Hey guys! I know I haven't updated, and I'm so sorry. I know a lot of people are disappointed with me, and I apologize deeply. I love writing but recently I've just not be motivated or too busy to do so. I'm also an artist and have been more taken with that this past year. Actually, I'm currently involved with a major art contest for a backpack company! I MADE IT TO THE FINALS out of tons of people all over the world! Now, here is what I'm was wondering, if you guys will vote for me, and I know this has come up before, but if guys vote for me and send me a review or message saying you did so, I PROMISE PRMOISE PROMISE TO UPDATE ONE CHAPTER OF ANY ONE OF MY STORIES FOR EVERY 5 VOTES I GET! Please help an inspiring young artist out! :D You can find my contest at www .baobaobags .com and voting is real simple and will only take a second of your time. Just click enter and then vote and then choose taters7 with the piece "Overflow" :D its that easy. And if you really love me, you can vote once a day and spread the word out to your fellow readers and friends. :D

Thanks a munch guys!