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"Mmf!" Rin gasped when she felt Ted's lips tentatively press against hers. A foreign emotion sparked within her. Shock? Nervousness? Well this was her first kiss after all, so the feeling of another person's lips would definitely garner a response. Yet, at the same time, something wasn't right. It felt… wrong. Sick, nauseating, coiling in the pit of her stomach. She cringed and brought her hands up to push Ted away, but she didn't need to as he was suddenly ripped away.

She saw him thrown to the ground, a dark figure descending upon him like a carnivore caging its prey. The figure grabbed Ted by the collar and beat him repeatedly on the left side of his face. The crowd around them screamed and jumped back, all too afraid to approach due to the murderous aura being radiated.

"W-What are you doing?!" Rin screamed. She ran over and attempted to pull the assailant off, but was harshly shrugged away and knocked back on the concrete. Rin winced and rubbed her butt, "Just who do you think you are, randomly attack-"

Her words caught in her throat. That messy golden hair… that lean, sturdy build…


Ted grunted and lifted a hand to grab Len's fist, thus preventing him from throwing anymore punches. His other dug fingernails into the arm that gripped him by the collar, "W-What the hell?! Who are you?!" Mustering up all the strength that he could, Ted swung his legs and threw Len off. Once the blonde was thrown back and attempting to regain his balance, Ted charged and landed a blow to his gut.

Len snarled and brought his leg up, kneeing Ted in the chest. As Ted stumbled backwards, Len wiped the rivulet of blood that dripped down his chin.

"I'll kill you," he growled, "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!"

"LEN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Rin shouted, tears now freely streaming down her cheeks. Why was he all of a sudden attacking Ted?! Was it because of her?! "STOP IT, STOP RIGHT NOW!"

Ted panted and held an arm across his abdomen. This kid, he looked like Rin… was he her brother?

"Please!" Rin ran in front of Len and cupped his face in her hands, "Stop this, Len! Listen to me, Ted didn't do anything!"

For just a moment, he froze and gazed softly at her weeping expression. "Rin…" But as his eyes drifted to her lips, his expression quickly changed into rage.

"He touched you," Len hissed, "That asshole touched you. I'll never forgive him!"

"STOP," Rin cried as he brushed passed her, "LEN!"

"DON'T INTERFERE!" he roared over his shoulder.

"Listen," Ted's vision become hazy, "I don't want to fight you."

"Shut up."

Len suddenly appeared before the red-haired male and kicked him in the stomach. Ted coughed up another spurt of blood as he found himself on the concrete once more. As he struggled to get up, Len seized him by the hair and slammed his face onto the pavement. The crowd screamed for help, yelling for someone to call the police. Ted wrestled his arm free and elbowed Len in the jaw, and once again both males were up throwing punches and kicks at each other.

Rin shuddered. Why was Len doing this? Why wouldn't he listen to her? She had to stop him!

Ted fell to the ground. He was reaching his limit, but that boy, Len, was a monster. Ruthless. He wouldn't stop! Crimson eyes clamped shut in preparation of Len's next attack, but instead of pain, Ted's senses instead met with a warm, comforting embrace. His eyes snapped open. Blonde hair. The scent of oranges. Rin Kagamine had thrown her body on top of Ted's, wrapping her arms about his neck in an effort to shield him from her brother's wrath.

Len stopped his fist just above them. His eyes widened.

Rin turned and glared at him through tear-ridden eyes, anger and betrayal displayed clearly on her face. She shivered, looking so small, fragile and breakable.

"I-I don't know what's gotten into you," her voice was soft, "But if you want to hurt him then you'll have to hurt me too."

All was quiet, save for Ted's struggled breathing. Len couldn't believe the sight before him.

"Rin… you're protecting him?"

She nodded.

"You like him…?"


Len's body grew numb. Cold. Heavy. He sank to his knees.

"Len?" Rin started, worry crossing her features.

"…I see…" his shoulders shook, "I'm sorry… Forgive me, Rin."

"W-Wait!! Where are you going?!" Rin shouted as her brother suddenly took off running in the opposite direction, "LEN! COME BACK! LEENN!!!" Beneath her, Ted groaned. Rin settled her attention on the crimson male, pulling the white ribbon out of her hair to wipe the blood that dribbled from his mouth and wounds.

"Shh," she whispered shakily, scarcely able to control the fresh batch of tears welling in her aquamarine eyes, "It'll be alright." Rin cradled Ted's head in her lap, all the while darting her eyes to the right, where Len had run off to. She needed to go after him, but she couldn't leave Ted.

The police and ambulance arrived moments later. The paramedics quickly assessed Ted's condition and lifted him onto a stretcher. The police tried to question Rin, but she pulled herself free from them.

"I'm sorry," she bowed quickly, "I have to go, my name is Rin Kagamine and here is my number. Please call me for the interrogation later, but not now!"

"Wait, miss!" the policeman shouted, but the girl was already well down the street by then.

Rin panted as she pushed past people, ignoring the burning sensation in her chest and legs. She had been running for quite some time now. From the random blood splotches on the floor and the confused, dazed individuals whom she inquired about the upset teen, Rin knew she was on the right track. They said he had run toward the bridge and taken a separate path toward the river.

Before long, Rin was at the embankment. She couldn't run anymore and slowed to a half walk, half jog. There was a tunnel up ahead. This place was a little ways off from the road, so the terrain, instead of being concrete, was grass and dirt. There were scarcely any streetlamps, leaving no light to shine on any fresh blood spots or cast any shadows on fresh footsteps. Rin slumped against the tunnel wall and pulled her knees to her chest.

"Where are you, Len? Please… Please come back…"

Rin didn't know how long she was out wandering around for, but when she got back to the apartment the clock read 2:30AM.

She choked back a cry when she saw the cake and present sitting on the table. It was their birthday. She was such an idiot. How could she have forgotten? No wonder he wanted her to come back so badly… that must have been why he was at the movie theaters. He was coming to get her.

Slowly, she undid the gift's wrappings and opened the box. Inside was a hefty book, with random paper slips sticking out here and there. A letter fell out from one of the pages.


Happy Birthday! Can you believe we're 17 now? It's been five years since we've started living together. Seems like just a month ago we were moving into this place, haha. It just feels weird how fast time passes, you know? But we shouldn't forget it.

Anyways, I wasn't sure what to get you this year… so I made you something. It's a scrapbook. Don't laugh! I know I'm not all artsy and girly, but I tried my best, okay? It's got all our memories, photos from when we were little and when our parents just met, the visits, vacations, the accident, us coming to live together and how our lives have been since then. But I left a lot of blank pages in the back because, well, I hope you and I can have more memories together in the future.

I know I've been a real jerk to you and that I've never really got the chance to say this, but you're really important to me, Rin. Truly. There's a lot of things I've never actually told you, but always wanted to. (This is making me really uncomfortable as I write this, so appreciate it!) We'll both be going off to college soon, and probably be parting ways, but if at all possible I'd really like to stay together with you.

Please think about it.


Rin clutched the scrapbook close to her chest that night as she slept.

"He didn't come back for three days?"

Rin shook her head. Teto nodded in understanding. School was back in session now, but it was lunch break. They were on the roof, Teto leaning against the railing and Rin sitting with her back to it.

"And he hasn't come to school either?"

"No," Rin cast her eyes to the floor, "I was so worried I could barely sleep. When he came back he didn't even look at me and went straight to his room. He's shut himself in and won't come out, even when I beg."

"I see."

Rin fidgeted nervously with her skirt. She kind of wanted to avoid asking this, but the anxiety was becoming too much. "Teto… how is Ted-kun?"

The older girl said nothing. She continued to stare out at the city, her pigtails billowing lightly with the wind.

"…The police called at ten that night. They said Ted was at the hospital in critical condition. We rushed over there as fast as we could. Doctors said he was involved in a fight of some sort, had severe internal bleeding, broken ribs, head trauma, and several lacerations that would require stitches. They told us he'd make a full recovery, but it would take a while. Police reported many mixed accounts on what happened, but when I saw Ted clutching your ribbon, I knew."

"Oh…" Rin lowered her eyes even further.

Teto glanced at her friend and sighed. She sank down beside her. "…You shouldn't worry too much, Rin. It wasn't your fault. Ted's parents aren't going to press charges against Len, even though police wanted them to file a lawsuit. You guys are safe now."

"That's good…"


For a while, neither of them said anything. Rin continued to gaze at the ground while Teto idly flicked a pebble around.

Rin was the first one to break the silence.

"I'm so sorry, Teto. Really, I don't know how to make it up to your family."

"You've already apologized, Rin-chan, and we've already forgiven Len."

Rin could feel hot tears pricking at her eyes, "I-It's just… I don't know what to make of all this."

Teto's eyes held a far off look.

"…You know, Rin-chan, Len did what he did because he loves you."

"Yes, I know he cares but beating Ted was-"

"No, you don't understand. Len is honestly in love with you."


"He only attacked Ted because he saw you guys kissing, and the thought of losing you to another guy drove him insane. Do you know why no boy ever talks to you? It's because Len beats up any guy who tries to get close to you. You're the only person he has left, Rin. He can't lose you."

"How…" Rin's ears felt heavy, as if they also could scarcely believe what they were hearing, "How do you know all this?"

Teto shrugged, "He's never said it outright, but I have a feeling from the way he looks at you when he thinks nobody is watching, all those stories you tell me, and that birthday letter."

"Then, why does he have other girlfriends? Miku, Luka, Gumi, Meiko, Neru, how do you explain them?"

"The fact that you remember all of them distinctly says something about you," Teto winked at her friend, "I think you care more than you let on, Rin-chan. But about them, I think he has them to drown out his longing for you. But haven't you noticed they all share some trait with you? Luka, with the blue eyes, Neru with her blonde hair, Miku's voice, and stuff like that."


"…How do you feel, Rin?"


"Do you love Len, too?"

"…I…I don't know."

"Think about it. You told me you always felt jealous when he was out with other girls because you wished he would pay attention to you more, why is that? Why do you want his attention? You said you felt weird whenever he'd say those nice things to you, that it was disgusting. Was it really? Why would you always be happier, then, why couldn't you stop talking about it? Do you worry so much out of purely platonic concern, or something more? What do you honestly think?"

"STOP!" Rin suddenly stood and ran towards the stairwell, "I've had enough! That's too much, Teto!"

"Think about it, Rin."

She stopped with her hand on the handle to the stairwell's door.

"Think about how you truly feel, and then try to reconcile with Len. It's cruel to leave him hanging, especially with the way he is now and how much he still cares for you. Don't lie to yourself anymore."

"What about Ted?" Rin turned back around, "When I kissed him, I felt something. It was small, but I definitely felt something. I can't love Len if I feel something for Ted also, right?"

"Of course your body would be shocked and react a certain way to a guy being so intimate with you," Teto gazed up at the sky, "It's all those pent up hormones, a natural response. But what about emotionally? Did you feel anything?"


"Try kissing Len tonight."

"E-Eh?! T-That's crazy!"

"Trust me. You'll find your answer after you kiss him."

"How do you know all this, Teto? How do you know it better than me, who's actually in the situation?"

She smiled, "They say love is blind, Rin. Those struck by it cannot see what is in front of them."

The entire way home, Rin couldn't stop wringing her hands together. Did she love Len? No way, that was impossible. She never thought of him in such a way. She only cared because he was like her brother, the only person she had left after their families passed away. But all the things Teto said during lunch just wouldn't stop replaying in her mind. Gah! Rin grabbed her head in frustration.

She did have a good point, however. Rin really needed to reconcile with Len. They couldn't keep going on like this forever.

"I guess I should do it now," Rin bit her lip as she padded to his door, "Hopefully, I can find some answers."

After much hesitation, she gently rapped her knuckles against his door. No answer, she expected that. It was locked, she expected that too. Rin pulled out one of her white bobby pins and nimbly tweaked it about the lock. A small "click" indicated that she had succeeded in turning the tumblers. Slowly, quietly, she cracked upon the door and gingerly stepped across the threshold.

Rin's hands flew to her mouth as she gasped at the sight before her. The room, which was usually so meticulously organized, was in a state of shambles. Glass shards littered the floor, from shattered picture frames to broken bottles. She saw that Len had knocked everything off his desk and that the chair was overturned. Her nose was assaulted by the stale stench of alcohol that seemed to permeate the entire room. Exactly how much had Len drunk? What struck her the most, though, was a single, worn picture of her laying amidst the mess. The picture was from when she was 14, smiling and holding up a peace sign.

But in lieu of all that, Rin's main focus was on the figure who lay on the bed, clad in only black boxers with his back to the door. His head was nodding off to loud music blaring from the earphones of his mp3 player, hand still clutching a half-empty brown bottle.

Rin shut the door and went to kneel beside him, taking care not to cut herself on the glass. She reached out and gently took the bottle from his hand.

"Len," Rin silenced his mp3 player and brought a hand up to stroke his forehead, "Wake up."

The figure stirred. He subconsciously leaned into her touch as his eyes opened groggily, struggling to focus on his surroundings.

"Rin..." his voice was hoarse, "Why are you here? I thought I told you to stay out."

"We need to talk."

"There's nothing to talk about," Len winced as he sat up. Rin could tell he had a horrible hangover.

"Yes, there is. Why did you attack Ted?"

"...That's none of your concern."

"None of my concern?? I was there, you attacked the guy I was with, of course it's my concern!"

She could see Len clench his fists.

"Just get out, Rin."

"No, I'm not moving until you tell me what's going on. You've been in here all week, you barely eat anything, and you don't even go to school anymore. I'm worried. Tell me, what's wrong?"

"It's nothing."

"It's not nothing! You used to be able to tell me anything, but now look at us. You won't even look me in the eye anymore!"

Len was silent.

Rin gripped the edge of her shorts.

"Maybe if I had teal hair… or if my voice wasn't as high and annoying. Maybe if I had a nicer body or at least bigger boobs you would tell me."

He turned inquisitively at her, "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb," Rin's voice was shaking, "I know about Miku, Luka, Neru, Gumi… all those girls. Everyone knows about it. I've known for a long time. It's pretty ridiculous how it's alright for you to go visit them whenever and do whatever the hell you want without any repercussions, but then when you see me with Ted you go all crazy. What's this bullshit double standard, Len?"

"You wouldn't understand."

"Try me! You've never sat down and talked to me about it, so how would you know?"

"Just get out!" he yelled, grabbing the bottle and chucking it at the door. The shattered fragments scattered all over the floor, while the remaining liquid that had been in the bottle dripped lazily onto the carpet.

But Rin sat, undeterred. She lowered her head so that her bangs shadowed her eyes. "Why," she whispered, "Why do you hate me now? What did I do, Len?"

At this, Len looked shocked. "No! I could never hate you-"

"Then why can't I get close to you anymore?!" Rin's voice gradually became louder and louder, unable to control the conflicting emotions raging behind them, "Why are you always leaving me?! You won't even look me in the face now!"

Half consumed by her fit, Rin placed a hand on either side of his face and turned it so that he would finally look her in the eye. Len looked tired, sorrowful, confused. What was he truly feeling? Why wouldn't he just talk to her?

"You'll find your answer if you kiss him."

She crushed her lips against his.

Len's eyes widened. His mouth opened slightly from shock.

Rin took the opportunity to deepen the kiss by weaving her hands in the back of Len's hair, urging his head closer to hers. Len was still paralyzed, but Rin felt something alight in her lower abdomen as she moved her lips against his. Like liquid fire, it spread across her body, and Rin groaned, desperate to feel more of this strange sensation. Subconsciously, she arched her body against his.

She didn't know she was unleashing a dam of pent up emotions.

All of a sudden, Rin found herself pushed back onto the mattress, Len on top of her. He continuously slanted his mouth against hers, groaning and bringing his hands up to cup her face, rub her shoulders, her arms, her torso, as if the owner of said hands were desperately checking to see if the girl beneath him was indeed there and that this was no apparition. He inhaled deeply, breathing in her familiar scent.

What she felt when Ted kissed her was nothing compared to this.

Rin wrapped her legs around his waist, eliciting a moan from Len. The little burning trails he left where he had touched her skin were driving her mad. She gasped when his tongue delved into her parted lips, lightly running against her bottom lip. Tentatively, she reached out with her own and touched it against his, all the while her hands massaging his chest and shoulders. Len felt his eyes roll to the back of his head from sheer pleasure. They kissed each other senseless for a while, finally separating because they needed air. Len still kept his face close to Rin's, nuzzling her cheek and planting smaller, butterfly kisses along her jaw and neck.

"Len," she murmured in his ear, "I love you."

His body went rigid. Len lifted himself slightly, so that both could get a better look at each other's faces. His eyes showed confusion, disbelief.

"Do you... do you mean that?"

Rin's showed warmth, caring, affection. Sincerity.

"Yes, you idiot," she stroked his cheek, "Of course I do."

His shoulders began to shake. Rin felt hot droplets fall onto her cheek. Tears? But, weren't those the words he wanted to hear?

"I love you too," Len whispered as he pulled her up so that she sat facing him in his lap. He wound his arms around her waist and pulled her close, resting his cheek on her shoulder, "Thank you."

Rin smiled and rubbed his back soothingly. She got her answer after all.

"...Hey, Len, stop poking me down there."

He blushed.

"Are you sure this is okay?"

"Oh come on, stop being so afraid!"

"I'm not scared! I just don't think he wants to see-"

"GOOD MORNING, TED-KUN!" Rin called cheerily as she opened the door to the hospital room. Said crimson-haired male looked up from his conversation with his cousin Teto and smiled.

"Long time no see, Rin-chan."

"Glad to see you're looking better already," Rin grinned, "Ne, Ted-kun, there's someone I'd like you to meet." She blinked when she noticed he wasn't at her side, but still standing in the corridor.

"…Do I have to?"

"Mou," Rin sighed exasperatedly, "Get in here!"

After a very persuasive tug of the sleeve, Len stepped into the hospital room, holding a large bouquet of vibrant, yellow flowers. He averted his gaze to the window. Rin elbowed him in the gut.

"Oof! E-Err," Len raised a hand to scratch the back of his head, "Listen, I'm really sorry for what I did the other day… I saw you and Rin together and… yeah. I wasn't thinking at the time."

Ted smiled and motioned for his cousin to take the flowers and put them in a vase, "You are Len-kun, right? Teto-chan told me what happened. It's alright, I understand now. Though you should have been more open with Rin-chan if you cared about her that much."

Len blushed and looked away.

Teto and Rin rolled their eyes.

Ted laughed.

After a while the four settled into comfortable conversation with each other about random, funny things. More often than not they would burst into fits of giggles and laughter, as if they had been friends all along.

"Thanks for stopping by you two," Teto wiped a tear of laughter from her eyes, "It really means a lot."

"No problem!" Rin smiled.

"Oh!" Ted looked as if a light bulb had suddenly gone on in his mind, "I almost forgot. This is yours, Rin-chan." He reached into the drawer beside him and pulled out a white ribbon, "I was still holding onto this when they brought me to the hospital. The staff wanted to dispose of it, but I asked them to clean it and return it to me."

"My ribbon!" Rin gasped. Len reached out and received the gift for her.

"Thank you," he said as he retied it atop Rin's head.

"Stop by again sometime, ne?" Teto and Ted grinned.

Once Rin and Len had said their goodbyes and left the room, Teto turned to her cousin. "Ted, don't you feel sad letting her go like that?"

"Of course I do," he sighed, remembering how protectively Len had his hand about Rin's waist, "But Rin-chan will be happier with Len-kun. He'll take care of her."

Teto laughed, "Aww, Ted-chan is growing up!"

"I've always been grown up. When is it going to be your turn?"


Outside the room, Rin and Len grinned at the cousins' conversation. Len intertwined his fingers with Rin's as she craned her neck upward to capture his lips with hers. Together they walked down the hall and back home.

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