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A Sons First Impression

Everyone soon relaxed as they saw Hiruzen slowly walk towards Naruto. That mood was changed when a cloaked figure dropped down in front of said blond before picking up the blond and throwing him over their shoulder and doing a one-handed hand seal.

"I'm sorry. But this is my mission." The figure stated before vanishing in a swirl of water like a whirlpool.

Sarutobi looked at the spot where the figure stood in horror.


-Somewhere in the Fire Country-

Running through the trees away from Konoha and the Fire Country in general towards the Land of Rice Fields was Orochimaru's personal body guards; the Sound Four, as well as Orochimaru's personal medic; Kabuto.

Right now, two of the male Sound Four had set the Snake Sanin on a stretcher and were carrying him as gently as possible. That wasn't saying much as the snake sannin was writhing in pain even in his unconscious state. There was nothing they could do for him except get him to Oto (Sound) as fast as possible. A fiery red head named Tayuya was on the right side running at the same pace as everyone else. On the left was a man with dark skin and…six arms? This was Kidomaru. The bodyguard who was holding the stretcher from the Snake Sannin's legs was a husky man with a Mohawk who went by the name Jirobo. The one in front of him, carrying the stretcher from the front was a man with blue hair and what looked like another head on the back of his head. This was Sakon and on the back of his head was his brother, Ukon. Kabuto was still in his ANBU uniform and his hands were coated in a green light of some sorts as he stood next to his master and was healing his bloody stumps that were once his arms. They decided to ease up and jumped off of the trees to run along the ground so that healing their master on the move would be easier.

But the unimaginable happened.

Tayuya suddenly dropped like a sack of potatoes. "Tayuya!" Kidomaru then went rigid. Then just like Tayuya, he fell to the ground unconscious. The two carrying the stretcher stopped and gently placed the stretcher with Orochimaru in it onto the ground while Kabuto continued healing the Snake Sannin. But just as they were about to reach them, Jirobo suddenly dropped to his knees and went unconscious, leaving Sakon and Kabuto the only conscious ones.

Sakon looked at Kabuto who, while healing Orochimaru, looked shocked at the events that had just happened. Then he remembered that last 'attack' that Naruto made and saw what it did to everything. But for it to take effect to Oto's toughest ninjas fifteen minutes later.

That Jinchuriki is a force to be reckoned with.

-Time Skip: Unknown Location-

A figure was running through the trees with an unconscious, shirtless boy over their shoulder. The figure ran across the ground with ninja like stealth and grace.

The figure looked at the unconscious boy on his shoulder and smirked. "Ya did good boy…" said an old, familiar voice. "Ya may have a long way to go until you're good enough to take on what's coming. But ya did good." This was the same man that gave Naruto his Devil Fruit.

Before he left with Naruto, he said that this was his mission. This was true. His mission was to find someone to carry on the Will of the D and a few years ago he spotted Naruto. He wasn't as strong as he is now but no matter how tired he got or dark the sky was he kept hitting that training pole. When his 'sensei' passed him off he found the perfect chance. He new that Naruto would beat the new obstacle that was coming from the horizon. He had a personal mission to make sure that Naruto got stronger. And there was only one way to do that. Give him a reason to get stronger. He knew the real feelings Naruto had for his village. Not that he could blame him.

The old man was brought out of his musings when he saw a town that was very close.

'Soon, you'll meet someone who has been waiting for thirteen years to see you.' The old man thought as he began walking towards the village, set on reuniting two people that have been waiting for this since the day Naruto took his first breath.

-Same Time: Unknown Location-

Another cloaked figure was in a boat, heading to an island on the horizon, reflecting on the past events that he had witnessed while chasing a rumor. His mission was to see if the old man that they were looking for was there. He got there when it was still early into the candidates training for the final rounds of the chunin exams. He asked around Konoha if they saw a cloaked man besides himself. He had heard that a boy that went by the name Uzumaki was living here. When he asked about that, they told him that he was possessed by the demon that was sealed inside of him before quickly telling him that he didn't hear it from them. He knew that even if the name was just a coincidence, there was still a chance that he was from Uzu no Kuni (Whirlpool Country). If that was the case then he was the heir to that clan. He needed to be sure so he was able to sneak into the hospital's birth certificates. He saw that he was the son of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato, the Fourth Hokage. He was a very logical person, and understood that no man would seal a demon into their child without knowing full well that the demon wouldn't take over. Human ignorance at it's finest. Finally it was time for the finals and he decided to watch for amusement until he saw the so-called 'demon' there was no KI (Killing Intent) or any Yoki (Demonic Energy). Any hints that he was being possessed were thrown out of the window. This was just a 'normal' Jinchuriki. Again, human ignorance at its finest. But then something happened. Something that shocked him to the core. This boy. This Uzumaki ate his mission. The only reason he was going to that village looking for an old man was for the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Rubber Rubber Fruit), and that damned Uzumaki ate it! How in the Nine Hells was he supposed tell his superiors? "It turns out that the old man gave the fruit to some kid. But it's alright, he's the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko (Nine-tailed Demon Fox) and every time he's on the verge of being defeated, the Kyuubi takes over and kicks the shit out of Kage level ninja." Yeah, that would go well.

He was brought out of his mental rant when he realized that he was now on the beach in said island. The island was just sand with a single palm tree in the middle. He hopped out of the small boat and started to take big steps on the white sand before he suddenly stopped. He looked down and saw a large sand patch of sand before pushing some of it out of the way. When he was done there was a round steel hatch with a plus sign with circles on each end.

He opened the hatch and jumped down the long, dark tunnel, ignoring the stairs that were right there as the hatch closed itself.

He landed on the ground feet first with a loud 'thud' before walking down the corridor that was in front of him till he got to a large door with the same insignia as the one on the hatch. He pushed open the doors with little to no effort, and what lay behind it would shock even the most battle hardened warrior there is.

It was one big factory. Bigger than the island that it was under or anything like that. This factory had huge boats being made. Workers using blow torches to secure iron plates to the wood boats, making them twice as strong.

Other workers were off to the side creating swords and other strange weapons. The man walked passed all this, ignoring the people's stares at him or whispers, dead set on the large door that was at the end of his path.

Finally he stood in front of the door and knocked hard. Everything around him suddenly got really quiet. Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched as he knocked on their door.

The door opened slightly, revealing a very dark room. The man took that as a sign to go in so he did. Once the door closed, everything suddenly started moving again and everyone started talking or working, pretending as though nothing had happened.

Inside the room was a different story.

"What the hell do you mean he gave it to someone already?" yelled a, from the tone of voice, very, very angry person. The cloaked figure that once stood in front of the offending abuser was now smashed against a wall and the hood was now down, revealing short, off-white hair and black eyes with a trickle of blood running down from his mouth. He had the face of a fifteen year old as well.

The figure that had punched this person was wearing a white coat with red trim with a white hood on the inside of the coat with a red vertical line going down over it but the hood itself was down over his eye, barely covering his eyes. He was panting from anger. "How could you allow this to happen? You were meant to find the old man and take the fruit and book from him, and come back here! We even gave you the power to do so! Yet you couldn't take a few items from that fucking old man!" The man turned and started to rant to himself. "That man has been a thorn in our side for too long, and when I get the chance to, I will kill him very slowly and very painfully." He was leaking KI and was not calming down, scaring the teen even more.

"M-My d-deepest apologies. B-Between the searching and the invasion, I had no chance to get either the fruit or the book from the boy that got them. And even when I did, the old man had taken him away before I had a chance to do so." He tried to make an argument but that only pissed the man off even more. The hooded man was about to go over there and pummel that brat into the ground before another calm voice spoke up.

"Maa, maa, why don't we all just chill." said a figure near the only thing that seemed to illuminate the room. It was an aquarium sized fish tank while the cloaked man was standing on a ladder at the opening at the top while feeding in what looked to be steaks into the tank. The swarm of the same type of fish swam to it and gingerly looked at the steaks before the dozens of fish swam at the meat, bearing their razor sharp teeth and tearing into the large piece of meat with savage hunger.

Piranhas, savage little fuckers.

The figure started descending from the stairs and was then revealed to be male, wearing a while coat with blue trim and a white hood and a blue streak that went vertically across it like the other man that covered his face save for his mouth which was set into a thin line.

"He didn't know that the old man would give the treasures to someone. Not to mention that the old man is very crafty and has been able to evade some of our best trackers. You're lucky that he is even able to tell you this information at all. We now know that it is the possession of someone that has only seen the surface of knowing what it actually is. We can still take the book away before he learns of what it truly is. As for the fruit, we can live without it." The man then looked over at the teen and nodded. "You may continue with telling us who is in possession of the book."

The teen nodded and continued. "I remember hearing of the last Uzumaki going to Konoha but left when they were attacked by that demon. I came to Konoha on a rumor that a fully cloaked figure had gone to Konoha. I didn't have any leads at the time so I followed it. I started asking around for information, but all I got was for me to stay away from some so-called 'demon'. I asked around about him and found out his name. It was Uzumaki Naruto. I used my powers to sneak into the Hokage tower and found his birth certificate. It was signed by Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina. I thought of him as a potential ally to join our cause but I couldn't even find him. When it was time for the finals, I decided to stick around and watch to see for any people to look out for. He showed up, I saw that he had a hat like you had described and my hypothesis was confirmed when he used the powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi. I know he has the book because he was able to use techniques only someone who did read it could know." The teen finished and the blue trimmed hooded man nodded to him, shocked that the one to get the devil fruit was an Uzumaki.

Suddenly a large snore interrupted their thoughts and they looked over to a figure on a couch on the other end of the room, against the wall. It was a large maroon couch and the person that was on it was definitely female if the D-sized breasts were anything to go by. She wore something similar to the others with the exception of yellow trim and no hood, opting for a white and black Marine Captain's hat with gold trim (1) that was covering her face instead. She had long golden hair that was spread out on the couch and falling off of it. She then started mumbling in her sleep and then 'Red' got a tick on his forehead that no one saw until he blew up.

"Oi! What the hell are you doing sleeping at a time like this? Can't you see we're having a meeting?" 'Yellow' started to mumble even more before sitting up, her hat still covering her face before she moved it up slightly to only show her pink lips. "But I was having a nice nap." She slothfully drawled out, slowly standing from her position on the couch and walking over to a chair that suddenly was illuminated by an over head light. The chair was white with yellow cushions and trim as it seemed to be her color scheme. She sat down in it and placed her head into the palm of her hand before letting out a big yawn.

"I had a dream that I was on a paradise island, in a hammock and there were guys everywhere. Rubbing my feet, shoulders and my breasts while feeding me grapes from their mouths as well as wine. After that they got naked and…" she was cut off by the angered scream of 'Red'.

"No one wants to hear about your stupid wet dreams! And tons of naked men? You must be dreaming!" 'Red' vented while 'Blue' rubbed his temples as they have had this argument before. Wake up. Tell them something that they didn't want to hear. 'Red' explodes and then yells at her before she somehow changes the subject. This time she didn't need to as 'Red' calmed down walked over to her till another chair lit up. It was the same save for the red trim. He walked over to it and sat down with his arms folded over his chest.

'Blue' sighed before walking towards the dark spot in-between the other two until the dark spot was illuminated by the same kind of light as the others and revealed the same chair as the rest but with…you guessed it. Blue.

'Blue' sat down in his chair with his right leg crossed over on his left and his hands resting on the arm rests. He then looked over at the teen, who was now kneeling in front of them.

"We cannot afford for him to know what the book is. Find him. When you do…" suddenly, the wall where the white haired man was thrown in to opened up revealing a very strange looking man. That was an understatement. He was an enormous man, well over 5 meters tall with his overall appearance resembling that of a bear. His eyes appear to be covered by lenses, giving him the impression of wearing glasses. His hat featured a pair of rounded ears, and, along with the fabric of his white pants, is covered in brown spots. His black jacket contains a large white design reminiscent of a target crosshair. There are also several paw prints lining the bottom hem of his coat.

"Send in a Pacifista."

-The Village of Yamamoto-

The peaceful village of Yamamoto was a medium sized village in the Fire Country. Meaning it wasn't as big as something like Tanzaku Gai, and it didn't have a lot of hostess clubs like Otafuku Gai but it was comfortable. There weren't many attacks and the ones that did happen were stopped by ninjas. There weren't that many major crimes that took place, sure a few burglaries here or there but nothing to worry about. The Shopping District was fairly large, larger than the Red Light District, and was bustling with middle-aged women, some with kids, getting groceries so that their husbands have a nice meal when they get home from their respective works, or some don't have husbands at all, simply cooking for their kids or for themselves. A woman walking down the streets was one such person.

She had long red hair that reached down to the small of her back with a yellow clip to keep it out of her beautiful face and pale skin made many men turn their heads towards her. Her violet eyes shown with kindness and beauty not found in many. Though while her apron made her look like a mother, they knew better than that. When she arrived and they her for the first time, their first question was, "are you new to the village?" she responded with a yes, saying that she moved here from Konoha. They asked if she was single or had any kids. She said yes with a heavy heart, telling them that they died. They didn't dwell on the subject any more as they quickly changed it afterward. They were very kind to her, helping her find a nice apartment and a steady job which she was just getting back from and remembered to go grocery shopping. A lot of the other women tried to get her to date but she refused. After losing her husband, she could never love a man the same again.

Her name was Uzumaki Kushina. Wife of Namikaze Minato and mother of Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto.

She had lost both to that damn village and there was no way she would ever go back. Not with what they did to her.

She stopped before shaking her head and ridding herself of such thoughts. She had contemplated suicide before but she just couldn't do it, if she died than no one would remember her little angel except those that were old and she didn't expect them to remember her son after so long. Maybe someday she fully put her past behind her and start a family again. Until then, she would continue to live as she is. She didn't know why she was thinking about it now of all times, it's not like she ever forgot them it's just that she never thought about it all like this. But for some strange reason, something in the back of her head told her that she would be getting the surprise of her life. Until then she would go home, cook her meal, and watch some T.V. until she fell asleep on the couch before waking up from her nightmares and then dragging herself to bed. She sighed at this. God she needed to get out.

She got the apartment she was living at and entered through the lobby and headed towards the stairs. When she got to her floor she walked to her door and reach door knob until she felt it. It was a strong chakra signature. She quickly held her body up against the wall and dropped her grocery bags before she pulled out a knife from her apron before taking out her keys and putting them into the doorknob and twisting it, unlocking the door and pushing it open.

She got into a defensive stance as she walked into her home, waiting for any kind of trap or assault on her being. She felt the chakra signature again but this time it was coming from her bedroom.

She walked down the hallway towards her bedroom at the end of the hall and noticed that there was a weak chakra signature that probably came from a civilian. She would have been even more cautious but they obviously wanted something and they haven't ambushed her yet so she assumed that they wanted to talk. Though that didn't make her lowering her guard.

She finally got to her door and knocked, raising the knife and heightening her guard. Then she heard a 'Come in.' from what sounded like an old man though it was being muffled by the door. She grasped the doorknob and twisted it before swinging the door inward. She caught sight of the civilian chakra signature and saw that it was a cloaked figure sitting in a chair looking at the bed. She decided she would take the chance and look at the bed. When she did, she saw that there was a teenage boy lying in it.

Bu thus wasn't a normal teenage boy. He had spiky blond hair and strange whisker-like marks on his cheeks. His face looked like Minato's when he slept. She thought that this was some kind of trap and thus she used 'Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique)" to appear behind the man in the chair and release so much MI that the whole apartment complex nearly pissed themselves for no reason.

The cloaked man calmly turned his head to see the devil herself glaring at him. If he was any less of a man he would have defiantly been terrified but he had seen worse in his long life

"How dare you enter my home uninvited with some Bunshin (Clone) to look like Naruto! If you're from Konoha trying to get me to come back, know now that I will kill you and your little clone for stooping so low as to do this to me. Haven't you tortured me enough by taking my son away from me the first time?" Kushina fumed with tears on the brim of her eyes.

The old man continued to look at her before looking back at Naruto. "Has the words of two liars fooled you so much, that when the truth is sitting in front of you, you write it off as a lie? I brought him hear with the best intentions in heart. But if you are truly that broken inside, I will take him and leave. Know now that once I do, you will never see him again. I know you know that he isn't a clone. I know that you are not that stupid. But I will have to question you're intelligence for believing the lies of the most traitorous men in Konoha." he finished his speech and got up and put the chair against the wall before he walked towards Naruto.

Right before he could pick him up, he felt a hand gripping his own. He looked back with a hidden smirk. He saw that her tears were now flowing from her eyes. She the started to speak. "Please…are you lying? If you are just leave now and I'll forget it. But please…" she was now freely crying while looking at Naruto. "Is he my little Naruto?" she asked barely in a whisper.

The man looked back at Naruto and sighed. "He is your son. I swear on all the honor I have in this old body of mine. Right now, he needs you now more than ever. I'm afraid that he was treated as a Jinchuriki is said to. No matter how many times you ask him, he will tell you that he would protect the village with his body. The actual truth is that he can't deal with it anymore. It started with a fake smile and slowly turned into lie after lie, most of them to himself. He has tried to believe his own lies and after so long, he's starting to see them as they are. Lies. Right now…he needs you." The old man finished and not a second later did Kushina bolt towards her son's side and hugged his torso as she dug and rubbed her face into his dirty hair, not caring as her tears flowed from her eyes onto her son's hair as it dirtied up her face as she rocked back and forth whispering, 'My precious baby.' Or 'I'm so sorry.'

Even though Naruto was unconscious through the whole thing, he unconsciously moved towards the warmth. Kushina saw this and looked down at her son face and saw a small stream of tears run down his face. She only held him tighter and cried harder as she felt the scar on his bare back (2).

It was then she made a silent promise to protect her son like she should have from the beginning.

The old man was now sitting in the chair that was against the wall looking at the two. 'He's been sleeping for about a day. He should be awake by the time I get back from giving my message. Hopefully that Hokage can grow some kind-of backbone by the time I get there and back.' The man stood from his chair and walked to the door. Kushina looked towards him with a confused look on her face. He turned back to look at her and said, "I will inform Konoha of his whereabouts. Don't worry, once I explain and let you two bond for awhile, that boy won't let them take you from him ever again. Take care of him until then." With that he opened the door and walked out without closing it.

Kushina looked back at her son with a smile before yawning. She had one hell-of-a day. She got into the bed with her son and stroked his hair. 'Don't worry…Mommy will be here to protect you from now on.' Looking down at his face she saw her late husband, Minato and smiled at how similar they looked.

'That's the promise of a lifetime.'

-Minutes Earlier in Naruto's Mind-

Naruto, without his shirt or shoes on was sitting in water in front of a large cage with a piece of paper with the kanji for 'Seal' on it. Naruto was leaning against the wall on the right of the cage from a third person point of view and was staring off into space.

He heard some movement coming from the cage and dully looked over at it. Staring back at him were blood red eyes with slit pupils and the sclera were bloodshot, showing malicious insanity. Naruto looked on bored before he returned to looking in front of him.

The creature looked at him with annoyance before it decided to speak up. "You truly are a pathetic meat sack. If it wasn't for me you would've been dead! You're weak and I don't like weak." The Kyuubi yelled from his cage, trying to get a rise from the blonde but the demon container just kept staring, and Kyuubi knew why. In here he can be who he really is. And that is a very sad child.

(Play Naruto the Movie 1 OST – Yukie Fujikaze.)

During his childhood, he got beaten by people thinking that they could somehow harm the demon inside of him. The old Hokage had this thought taken out of their head when Naruto got his scar. He took the people and executed them publicly, declaring them traitors, and all those that anyone who broke his laws would befall upon the same fate. That had stopped them from physically harming him. Mentally, he was already tired. Humans had fragile minds and Naruto's wasn't an exception. It happened to Gaara, so why wouldn't he be affected by it? The complete truth is that he was. He was being hated for no reason and it hit him harder than a fist. When he found out that he carried the greatest demon in existence inside his stomach, he had actually been happy after all the drama passed. He now knew why he was hated. It was something that he had no control over. It was just like Haku. Born into a world and setting filled with hate, anger and sadness. He now knew that it wasn't his fault like he thought for so long. And when he was finally a registered ninja, he was happy in a rare moment in his life. Then everything became clear to him when Kakashi didn't train him. Or when Sakura hit him after he asked her out when Sasuke rejected her. Or the way Sasuke was treated better despite the fact that he was a major asshole to everyone that met him. It became clear that no matter if he was a ninja or a civilian; they were never going to recognize him as the same species as them. In their eyes he was lower than them. He wasn't human.

Then why was he feeling so warm right now in this cold, dank, dark sewer?

Why was he feeling this way?

Why did it feel so good right now? Like that there was no Kyuubi inside of him. Like that he felt…loved. After being denied for so long, why was he getting it now?

His mind was in inner turmoil as he dug his face into his right hand's palm in a futile attempt to somehow plug up his tears to come as the image of the sewer wavered a little before the image of…an angel…held him against her chest as she lovingly stroked his hair and held him, whispering kind words into his ears that he hasn't heard ever in his life. They were quiet words but he heard them clearly. She kept whispering, 'My precious baby.' or 'I'm so sorry.' as tears poured from her eyes onto his hair.

It didn't matter why she was saying these things, Naruto only moved closer to her. He liked the warmth that came off of her and moved closer, before wrapping his arms around image.

Then something happened that he never expected would. He cried. Tears were slowly but surely running from his eyes down his face and onto the 'angel's' lap. Then he just let go. He closed his eyes and went into peaceful, dreamless sleep. Hoping that he could keep this feeling for as long as possible.

-Time skip: Yamamoto no Kuni-

A handsome face by female standards with tan skin and what women would call, 'Cute little whisker marks' on his cheeks suddenly started to twitch as the beam of sunlight shown through curtains and hit him in the face. Naruto hesitantly opened one eye only to close it instantly as the sun was too much to bear on his recently opened eyes.

The blonde tried to move his right arm only to find that he couldn't, so he opted to use his left hand instead.

Suddenly the curtain closed, allowing Naruto to move his arm slowly away from his face, and see the person that did it. Naruto tried to sit up but was suddenly reminded why he couldn't move his arm and looked to see the offending object. It was defiantly one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. He attempted to slip his arm from the women's hold in order to sit up but only woke her up in the end. She had opened her eyes to reveal her beautiful violet eyes.

She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before looking at the boy in front of her, his crystal blue eyes now visible to her and so tears started forming in the corner of her eyes.

Naruto looked at her in panic. What the hell did he do to make her cry?

Naruto then remembered that if she was hear then there was someone else that closed the blinds and as such, he looked towards the figure in question only for his eyes to widen as he saw that it was the same man the gave him his powers. It had to have been. Same dark cloak and…uh…okay, so it was hard to tell people from other people while they are wearing cloaks; but he at least seventy-five percent sure that it was him.

The man looked at Naruto and, from what anyone can tell smirked under his hood. His suspicions were confirmed when the man spoke in the same voice that only belonged the one man that changed his life forever.

"How ya' doin' kid! Been awhile, huh? I can only guess that you are wondering about where you are and how the village is doing, but all that will come in due time. Right now, we're going to have a long talk about a lot of things…starting with the truth." Naruto nodded before looking at the woman.

"And…Who are you?"


1. Google 'Navy Captain's Hat' and you'll see what I mean.

2. Remember he lost his shirt while fighting Orochimaru.

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