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"Len, why don't you come over to play tonight?" a teal haired girl purred against the ear of her lover, manicured hand gently running down the side of his fair skin, "My parents have left town for the week, so the house will be all to us."

"Really?" a perfectly shaped, blonde brow raised in interest as he leaned closer towards her face, "And what do you have in mind for us to do?"

"It's a special surprise," Miku winked, "You'll have to come over to find out."

"Can't you give me a little hint?" Len whined and brought one hand behind the girl's head, burying it in her silken locks, while the other trailed down to the smooth area of her porcelain thigh, where the hem of her skirt just barely managed to cover her shame.

"I guess so," she whispered hotly against his ear. A devious smirk found its way onto the boy's face. Yet another woman fallen captive to his charms.

"That pervert, he's at it again. And in public where everyone can see too!"

A young girl, no older than 16, leaned back against a tree while glaring at the couple with intense, vibrant aquamarine eyes. She turned away from the scene with a huff. Sickening, that boy. Doing those kinds of things in broad daylight at school, even though it was lunch time. Rin was almost ashamed to call him her brother.

Well, actually they weren't related. They just lived together. And looked alike. But other than that the two had virtually no similarities whatsoever. The boy, Len, was immensely popular, attractive, charming, smart, athletic, pretty much the envy of every boy and the subject of every girl's dreams. Rin, on the other hand, was "average" in terms of her academics, highly un-athletic (she'd start huffing and puffing after only two laps around the track), barely acknowledged by anyone, tolerable figure (oh, who was she kidding? She had the body of a surfboard!), and oftentimes her best friend Teto would tell her she was being too loud and scary.

So how did these two unlikely beings end up together? Rin's father met Len's parents on a chance meeting during a business trip to Kyoto. At the time, the two had only been infants, yet the resemblance between them was so uncanny that Len's parents initially accused Rin's dad of stealing their child, when in reality Len was buried under a mountain of blankets in his stroller. After that awkward incident, their parents became such good friends, visiting each other each holiday and at least once a month, using their children's freakishly similar looks as proof of their fated friendship. They even had the same last names, and birthdays!

Unfortunately, the friendship was short-lived. On their way back from a vacation together, the plane they were on suddenly lost control and crashed in an abandoned field. Rin and Len, only 12 at the time, were among the handful of survivors. Their parents, however, weren't.

The "twins" decided to live together after that, the other being the only person they had left in the world, although most of the time Rin was left alone since Len was always out with some girl. He never admitted it, but Rin knew. Everyone knew. Whoever didn't was an idiot.

"Rin-chan, isn't this kind of like spying on them?" a red-haired girl tugged on the puffy white ribbon that adorned her friend's blonde hair.

"No way," Rin crossed her arms over her chest, "We were here first, Teto. This is our secret spot. Those lovebirds came after we did."

"Yeah, but they didn't know we were here," Teto's brows creased together in worry, "I don't feel right, especially since…" a heavy blush suddenly covered the girl's face. Some moans from a certain teal-haired girl and her blonde partner completed Teto's sentence for her.

"Fine," Rin rolled her eyes and gathered up her things. Truth be told, she really couldn't stand listening to it either. The thought of Len being with another girl made her sick to her stomach. Why? Rin didn't really know. Maybe it was partly because of jealousy, not that she liked Len or anything! Just that he used to be her best friend, and she really missed the attentions he'd lavish upon her. And partly because… for some reason Len being with another girl was just plain disgusting.

"GAH!" Rin squeaked as she suddenly found her face planted in the grass. A raised tree root was the culprit responsible for landing her in such a position.

"Mou, Rin you're so clumsy," Teto sighed and helped her friend up.

"Stupid root! I'll get you back for that; Teto, hand me an axe!"

The older girl just shook her head and ushered Rin back to class.

"Did you hear something?" Len broke the kiss and looked up, ears and eyes fully alert to his surroundings.

"Huh?" Miku asked dazedly, still in a trance from his earlier ministrations. The feeling of cool air against her exposed chest and stomach quickly sobered her up, though, as she sat up and began furiously buttoning her blouse, "What's wrong?"

Len narrowed his turquoise eyes dangerously. A flash of blonde and red disappearing through the bushes caught his attention. He froze.

"Rin…" the girl's name was barely audible on his lips. Was she-? No, she couldn't have.

"Eh?" Miku paled, mortified at the thought of being caught in such a compromising situation, "Did someone see?"

Len shook his head, "No, but let's get back now. We can continue this later."

The teal-haired girl nodded and blushed.

The rest of the day dragged on horrifically slow, or at least in Rin's opinion it did. She was never really in a good mood after catching Len with one of his girlfriends. Finally, after a seemingly endless eternity, the bell rang, signaling the blessed end of class.

"I'M FREE!" Rin shouted and leapt out of the classroom.

"Rin, wait up!" Teto struggled to keep up with the enthusiastic blonde's pace.

"Race you to the-AGH!" Rin groaned as she met face first with a firm, cloth-covered wall. God, what was with her today? She seemed to be crashing into things left and right! "Sorry, I wasn't look-oh. It's you." Turquoise eyes narrowed as she realized just who she had bumped into.

Len Kagamine looked down at his "sister" with a belittling glare, as if to say "How dare you ruin my perfectly ironed uniform?" Yeah, well, who ironed that uniform, jerk! Gently dusting off the spot where she had crashed into, he scoffed and walked off. "Whatever."

Rin's mouth hung agape. The nerve of that guy! "Grr, I'm totally going to put crickets in his pillow tonight." She stuck a tongue out at his retreating back and blew a raspberry.

"Geez," Teto sweat dropped and helped gather Rin's spilled things, "You two are practically siblings yet you act like mortal enemies. Why are you always giving each other nasty looks?"

"Who knows," Rin folded her arms behind her head, "That idiot started it. Whenever we go out in public he acts like he doesn't know me. Guess I'm just not cool enough or something."

Teto shook her head. Such a weird relationship!

"Err, well on a brighter note at least today's the last day of school before winter break. Two weeks without classes," sparkles alighted in Teto's eyes, "Aahh, I can't wait! I've gotta go Christmas shopping, visit family, bake treats, decorate the house, send cards, wrap gifts. So much to do!"

"At least you have stuff to do," Rin snorted, "Nobody ever invites me anywhere, except you. I'm stuck in that apartment with demon boy for two weeks, though I doubt he'll be home most of the time."

"Oh come on, didn't you say he's nicer to you at home?"

"Yeah, but he's still an immature jerk. Oh, look at me! I'm so cute and shota, everyone loves me! Rin, go clean this, Rin go do that! Bleh!"

Teto couldn't help but giggle at her friend's pathetic impersonation of her "brother". The two stayed at their lockers like that for a while, laughing and imitating the most popular boy at school. Many passerbys gave them weird stares, including some girls who were angered that Rin dare speak about their "beloved" Len like that. Behind the corner, a certain turquoise-eyed boy smiled faintly and just stood there listening to the girls' conversation. Before long the hall had emptied out, as most kids wanted to rush home and enjoy their breaks as soon as possible.

"Oh wow, it's getting late," Teto wiped a tear from her eye, "Let's go now."

"Oi, boss," a baritone voice whispered from the shadows, "Look at those two cuties over there."

"Yeah," another sneered, "And they're all alone. Nobody's around."

"Who's there," Rin narrowed her eyes dangerously and stepped protectively in front of her friend.

"Hey there," three rather hefty boys stepped forth into the light. Rin's eyes widened. She recognized them as the sophomores who transferred in but a month ago, no doubt having been expelled from the last school they were at. The leader, the biggest one, ran a bulky hand through his overly oiled hair, "You little kittens look lost. How about you come with us? We'll treat you to something nice." He winked to the two hulking masses behind him, who each leered shamelessly at the girls' supple, young bodies.

"Ugh, no thanks," Rin pushed past him, "We've got better things to do than hang out with greasy punks like you." She squeaked when a heavy hand suddenly grabbed her wrist and slammed her against a wall.

"Feisty little one we got here, eh?" Rin almost gagged at the sour stench radiating from his mouth, "Come on, we'll show you girls a good time."

"Boss, this one's got a nice butt." One of the other brainless pieces of muscle had slipped behind Teto and grabbed at her skirt.

"H-Hey!" Teto screeched, worming away from his grasp.

"Don't touch her!" Rin yelled, but to no avail. The other boy moved in and began stroking Teto's horrified face.

"I'd love to see the expressions you make when you scream my name," the stench of his breath made Teto pass out intermittently.

"Now, now," the leader turned his attention back to Rin and thrust a hand onto her chest, "Be good girls and this'll go real smooth." She cried out when he "massaged" a little too hard.

A sudden growl made all five of the hall's occupants to freeze.

"What the hell was that, boss?"

Rin used their distraction to her advantage, "You assholes!" she brought her leg up, effectively kneeing her captor in a place where the sun don't shine. As the boy howled in pain, grabbing his beloved children, Rin ran to grab her friend "Come on, Teto!"

"R-Right!" the redhead grabbed their things and took off sprinting down the hall, rounding the corner until they were out of sight.

"Why those little… After them!" But a slender stepped in the way, obstructing their paths. He looked to be a lean, fairly built individual, and had one hand nonchalantly in the pocket of his pants. His grim, firm expression spoke nothing but contempt for the individuals.

"Huh? Who're you?"

"A GHOST!" the leader suddenly screeched and scurried against the wall as if he could somehow manage to magically climb over it. As the figure stepped closer, revealing piercing turquoise eyes and a disheveled mop of blonde hair, the boy relaxed, "O-Oh, you, you're that bratty pretty boy, Len Kagamine. What's the big idea coming out of nowhere like that? Do you want to fight or something?"

Len removed the hand from his pocket and cracked the knuckles on his right.

"Don't you dare touch my sister ever again."

"Eh? I wasn't touching your-AGH! W-What the hell was that for?!" the boy cried out in pain and clamped a hand over his nose, where Len had just punched him. When he removed it, a dark red substance stained his fingers. Blood?

"Disgusting," Len spat, "You disgust me."

"A-Amazing," one of the boy's lackeys stuttered, "I didn't even see him move! He's so scrawny, yet he knocked boss to the floor… is this kid even human?!"

"I'm not finished with you yet," Len grabbed "boss" by his collar.

"Why you little," the other of the sidekicks rushed forward, "I'll teach you a lesson!"

Len narrowed his eyes and waited until his opponent got close enough before throwing "boss" at him. The lackey screamed in pain as he was squashed between his leader's heavy body and the hallway's metal lockers. He had no time to react, though, as Len appeared before him again and landed a roundhouse kick to his head, then one to boss's. Both boys slumped forward and groaned.

Len wiped the blood off his shoe by rubbing it against the unconscious boy's shirts. He turned to the last remaining male and grinned, "Next?"

"AAHH!" the lackey scrambled to his senses and started sprinting in the opposite direction, "N-NO, PLEASE, I D-DON'T WANT TO FIGHT YOU! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!"

Len only smiled and pursued quietly, walking with such eerie calmness. That boy wouldn't get very far. That way only led to a dead end.

A scream reverberated through the empty halls of the school.

Len dusted off his hands and glanced at the pile of semi-conscious bodies in front of him. Pathetic. The last one didn't even put up a fight. "Ah!" Len blinked as his right pocket began to vibrate, "I've got an incoming call. Hello?"

"T-That bastard," one of the boys struggled to lift himself. Who did he think he was, answering his cell phone all cool like that?

"Ah, Miku!" Len grinned into the receiver, "I'm sorry, no of course I didn't forget. I'll be right there, just taking care of some business. See you soon." As he tucked the phone away, Len was surprised at the sight in front of him. One of the boys actually thought he could get up again. The blonde walked over with a gentle smile, "I wouldn't get up if I were you."

"I-I'll kill you," the boy grunted.

Len narrowed his eyes, "Really now?"

The boy screamed as his hand was crushed under Len's foot… the very same hand he had used to touch Rin earlier.

"If any of you," Len bent down so that he was face to face with the shivering individuals, his tone laced with threats of punishments worse to come, "Go near my dear little sister again, I won't let you off so easily, got that? Oh, and you won't be telling anyone about this encounter, right? That's what I thought. Well, gotta get going now. Ja."

The 16 year old grinned and waved before setting off.

Boss glared at his retreating back, all the while whispering profanities and curses under his breath.

"T-That kid… is a monster."

Rin's body shook as she entered the apartment she shared with Len. Ugh, she just couldn't get rid of that nasty feeling of that punk's hand on her chest! She felt like someone had dumped her in a vat of oil and then made her role around in a garbage dump for four days. Blech!

"I need a hot shower," Rin shivered and quickly wormed out of her clothes. Len wasn't home, and she suspected he wouldn't be back until late, so privacy wasn't a big deal. After a long, very long, very exfoliating scrub, Rin slipped into a spaghetti-strap tank top and some shorts before plopping down on the couch. Well… now what to do with the rest of her night?

She flipped on the TV.

"Boring… boring… seen that… eh, don't feel like it… boring…"

A hundred clicks later and she threw the remote up in frustration. Nothing to watch! Maybe she could read a magazine or something… No wait, she hadn't gotten the mail yet. Blah, she'd do that tomorrow. What else… Oh! There was that manga in Len's room that she hadn't finished yet. That sounded like a good idea.

Rin quietly hummed a tune to herself as she waltzed to her brother's room and gently pushed open the door. It smelled like fresh laundry and cologne. His room was always so neat and tidy, as opposed to Rin's massive havoc of a chamber. She grabbed the volume she had been looking for and snuggled into Len's bed to read it, the slightly husky scent of his pillow wafting to her nose. She'd done this many times and Len never seemed to mind. Sometimes he'd even curl up next to her. Rin smiled slightly.

"Geez," Teto's image appeared in Rin's mind, "You two are practically siblings yet you act like mortal enemies. Why are you always giving each other nasty looks?"

The smile was quickly replaced by a frown. In all honesty, Rin didn't know why they acted like that in public. She wasn't lying when she said Len started it, though. They used to be very close and would go everywhere together; many said they were almost inseparable, which often led to some particularly scandalous rumors. But Len would always stand up and defend Rin, until one day two years ago. Rin had gone to meet up with Len for lunch, but when she found him for some reason he wouldn't look her in the eye. He kept stumbling as if he was nervous, and looking around like something was bothering him. He never told her what, which was definitely a surprise. They had been so close, what did she do to make him not trust her anymore?

Rin sighed and put the manga down in favor of staring at the ceiling. Len had avoided her after that, and no matter how much she bothered him he would just shrug her off coldly. But… the odd thing was that he only did that in public. At home, in private, he was still the same silly, caring Len.

"That boy," she yawned, "Is so complicated."

And then the room was quiet again, save for the ticking of Len's alarm clock. Rin slowly felt her vision grow darker and darker until she was fast asleep, tucked safely underneath his covers.

The bed creaked and dipped slightly, signifying the presence of another individual. Rin groaned and stirred as she felt cool fingers gently comb through her short, cropped locks. She raised a hand to rub the sleep from her eyes and struggled to focus on her surroundings. A boy sat before her, torso twisted in such a way that the moonlight seeping in through the window accentuated the ripples of his lean muscles. His hair, which was normally tied up in a high little ponytail, hung disheveled about his face, bangs framing its delicate shape. His darkened turquoise eyes regarded her with something akin to warmth, caring.

"Len?" Rin whispered.

"Sorry," he smiled softly, "Did I wake you?"

"Idiot," Rin scooted aside to make room for him, "What time is it?"

"1 AM."

"E-Eh?!" the girl suddenly sat up, startling her "brother", "It's really that late? Did you just get back now?"

He nodded.

"How inconvenient," Rin sighed and flopped back down, not caring that her top was bunched up loosely about her chest, revealing the flat expanse of her stomach to the air. She saw Len flinch. Hah, he probably wanted to scold her about indecency or whatever. He was one to talk, sitting there in nothing but his pajama pants. "You should have just stayed over at whatever girl's house you were at."

"I never said I was with any girl," Len's voice suddenly seemed very serious, "I was doing some important things. And besides, how could I stay away from my adorable little Rin-chan?"

"W-Wha, hey stop that! Haha!" Rin burst out in a fit of giggles as Len suddenly straddled her hips and descended upon her exposed stomach, tickling it with a grin wider than the Cheshire Cat's, "HAHA! LEN! SERIOUSLY, HAHAHA!"

The boy only continued to grin, "Goodnight!" And promptly collapsed on top of her, snuggling his face in the crook of her neck. Rin was sure he could feel the intense, scarlet heat radiating off her cheeks.

"O-Oi! Idiot, get off, you're crushing me!" she grunted and tried to shove him off, "For a skinny kid you sure are heavy."

Len frowned and maneuvered himself so that he was instead snuggling her side, "Better?"

"This bed is too cramped for the both of us, let me get back to mine."

"No," Len whined, "I'm comfy."

"Ugh," Rin rolled her eyes, "You're such a kid."

Len grinned.

Rin smiled.


"Goodnight, idiot."

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