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Jasper's POV

The room was darkened, a mood setter for the dark classical performance playing off of the tall Gothic stage, set back within the large oval shaped room with high ceiling and low hanging chandeliers. High drapes of red and black hung loosely on the stoney walls, there presence adding a tent like feel to the already poised room.

The watchers were hushed, and the seats crowded with people from all around, all eager to enjoy the soft music flowing from center stage.

Dressed in fancy elegant clothes, the men and woman were seated upright and proper, there head healed pointed up in a respectful manor as they watched and listened to our virtuoso. His own head bobbing in time with his music, his fingers easily flowing across his instrument.

I glanced beyond the performer of center stage, landing upon the massive sea of the high set orchestra behind him. They were seated much like the on lookers. Holding them self's high and proud, instruments at the ready for there grand entrance.

They waited for there cues, not daring to move or jostle there ready set high class violins, or out tune there massive cellos. The stings were ready in the front, the loud tight percussions, huddled in the back, mallets at the ready.

I watched in a trance as the conductor gave his cue, the pianist playing one last ringing cord as the rest of the orchestra made their grand entrance. The note seemed to play on, holding in the ears of its listeners as the room vibrated with the roar of the entering musicians.

I clung tightly to the red velvet drape hiding the back stage away from the well paying audience. I was in pure awe of the magnificent music playing just in front of me, as I always was. From my frequent poor views from a small crack in the drapery, I relied purely on my ears to receive the grand concert playing inches away from me.

The weekly performances of the Grand Gothic Orchestra never ceased to amaze me, and more and more often, I was finding myself becoming jealous of their pure talent that pored from them night after night.

I yearned to be one of them, to join the well respected group and play side by side with the best. To be able to say and prove to my family that yes I , Jasper Hale, was good enough and worthy enough to amount to something in everyone's eyes.

To be praised with the high honor of being a member of the greatest orchestra in history. I wanted that, and yet, never would I have the talent to do so.

I lacked every quality the Grand Gothic was looking for in a member. I was poor to the bone, never being able to afford a well tailored tux, or an instrument of such well praised class. Hell, I didn't even want to squeeze my ass into something so stuffy and over priced.

But yet I still wanted to be one of them. I wanted to stand proud in my own way on top of the Gothic stage, I wanted respect, tired of being nothing more then the emo looking stage help who coward in the back. Though my look was purely scene.

I was tired of sweeping after the group that was way more respected a praised then I was, hell without me the high class stage of Gothic would be a fucking pig pen! They couldn't function without me, yet never did I get one thank you or recognition for my hard necessary work. I was tired of it, and I wanted to be center stage with the rest of them. It was my damn time to shine.

The loud roar of thunderous applause could be heard beyond the red curtain, signaling the end of yet another Grand Gothic Orchestra performance. I quickly pulled my head away form the small gap, not really wanting to see the group give their final bows as they excited the large stage.

Slowly one by one each section gave their low grateful bows, carefully removing themselves off of the stage and joining me in the dark cluttered back. I could hear each different section receiving polite applause, as more and more people joined my stage.

Then as the last of the stringed and percussion excited, a monstrous booming sounded behind the closed curtain. I could tell this was the pianist, Edward, receiving his well earned thanks, his roaring applause much loader and enthusiastic then the others.

Even a few of the excited string members clapped for him, only causing me to scowl where I stood off in the shadows.

"Oh Edward, you did beautifully!" Someone said as he emerged from the stage, his sheet music in hand and tie undone. "Yes, Edward marvelous job." The first violinist Bella spoke softly from off to the side of the other violins. Her friend Alice stood with her, both girls hugging their instruments as they praised the pianist.

They all continued to share there commends as I stayed away in the shadows of the back stage. The other help had already left, much like myself should of and would of done if I wasn't on an important mission.

"Yes, thank you, everyone." Edward spoke up from where he was now sitting. His hand was absently playing through his hair, a habit I heard he only did when he was under stress.

" As you all know however, were becoming rather," He paused, as if searching for the right word to voice, " well we've become rather dull, to be honest."

The room nodded as a whole, each silently agreeing with their star. "We've become predictable, we need a new edge, something that will wow our audiences all over again." He stopped, reaching out to his performers, "Does anyone have any idea on what we could do? We can learn all the new music we want, that's nothing new."

No body answered, as they hung their heads low in thought. I kept my mouth shut in the shadows, still silently listening. Edward sat up from his seat, sighing.

"Don't worry everyone, we'll think of something." He smiled a hopeless looking smile as he glanced off into the distance. His smile becoming more real looking as he addressed the orchestra once more. "Have a good night everyone, see you all in the morning for rehearsal. Remember eight o'clock sharp, safe driving." He added as the members began exiting the building by the back doors.

"Bye Edward, and good job." Bella nodded from the door, a smile on her face as she opened the door to the sharp December air.

"Thank you Bella, you to, have a safe drive home." He said looking up, not moving from his chair to go home. Bella smiled again, exiting out into the light snow falling gracefully from the dark sky. Edward sighed as the door closed with a sharp loud bang. He stood up moving to stand a few feet away from where I blended with the shadows.

"You can come out now." He said shortly, making no move to come closer. I stepped out of the dark, shuffling my feet slightly as I did so.

"I wasn't hiding. Just blending." I said as I approached him. Standing in front of him I realized that I was a good foot taller, our size difference making me grin. Edward had to raise his head slightly to meet my blue eyes. His own shinning green ones narrowing into slits.

"Well, blending or hiding, doesn't excuse your eavesdropping. Mr.,"

"Hale." I said offering up my hand. Edward ignored it, as he continued to stare at me, his eyes slitted and an eyebrow raised. I frowned, dropping my hand quickly, it landing at my side with a slap.

"Well, Mr. Hale, no matter what you were doing 'blending' into the back like that, I ask you nicely now to leave." He turned around, picking up his music from his vacant chair. "I have quite a lot to do. Now if you'll excuse me."

Confused I stepped towards him, reaching out my hand.

"Sir please, I stayed to ask you something." I said, as Edward kept his back facing me. I reached out to touch him, bring him to look back at me. I needed his help and I wasn't going to take no for an answer. I wouldn't give up on him, he had to help.

But he made no move of turning around to address me. Just continued to sort his already surely sorted music into a neat stack.

"Listen, all I want is for you to teach me how to play the piano, I've watched you night after night,"

I paused, hoping I didn't sound to desperate, I didn't need him to think that I was some kind of hopeless kid.

"Well, I've heard you play, and your truly the best there is, I would really be grateful if you would teach me." He didn't move. "Please." I added lowering my head. Slowly Edward turned around to face me.

His mouth was turned down in a scowl as I was sure he was sizing me up. He started at my rough beat up black chucks, the rubber toe proudly sporting a good size hole. His nose scrunched up in distaste as he quickly moved on to my tight washed out skinny jeans, each knee similar to my right shoe.

His expression didn't change as he moved up, his eyes landing on my graphic tee and then my purple hoddie. He gave each a scowl as he landed on my face.

I had several piercings I knew he would not find satisfactory. My left ear with a stud and loop and my right just the top cleavage. My lip was also marked with vampire bit type piercings, and my left eye brow a small stud much like my ears.

He closed his eyes and begun rubbing at his temple when he reached my hair. Hidden beneath a navy beanie, my blond hair was done up in small lose spikes, the very tips dyed to match my hat. Hey, it wasn't that bad, the dye was washable.

Edward continued to rub at his head, as he let out another low sigh.

Too afraid to be the first to speak, I stood quietly in front of him, allowing him to process my asking. Finally after several minutes of silence he spook.

"Tell me why I should teach you how to play one of the best instruments ever made."

I was at a loss, because I wanted to prove to the world that I could amount to something? That I Jasper Hale could be great too? But I was a chicken, and couldn't voice my reasons. What if he took them too selfish, refused to teach me because of my self wanting. So instead I said nothing, just shook my head and maintained eye contact with the older man's steady intimidating green ones.

Edward finally looked away and turned back around to sort through his music once more. I did something wrong, he wasn't going to help me. I was nothing. I had screwed this up just like I did everything else. But on my better judgment and my last resort I spoke up.

"Please Edward, if you teach me how to play the piano," He paused his movements but made no move to turn around. " If you teach me, I will help you think of a new way to jazz us your performances."

He didn't answer, nor did he turn to face me.

"I could really help." I said, my voice sounding weak and hopeless even to my own ears. He didn't want my help, he probably didn't need it. I sighed turning around towards the exit doors. "Never mind." I said lowly, my feet dragging on my way out.

"Be here at six o'clock tomorrow morning." I heard him mumble, just as the doors slammed shut behind me leaving me out in the snowy cold, a large smile plastered on my face.

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