're leaving here in a body bag." Neji said arrogantly.

Naruto only kept up his smirk, "I was only testing that Gentle Fist style that's so highly talked about, and let me tell you, I'm a bit disappointed." Naruto then got up and rolled his shoulder, as though it wasn't even hit.

Neji narrowed his eyes. "I guess I should stop holding back then? Huh?" Naruto said as he got back in his stance, the only difference is he was holding his right shoulder.

"Gomu Gomu no…" Naruto started to say when suddenly he threw his arm back, and to the surprise of everyone there, his arm stretched back before he rocketed his closed fist at Neji, "Pistol!" punching Neji in the stomach, sending him into the arena wall behind Neji.

His arm shot back to him, and it returned to normal. Naruto was grinning up a storm at the shocked faces of everyone there. But the one that made him grim the most was Neji's.

"H-h-how did you d-do that?!" Neji stuttered, trying to figure out what happened to Naruto's arm.

"I ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Rubber Rubber Fruit), making me a Gomu Ningen (Rubber-man)!" Naruto said happily while pulling his cheek out showing that it stretch's.

"Gomu Gomu no Mi?" Neji repeated, trying to figure out how a fruit made Naruto do that.

"Yep! It's a rare type of fruit called an 'Akuma no Mi (Devil Fruit)', that allows my body to turn to rubber! Pretty cool huh?!" Naruto stated, still grinning at the fact that everyone was shocked, even the Kage's.

Sarutobi was shocked at the fact that Naruto of all people, found this fruit. 'Though this might be the reason Jiraiya couldn't find Naruto. He must've been training to use this 'Akuma no Mi'. Amazing!'

E was impressed that Konoha had a power like that. 'I wonder if there are more of these 'Akuma no Mi' fruits?"

Mei smirked, thinking on the line of 'Cute, strong, good sense of humor and a gentleman, if the promise to this 'Hinata' girl is anything to go by. I think I might get to know him a whole lot better' while slightly licking her lips.

Orochimaru was practically drooling at the thought of more of these fruits 'Maybe if I force the Kyuubi-brat to tell me where he got a fruit like that, I could…experiment a little."

Yugito as well was shocked, and decided to ask her demon to shed some light on the subject. 'Oi! Nibi! What the hell was that?! His arm just stretched out and decked the Hyuuga!'

"I can't tell you exactly. But what I can tell you is that power is older than I am." Nibi said, while focusing intently on the blond. Yugito was as well shocked by this information. And as well focusing on the blond.

The crowd had mixed feelings about it but Ino summed it up, "What the hell was that?!"

Naruto only looked up at her and gave her a small frown, "I already told you, I ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi making me a Gomu Ningen (Rubber-man)."

Naruto then turned to Neji, who was getting up after the punch, who said "It doesn't matter what you do or eat fate has already declared me the winner!" Neji said in an angry tone.

Naruto just tilted his hat down and slipped back into his brawler stance before looking up with a smirk and "We'll see." 'So, that's why his tenketsus's are different. It's to stretch with his body! Amazing!'

Neji wiped the blood off of his lip and reactivated his Byakugan and went back into the Gentle Fist, glaring at the blond jinchuriki.

"Let's go!"

With that Naruto charged at Neji, who charged back. Punching forward with his right hand, he yells, "Gomu Gomu no Pistol!" shooting his hand at Neji like before, only this time Neji stepped to his right, while seeing that Naruto's hand is stuck in the wall. He then suddenly hears "Gomu Gomu no Kama (Scythe)!" and sees Naruto, using his Byakugan, stretch out his other arm in an attempt to clothesline him. Neji ducks this and rolls forward, trying to make some distance.

After regaining his bearings, he sees Naruto, hand stuck in the wall, standing on the wall. Noticing that he was using chakra to stick, he sees Naruto pry his hand from the wall, and front-flip onto the ground.

Kicking his leg, Naruto yells, "Gomu Gomu no Muchi (Whip)!" It stretches at Neji in an attempt to kick Neji's side, but his white-eyed opponent flipped over it, making the leg snap back to Naruto.

Naruto charged, and started to punch rapidly, making it seem as though he had multiple arms, and yelled "Gomu Gomu no Gatling!" the Hyuuga then started to pour out chakra of his chakra points and spun rapidly, before yelling "Kaiten (Heavenly Spin)!" making Naruto arms spin off course before snapping back to him.

When Neji's spinning finally stopped, he was facing Naruto with an arrogant smirk, but on the inside he was raging 'Shit! I can't believe this clanless, dead-last, idiot made me use the Kaiten so early!'

He decided to play it cool. "That was the Kaiten, a Hyuuga's ultimate defense. You can't get past it, so you might as well give-up." Neji said not losing his arrogant attitude.

Up in the stands, Hyuuga Hiashi was amazed that a branch member could know such a technique.

"What are you so happy about?" Naruto said with a smirk. "Let me guess, that was one of your trump-cards, right?" Naruto stated.

As he saw a look of shock on the branch Hyuuga's face, he knew he was right. "Ha ha ha ha ha! I knew it! I still haven't even showed 25% of what I can do, and I got running-up 'Emo King' to show his trump-card already!" Naruto laughed at his Hyuuga opponent.

To say Neji was shocked was an understatement. He was not only shocked but furious the this 'Clanless, Dead-last, Idiot' is going easy on him, Hyuuga Neji, last years 'Rookie of the Year'.

When Naruto's laughter finally died down, he looked at Neji with a grin. "Though that Kaiten is one hell of a defense. It seems if I want to beat you I'm gonna need to step it up to 50%."

Naruto held his right arm like he did before. "Gomu Gomu no…" he shoots his arm forward, and Neji dodges to the right this time. Naruto then 'Twangs' his arm and says "Shotgun" making his arm go in different directions like several 'Bullets', and hits Neji in the face, stomach and chest, knocking him back several meters.

But Neji straitens himself out and throws three kunai through the air, directed at Naruto. Naruto, seeing this, inhales deeply and says "Gomu Gomu no Fuusen (Balloon)!" His body suddenly expands, making him look like a balloon, and looks at ground and exhales fast, propelling him into the air, and out of the way of the kunai.

Looking down at Neji, he shoots his right leg forward. "Gomu Gomu no Stamp!" Neji rolled to the right to see that Naruto's foot made a big crack in the ground, before retracting back to him.

"Gomu Gomu no Yari (Spear)!" Putting his two feet into a point, Naruto then rockets his two legs like that at the Hyuuga. Said Hyuuga dodged to his right again and sees the even bigger crack in the ground.

Neji looked up to se Naruto falling towards him and throws a few shuriken at him, thinking he couldn't dodge in mid air. "Gomu Gomu no Fuusen (Balloon)!" Naruto inhaled quickly again and floated out of the way of the shuriken, before exhaling and landing a couple meters away from Neji.

When he looked up he saw Neji in a weird stance. His arms were stretched out, with his torso bent down a little and his legs spread. "You are within the range of my Divination." Neji stated as he saw that Naruto couldn't properly dodge this. "Hakke Rokujūyon Shō (Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms)."

Up in the stands, the Hyuuga clan head was again shocked "That stance, is he going to…?"

Back at the field, Neji charged at Naruto with incredible speed. "Hakke! Two Strikes!"

"Four Strikes!"

"Eight Strikes!"

"Sixteen Strikes!"

"Thirty Two Strikes!"

"Sixty Four Strikes!"

With that, Naruto was sent skidding back a good distance. Though was barely on his feet. Finally his legs couldn't hold his weight anymore, so he fell to his knees before falling face first into the ground. When he fell, his hat fell off and rolled foot away from him.

Genma walked up in-between them and sighed, "I guess that's the end." Genma stated as he saw Naruto try and get up.

Up in the Kage Booth, the Kage's were conversing among each other, "That was a good fight, I like the kids guts, but it inevitable. I mean using only Taijutsu against a Hyuuga. It was a fool's game." The Raikage stated with a frown as he kept watching Naruto struggle to get up.

"He did say he was only using 50%. Perhaps he underestimated the Hyuuga." Stated the Mizukage while slightly disappointed that the cute rubber boy didn't win. Though she hid it well.

"I'm slightly disappointed that I couldn't see more of this 'Gomu Gomu no Mi'." said the disguised sannin, saying how he felt.

"Well, the proctor hasn't called the match yet so he still has a chance." Said the Hokage, silently praying that Naruto would get up and say "I'm okay!"

'So Konoha didn't train their jinchuriki. Pity he would've made a good sparing partner.' Yugito thought, and at the same time, telling her demon.

"And mate." Nibi chipped in, making the blond Kumo-nin Blush and stutter in her mind.

In the stands Hiashi was thinking 'What incredible talent. To think that a branch member, who cannot succeed the clan, has inherited Hyuuga's Bloodline Limit ability…so strongly. Hizashi, perhaps you should've succeeded the Hyuuga family…'

Down on the field, Neji was taunting Naruto, "I hit all 64 tenketsus in your body. You cannot stand up anymore." Neji stated as Naruto still tried to get up and fight. "Hmm, mortifying, isn't it? You are on your knees against a power you cannot face, finding out how truly powerless you are. This was your fate."

"Why don't you take that fate crap, and go shove it up your ass!" Naruto said angrily.

Neji only smirked "Hard work is an illusion. It is fate that you are born strong. Everything else…" Neji stopped in mid-sentence, and looked at the hat at his feet and stepped on it. "Is a lie!"

Naruto's eyes were wide and he was furious, how dare this asshole step on his precious hat, the hat that gave him the courage to stand up and fight on like its previous wearer. Neji saw this emotion and smirked, then decided to grind it with his foot.

Naruto was able to get up on one knee, "I swear to god Neji, if you don't get you're fucking arrogant, Hyuuga foot off my hat now, I'll kill you very, very slowly." Naruto said in a low voice that promised pain.

Neji didn't heed this voice and continued. "How about I tell you about the Hyuuga's fate of hatred!" (Same as in the canon.)

"…And in this match, your fate was decided when I became your opponent!" Neji finished his speech about the seal on his forehead, the Hyuuga curse, the Kumo incident, all while his foot never left Naruto's straw hat.

Naruto finally had enough and stretched his right arm backwards, "Gomu Gomu no Bullet!" punching Neji in the stomach, pushing Neji back a good couple of feet.

Then Naruto suddenly started to laugh, it started out as a snicker then a chuckle, and then full blown laughter. Finally after a couple seconds he calmed down enough to talk, "Ha ha ha! Oh that's rich! The slave as arrogant as a corrupt business-man! Oh that's hilarious!"

While Naruto was laughing, Neji was…well, if looks could kill Naruto would be twelve feet under.

When Naruto stopped laughing he instantly glared at Neji. "You think you're better than everyone else because you beat up a girl." Naruto then started to stand up, and succeeded though his torso was hunched over and his breathing was a bit hard, "I hate to burst you're bubble but, that just makes you a coward." Naruto said with a glare.

"You think Hinata likes those seals, do you honestly think that Hinata likes the pain those things give you?! Well I hate to burst you're little bubble but the fact is she hates them as much as you do!" Naruto continued making Neji glare at him.

"That's a lie! She's like all the other Hyuuga who use the seal!" Neji Yelled trying to make his case known to all.

"If that's so, then why didn't she use it on you during the preliminaries?! Huh?! Mr. almighty Hyuuga?! It's because she hates that seal, it's why the main branch of the Hyuuga clan doesn't except her! It's because she won't use the seal on disobedient slaves like you! Didn't you notice it, she's nice and kind and always try's to avoid fighting when it's not needed! You hate her because she was kidnapped against her will, you hate her cause she's weak and uses her own strength to fight you, you hate her cause other people branded you with a seal that can cause you incredible pain, but answer me this Neji has anyone ever used the 'Caged Bird Seal' on you, Neji?!" Naruto yelled at Neji, trying to get him to see it his way.

Neji on the other hand was shocked. It was true that his Caged Bird Seal had never been activated, and it was true that Hinata could have activated his at anytime during their match, it was also true that Hinata didn't wish to be kidnapped or have his father sacrificed.

"You were selfish, thinking that you were the only one suffering. Hinata had to live with the ridicule of her father and clan, hated by the branch members for being one of the main branch, and the main branch for being weak. Tell me Neji how good did it feel good to bring her self conscious to an all time low!" Naruto finished.

Up in thee stands Hinata was grabbing onto the front of her shirt, her eyes shadowed by her hair, "Naruto-kun."

"I said I would become Hokage, and I will! I said I'd make you regret hurting Hinata-chan like you did, and I will! I said I would protect everyone precious to me, and I will! Fate doesn't rule my choices, I do! Anyone who says otherwise, is an asshole who should take his 'Fate' into a bedroom and fuck it!!" Naruto yelled making Neji fume.

Crouching down, torso still hunched over, he bends his legs, and places his left on his knee, the other in a closed fist on the ground.

(Play Naruto Shippuden OST - Emergence of Talents.)

His arms and legs suddenly started to pump up and down like springs, his skin started to turn pink and, what looked like steam came off of his skin. "Gear Second!" Naruto stated the name of this technique.

Neji raised an eyebrow at this. How was steaming supposed to beat him? Naruto then got into strange stance with his knees bent, left arm stretched with his palm facing Neji, his right hand in a fist behind him, leveled with his head. (Luffy's Gear Second stance.)

"Gomu Gomu no…" Naruto got ready to launch his attack, and Neji got ready to dodge. "Jet..." Neji frowned at this, was this a some new attack? "…Pistol!"

When Naruto punched his fist at Neji it looked like some invisible force, followed by a shock wave, blew Neji away from the spot he once occupied.

When Neji looked up he activated his Byakugan, only to see Naruto behind him in the air, "Gomu Gomu no Jet Stamp!" Naruto screamed as he launched his foot at Neji caching him in the back, sending him face first to the ground.

"Gomu Gomu no Jet Missile!" Grabbing onto Neji, he rockets his body at Neji, body slamming into him at blinding speeds.

Appearing in front of Neji, a couple meters away in the same stance as before. "I'll finish this in one more attack, Neji." Naruto stated calmly as he saw Neji getting up with blood running down his forehead.

Neji got into the 'Sixty-four Palms' stance, "Hakke Rokujūyon Shō (Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms)." Then Neji charged at Naruto, fully intent on finishing this fight on one more attack as well. Right when he was about to hit Naruto, said blond vanished.

Neji, seeing the blond vanish, was able to see out of his Byakugan that the steaming jinchuriki was behind him, in a weird stance with both arms behind him. Quickly pouring chakra of his tenketsus, thinking the blond was going to do another one of those cannon like punches, he starts to spin, "Kaiten!"

Naruto on the other hand had a better idea. "Gomu Gomu no…JET…" Naruto then disappeared in front of the Kaiten, arms back at the place where his body once occupied, and yelled. "BAZOOKA!!!" But instead of rolling of like before, his hands broke through the Kaiten, heading towards the wide-eyed Hyuuga.

Pain. That's all Neji could feel, as two pink hands impacted with his stomach launching his body through the arena wall. Finally skidding to a stop, after one hundred feet or so, he started to lose consciousness, but not before thinking, 'Heh. So, this is what its like to lose. Its hurts a lot. Is this what Hinata-sama felt. I should rethink my fate.' And with that, Neji lost conscious.

The blond devil fruit user's skin went back to normal. And even though he was hunched over, the crowd could tell that he was smirking. Finally standing up straight, his eyes were shadowed by his hair. He walked over to his flattened hat, popped it back to normal, dusted it off, and placed it around his neck.

"Whew! That was a good fight! Man I'm hungry!" Naruto whined as he sat in the middle of the arena cross legged, and then opened up his pouch and pulled out a piece of meat, then took a bite out of it.

Everyone in the stands was shocked. The ones most shocked were the Hyuuga's, simply at the fact the that a dead-last ninja like Naruto defeated the 'Kaiten' with pure brute strength. They were all shocked by the fact that Naruto suddenly turned pink and started to steam and suddenly had the power to defeat Neji, the Hyuuga prodigy.

Genma was the fist to get out of his shock and motioned for medics to check on Neji. When he saw them tending to Neji's wounds, one of the field medics looked at the proctor and shook his head signaling that Neji wouldn't be walking anytime soon.

Genma sighed and looked at Naruto still eating his meat and smiled "Shousha (Winner), Uzumaki D. Naruto!" Genma yelled at the crowd, watching them also get out of their shocked state. And slowly, one by one, they all started to clap until the entire arena was filled with cheers.

Naruto then looked up after finishing his meat looked up and gave his famous 'Foxy Grin'. He then starts walking around the arena waving his hands and blowing kisses to all the women making them blush.

Two cloaked figures in the stand were watching the blond, while one was thinking, 'So that's the demon that took over the clan heir's body. Interesting.'

The other cloaked figure was thinking, 'I knew I right when I entrusted that fruit to him. He's really carrying on the will of the D.' before vanishing.

Up in the Kage booth. Sarutobi was thinking, 'Same old Naruto, but I think we found our first chunin. Though I might wait until one more match fir the final decision.'

E was thinking along the lines of, 'Punching through pure chakra with nothing but brute force! Amazing! Is this the full power of that fruit? Or was this only a fraction?'

Mei watched the blond eat the piece of meat and smirks 'It seems I was right, he would make a fine husband indeed. I just need to make it happen.' "Hokage-dono, I have never seen an ability like that, but from what he said he got it from a fruit. Can you enlighten as to how this came to be?" said the Mizukage as she saw the Uzumaki-boy, who was running around blowing kisses to the women, then look at her and Yugito and winked, making both of them blush, Chojuro fume, and the Hokage smirk.

"You'll have to ask him that yourself, Mizukage-dono." The Hokage said as he watched as the blond focused on a particular girl.

Seeing the girl in particular, Naruto grinned and stretched his arms out and grabbed the balcony ledge and yells, "Gomu Gomu no Rocket!" and slingshots himself towards the Hinata, the Hyuuga heiress. Landing on the ledge with his hat around his neck, he gives his trademark 'Foxy Smile'. "Yo, Hinata-chan! How are you feeling today?" Naruto asked trying to make small talk.

"I-I'm f-feeling b-better N-Naruto-kun." Stuttered Hinata, who's face was as red as a cherry.

"That's a relief, I was really worried about you the entire month. You really had me scared there! I thought Neji did a lot more damage!" Naruto said with a sigh of relief.

"Y-You w-were w-worried about m-me?" Hinata asked getting even redder in the face.

"Eh, of course I was worried about you. You're my friend after all. Its natural I should be worried after you took a beating like that. Though I did keep my promise and kicked Neji's ass huh?! If he ever tries to pull that 'Fate controls everything' crap again just come get me and I'll do it again." Naruto finished, holding his bicep and ginning.

This was interrupted however, when Raido 'Shunshined' next to Naruto, "Uzumaki-san. The Hokage wishes your presence immediately." "Okay! Well I guess Jiji wants me for something. I hope to see you later, Hinata-chan! Ja ne (See You)!" when Raido reached for the blond, said blond faced the Kage's and cocked his arm back and let it fly towards the leaders. Gripping on the railing, he rockets toward them with speed that would make Gai and Lee jealous.

Naruto then did a front flip and stood up straight "Yo Jiji, what'd you need." Naruto asked, not caring in the least at the shocked looks coming from the other ninja at the disrespect that he showed his village leader.

The Hokage only laughed at this, "Ah Naruto-kun. It's good to see that you're so lively, despite the fact the you got hit with one of the Hyuuga's strongest techniques." Sarutobi finished as he saw Naruto only laugh and pat his stomach, "All I need is some food and I'm good as new. So what is it you wanted to say, Jiji?" Naruto finished looking at the Hokage with a small smile.

"Right. Its about you're interesting… ability's. Would you mind telling me a bit more about them?" the Hokage asked kindly, trying not to pry too much.

"I already told you I ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi. It's an Akuma no Mi which turns my body into rubber." Naruto said getting irritated as to what part of that people didn't get.

"Would you mind being a little more specific." Asked the Sandaime.

Naruto let out a sigh and looked at the foreign-nin, then back at the Hokage with a look the clearly said 'Are you sure you want me to tell you with all these foreign ninja here.' The Hokage only nodded.

Naruto then let out another sigh and started his explanation. "Okay, but don't interrupt me. First as you heard, I ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi, an 'Akuma no Mi'. The 'Akuma no Mi' are fruits the grant the user different powers. Since I ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi, my body is now rubber.

There are three types of 'Akuma no Mi'.

Paramecia. These fruits give the users a "super-human" power which can affect their body or ability to manipulate the environment.

Zoan. This type of fruit allows the user to transform into an animal and animal-human hybrid forms at will.

And finally, Logia. It is commonly characterized by giving its user the ability to turn into a natural element.

That's the basic knowledge. You can now ask your questions." Naruto finished.

The Hokage spoke-up, "Where did you get such a fruit, and how come I haven't heard of them." Sarutobi finished, and watched as Naruto took off his straw hat and smile before replying. "I got mine from a senile old man. And the reason you haven't heard of them before is because I ate the last one. The rest died out over a thousand years ago." Naruto finished as he put his hat back on.

The next question came from the Raikage, "Why is it called an 'Akuma no Mi'?"

Naruto looked at the Raikage and replied. "Devil Fruit are said to be the fruit of the Sea Devil and that the secret to their power is hidden in the 'Grand Line'. Because encounters with them are rare, especially outside the Grand Line, a number of rumors about them have risen making it difficult to tell whether some things are fact or fiction. The average person knows nothing or very little about what they are. Because of their power, if sold they can expect to reach well over 100,000,000 Beli and Devil Fruit users themselves are sold at market prices as slaves." Naruto stated as though he was a teacher in a school.

The Hokage had one more question. "How do you know all of this? From what you told us, either this 'Old Man' told you or you got this information from somewhere else." The Hokage asked, the others also wondering.

"I got all the information from this book." Naruto then reached into his pouch and pulled out an old looking book with the title 'One Piece'. "This old book has all the information about devil fruits, swordsmanship, cooking, medicine, navigation and a story. It's about a pirate by the name of 'Monkey D. Luffy' who wanted to become

the 'Pirate king'. So he went on an adventure and gathered nakama and sail the 'Grand Line'. An ocean that made the bravest men cower in fear. I've currently read it 25 times." Naruto said proudly as he watched the looks of amazement in the eyes of the Kage's. "And the only proof that it's all real is this hat." Naruto said, placing it around his neck.

The Mizukage asked her question, "How did you suddenly turn pink and start smoking and then 'blast' through the Hyuuga's Kaiten?" that question was on everyone's mind.

"That was my 'Gear Second' form. I pump blood rapidly using my legs to kick start the process which in turn increases the speed of my blood flow, thus providing more oxygen and nutrients to various parts of my body which makes me faster and stronger. It uses even more oxygen and energy, hence using up more food and I have to breathe harder. This causes me to be hungrier or lying on the floor after a long usage of it. It compares to taking a stimulant. In my case, all of my organs are made up of rubber, so they can expand and contract, allowing the blood to move at the increased speed without stressing any internal organ, such as the blood vessels and the heart, without causing it to explode. This mode's enhancements to my physiology gives me the ability to use a new set of attacks which are generally the same as my old ones but are so fast that even a skilled assassin would have a hard time actually seeing them. Although it increases my strength, it lowers my life force drastically, increasing a chance of having a much shorter life because I'm starving my body." Naruto states making everyone there wide eyed at the level of intelligence behind such a deadly technique.

The Kazekage was the next to speak up. "Excuse me, Naruto-san. But are there any weaknesses to these 'Akuma no Mi'?" "That's…" everyone leaned forward, "a secret!" Naruto said making with a grin everyone faceplant.

"Telling everyone my weakness is stupid. And unlike back then, where everyone knew, I have no intention telling everyone. I'll only tell those I trust with my life. If someone figures it out that I don't want to, I'll beat them until they forget." Naruto finished with a grin and punched his palm.

Chojuro stood forward, "I have a question. What's a 'Bazooka'?" Everyone as well wanted this answered. This time Naruto sweat-dropped. "I'll explain it later." Naruto said dully.

"Thank you for telling us this Naruto-kun, you can go back with the other competitors." With that Naruto nodded and shot his arm at the consistence and flew towards the others and landed on the railing before flipping next to the other shocked genin.

He then placed his hat back onto his head before turning to Shikamaru, who was walking towards him. "Mendokusai (What a pain in the ass.). You're even more troublesome than before."

Naruto only grinned at him. At least Shikamaru hadn't changed over the month.

"Yo, Shikamaru! It's been awhile." Shikamaru just nodded and smiled, "It seems you've gotten stronger in the month, huh?" Shikamaru said and watched as Naruto smile and rub the back of his head. "You think so? I was really worried that I

Might've underestimated Neji to much, but all it took was 60%! Though when he sealed up my chakra, it had me worried." Naruto said looking at the shock of everyone there even Shino, though you couldn't see it. "60%! I doubt Sasuke could have done that even with the Sharingan at 60%!" Shikamaru yelled uncharacteristically.

"I guess that's just how awesome I am!" Naruto said pointing to himself. Everyone there sweatdroped. "By the way, where's Sasuke? I didn't see him at the opening ceremony." Naruto asked wondering if Kakashi gave Sasuke his bad habits as well as training.

"Dunno, but if he doesn't show up for his mach he'll be disqualified." Shikamaru replied as he saw the crowd go in an uproar.

In the private booth, the Kage's were talking. "The crowd is noisy." The disguised Kazekage said. "It was a nice battle." Responded the Hokage.

The Sanin looked over at the Hokage and said, "Yes. That, too, but…" Sarutobi looked back at him. "But the next match is something the head ninja, and the feudal lords are highly anticipating."

"By the way, I did not see him at the opening ceremony, but he is already here, correct?" the Hokage didn't answer. Raido then leaned into the ear of the Hokage, "We still have not located Sasuke. And there's the Orochimaru thing. Perhaps we should disqualify him before everyone causes an uproar." Raido stated before E spoke-up. "I'm not just going to sit here and wait for some brat who thinks making us wait is good because he 'Wants to make an entrance'! If he simply ignores a direct order from the Hokage to show up on time and doesn't have a good excuse he shouldn't even be in the Chunin Exams!"

"I agree with Raikage-dono. You gave an order to one of your shinobi to arrive at the exams on time and doesn't is a clear sign of insubordination. In Kirigakure we do not tolerate this. Uchiha or not he is a shinobi and if he doesn't act like one, he shouldn't be one. Not that I'm questioning your leadership skills Hokage-dono." Said Mei as she looked at Sarutobi.

Naruto slightly heard the conversation and frowned. Looking over at Shikamaru he asks, "Hey, Shikamaru. Can you do me a favor, and grab my legs?" Shikamaru looks over at Naruto like he's crazy then sees Naruto shoot his arm over at the Kage's and grabs on the edge. Shikamaru gets the idea and right when Naruto starts to rocket over to them, he grabs his legs. "Mendokusai."

When Naruto, or at least his torso, was finally over there he smiled again at the surprised Hokage. "Hey there again, Jiji! Do you mind if you move Sasuke's match to after Shikamaru's? And if he doesn't show by his match, you can eliminate him with no ifs, ands, or buts." Naruto asked hoping he would.

"And why do you want that, Naruto-kun?" the Hokage asked, hoping for him to shed some light on the situation.

"Well you see, if Sasuke doesn't show up by his match I get to face Gaara, who by the, is probably the strongest genin here except for me. And if Sasuke does show up, and wins I get to face him, and since he would have just gotten out of a match you could give him 5 minutes to rest before facing me tired as punishment." Naruto said making everyone go wide eyed at the intelligence behind it.

"So basically, you want to move his match for your own benefits." Said E, making Naruto grin sheepishly and rub the back of his head before almost snapping back to his legs. "And if you do it, ill tell you how to defeat paperwork." Naruto said, grinning at the shock of the others, as they know the horrors of paperwork.

"I'll do whatever!" Sarutobi yelled, hoping to defeat the dreaded paperwork. Naruto grinned and said two words that made the shinobi there drop their jaws at the answer that Kage's spent years trying to figure out.

"Kage Bunshin."

"Well. I'll see you Jiji!" with that, Naruto let go of the ledge, rocketing back to Shikamaru, who in turn, was wide eyed before that jinchuriki slammed into him making fall onto his back and Naruto's head into the wall, kicking up dust.

The Hokage stood up to the railing and began his speech. "I'm sorry for the delay, but Sasuke's match will be moved to after Nara Shikamaru's fight. But if he is late by one second, he will be eliminated. No ifs, ands, or buts." Making the crowd groan, but reluctantly agree.

The Hokage then walked behind his chair, took off his hat, reeled back and yelled, "BAKA (Idiot)!!!" and smashed his head into the wall making spider-web cracks and everyone wince. Putting his hat back on, he walks back and sits back in his chair with blood coming down his face. "H-Hokage-sama. Are y-you ok?" Questioned Raido. "I'm fine with the fact that I learned how to defeat paperwork. I'm not fine with the fact that a genin helped me come up with the idea to do so!" The Hokage fumed before sighing. 'Though, I guess he is his son after all.'

Finally pulling his head out of the wall to hear the Hokage's announcement he smiled. Shikamaru looked funny. "Does that mean my match is coming up faster?" Naruto only smiled at him. "You're welcome!"

Genma decided to speak up. "Next match up…Kankuro and Aburame Shino. Come down.

Kankuro was sweating while thinking, 'My match isn't even important!' Shino got ready to go while Kankuro's sensei, Baki, cursed. Kankuro thought, 'Besides, I don't want to show Karasu's hidden before the plan.' Kankuro looked over at Temari, who nodded, before looking over at the proctor. "Examiner… I'm giving up!" everyone looked shocked at this. "I'm giving up…Go to the next match." Though Shino's face didn't say anything, he was upset at to why he forfeited.

The crow wasn't happy at all and started to yell. Genma closed his eyes before opening them and speaking. "Kankuro has given up therefore Aburame Shino wins by default." The crowd wasn't happy at all.

Temari decides to intervene by grabbing her fan and flipping it open, causing a gust of wind to blow on the others. When the rest were able to see, they saw Temari floating down on her fan. Genma then asked, "You are?" Temari responded, "It's my turn, right?" "Looks like you want to do this. Yosh, we're going to start the next match. Oi, the other one, get down here." Genma said while looking at Shikamaru.

"Oi, oi, why are you guys getting excited? Actually, why do I have to be the one who gets his match-ups changed so frequently?" Shikamaru asks himself. Genma said it again, "Nara Shikamaru, it's you."

Shikamaru cursed, "Kuso, I should just copy the other guy and give up…" "Gomu Gomu no Mikata…" Shikamaru felt hands grab onto him and throw him back, seeing it was Naruto he was wondering what the blond was going to do before he started to move towards the railing at a fast pace, "…Mikata Rocket (Ally Rocket)!" Shikamaru screamed as he left over the side of the ledge. Crashing down in front of Genma.

"Get you're ass up and fight, Shikamaru!" Naruto yelled as he saw him on his back, on the ground. People started to throw garbage on him and yell.

(Long story short, Shikamaru caught Temari in his shadow and they are now standing in front of each other with their hands raised. (Like in the canon))

Everyone was tensed as Shikamaru had Temari in his 'Kagemane no Jutsu (Shadow Imitation Technique).' Choji was eating chips at a faster pace and everyone looked nervous.

"I give up." Shikamaru said shocking the whole stadium. The entire stadium then shouted, "NANI!!!"

"I used up too much chakra using the 'Kagemane no Jutsu' too many times. I can only hold you for an additional 10 seconds. So, I've thought about 200 possible moves…but time's up." Temari had a look of shock on her face. "It's too troublesome to do more. One match is good enough for me."

Genma smirked at Shikamaru and thought, 'What a weird guy." Before saying, "Shousha, Temari."

Shikamaru rubbed his shoulder and said, "I'm tired." Naruto wasn't happy at all. "Why did he give up?! What an idiot! Now I'm getting mad! Gomu Gomu no Bonk!" Naruto said while throwing his arm into the air and bringing it down on Shikamaru's head.

While that was happening the Kage's were talking. "Just like a Nara. When things get too 'troublesome', they give up!" E shouted, as he watched Naruto and Shikamaru argue.

"He did show amazing intellect and strategy. I think he would make a fine chunin." Said Mei as she watched the blond.

"Yes, I think so as well. But on a more important note. Raido! Is Sasuke here yet." Raido leaned into the Hokage's ear and started speaking. The Hokage closed his eyes before opening them, standing up, and walked towards the balcony. "Uchiha Sasuke is disqualified!" the Hokage yelled over the angry shouts of the crowd. This made them yell louder. "Silence! We gave Sasuke more then enough time to come and he didn't. His own teammate tried to stall for him but I won't let his tardiness and disregard for time stop those that have come here early! Genma, proceed with the exams!" the Hokage yell making most silent.

Genma turned to the crowd. "Next match, Uzumaki D. Naruto and Gaara. Will the two competitors please come down to arena floor!" Genma said looking at Naruto and his red head opponent. Naruto only nodded with a frown, not upset with Jiji but with Sasuke. He just lost Konoha allot off clients for this stunt.

Naruto looked over at the sand-user and smirked. At least one of them gets to face Gaara. Said red head (Rhymes.) used 'Sand Shunshin' to get to where Genma was while Naruto jumped over the edge and landed in a crouch with his hat shadowing his eyes, and started his stretches. Before he can finish them, a swirl of leaves comes around in the middle of the arena. When the leaves cleared, it showed an older male in a jonin outfit, the other one had was wearing all black jumpsuit. These figures were Hatake Kakashi, and his genin, Uchiha Sasuke, in all their glory.

Kakashi looked up from his book smiled sheepishly. "Are we late?" Genma stared at the jonin with an annoyed look, "Actually you are. Please step off the field so the match may begin." Genma said looking at the red head who was glaring at Sasuke and the blond who was still stretching, not at all fazed by the appearance of the two.

"What?! Why am I disqualified?!" Sasuke shouted, thinking that they could wait for him. "You're lucky to have had you're match pushed back after you're teammate begged the Hokage. Now, would you please step off the field so we can start the match?" Genma said looking at the blond finish his stretches.

Sasuke was about to retort when he felt a hand on his shoulder, looking back he sees Kakashi lean down into his ear and whisper something, no one except the blond next to them could hear, making him pissed. "Sasuke don't worry about it. I'll talk to the Hokage to see if you can fight. In the mean time, let Gaara beat Naruto then you can face him."

He saw Sasuke nod and 'Shunshined' him into the stands. Genma sighed before starting the match. "Let the next match between Uzumaki D. Naruto and Gaara…Begin!" with that the crowd roared, and Naruto smirked before cracking his knuckles and stating,

"Let's go!"


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