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Once upon a time, in far away in a demon kingdom called Shin Makuko a new Maou arrived from a faraway and magnificent world called Earth. His name was Yuuri Shibuya. He was said to be a handsome double-black, very young, brave, kind, loving, intelligent, and above all else he was very single – very eligible. All the young women and young men dreamt of meeting and conquering his heart. Every eligible soul (and those not so eligible) in Shin Makuko had their heart set on their new Maou with the exception of one.

Faraway from Blood Pledge castle, in the territory of Spitzweg, lived a young man of who served his step-father and step-brothers hand and foot. The boy's name was Wolfram, but he had not gone by that name since he was a mere baby. He was known to his stepfamily as Cinderfell, and he had all but forgotten his real name.

Cinderfell did not have time to fantasise about the new Maou. He had to cook for his family, he had to clean the vast castle, he had to iron clothes, do the laundry, put out the trash, feed the pigs, water the vegetable patches etc, etc, etc… And ever since the new Maou arrived in Shin Makuko, Cinderfell had to make sure that his step-brothers Gunter and Sara were perfectly dressed just in case the Maou ever showed up at the Spitzweg Castle. "Stupid Maou!" grunted Cinderfell to himself as he wiped ash from his dirty blonde hair. "He's given me nothing but more work since he's arrived" he said to no one.

And so time slowly passed. Five years had passed since the arrival of the Maou. He had proven too many that he was the most powerful and courageous Maou ever. But there was one slight problem. In his five years as king he had not fallen in love with anyone, or better said, fallen into anyone's claws. The truth be told he had managed to avoid any entanglements thanks to the help of his friend and bodyguard Lord Conrart Weller and Conrart's older brother Lord Gwendal von Voltaire his advisor, regent, and general the army.

Many balls had been given at the castle by the former Maou herself Lady Celi von Spitzweg, but both her sons Conrart and Gwendal had agreed that Yuuri was way too young to become betrothed or much less married. And so, both Conrart and Gwendal protected His Majesty from any and all possible love interest that would appear at the balls. If Conrart was not glued to Yuuri's side, then Gwendal was next to him scaring off anyone that approached the Maou with just a glare from his steely blue eyes. Lady Celi reproached her two sons for being so over protective of the Maou.

"How is he ever going to fall in love with someone if you two are always scaring any potential lover away?" asked Lady Celi. It was breakfast time and she had joined Yuuri, Gwendal, and Conrart for breakfast.

"Mother we have been over this. His Majesty is too young for marriage" Gwendal answered back sternly.

"He is old enough to be at least betrothed, or do you want him to remain single and grumpy like you two?"

"Mother he is only twenty years old" Conrart pointed out.

"That is twenty Earth years, and if I recall correctly demons on Earth age just like humans" replied Celi.

"Yes mother that is correct, but since he has arrived here he has stopped aging" Gwendal stated.

It was true Yuuri had been born in another world where demons and humans aged at the same rate. But in the demon world, demons aged very slowly while humans aged at the same rate as on Earth. Yuuri could understand both sides of the argument that was currently taking place, but no one had taken into account his feelings. He knew he was not that young naïve fifteen year old that one day popped out of a fountain and became king. He knew that although he looked only sixteen, he was in fact twenty. He also knew that it was over due in the romance department. He was becoming the dateless wonder. He wanted to go out on a date with a pretty girl and, and boy oh boy; there were certainly some pretty girls out there for him. He was brought out of his thoughts when Gwendal slammed his hand on the table.

"Mother, how many times do we need to tell you to let go of Wolfram? He died back then and that is the end of that. Conrart and I do miss him but we learned to let go of him years ago. It is time for you to do so also."

Celi was on the verge of tears as she stammered, "I will not let go of my baby. In my heart I know that he is alive and one day he will be returned to us."

Yuuri had learned about the tragic death of the third and youngest son of Lady Celi through Conrart. A few days after his arrival in Shin Makuko, Yuuri was being shown the castle by Conrart when he noticed a portrait of Lady Celi and her sons. In the portrait Celi was sitting on the throne with a toddler on her lap. Gwendal and Conrart were standing at each side of her. What brought out Yuuri's curiosity was the toddler. The toddler was the most beautiful little boy Yuuri had ever seen. He had sun-kissed golden hair, rosy cheeks, brilliant emerald eyes, and the most amazing smile that had ever he had ever seen. He looked like a Raphael angel, sweet and innocent. Yuuri asked Conrart about the child. Conrart looked at the painting and then to Yuuri as his facial expression changed to sorrow. Maybe he should not have asked, Yuuri thought to himself.

"I'm sorry if I asked something inappropriate" said Yuuri.

Conrart smiled and shook his head. "No you haven't. It just that, a part of me still misses him. I will probably always miss him. You see, he was Gwendal's and my little brother, Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld."

"Where is he?"

"He died shortly after that painting was done."

"I'm sorry. I should not have asked."

Conrart patted Yuuri shoulder and said, "I'm glad you asked. I rather you hear what happened from either Gwendal or I than from some other person."

"What happened?"

"We had gone to visit our uncle, our mother's brother, Lord Stofel von Spitzweg at his castle in the Spitzweg territory."

"Is he one of the ten nobles?"

"Yes. Anyway, one afternoon Mother had placed Wolfram in the nursery for his nap along with our cousin Saragueli. We have two cousins on that side of our family. Gunter who is a little younger than Gwendal and Sara who is about the same age as Wolfram would be. She had laid Wolfram next to Sara for their afternoon nap. At dinnertime she returned to the nursery only to find Sara. Wolfram was not in the nursery. She looked around the nursery to see if Wolfram had hidden himself somewhere, but she could not find him. Mother let out the alarm to find him. Sara was awakened and asked if he knew where Wolfram was. He told us that Wolfram had awakened and left the room. We searched the castle first, then the gardens, the woods, and finally the Black Forest. It was very late at night when we found remnants of his clothing and a shoe. Both clothing and shoe had blood on them. The clothing had been ripped apart by some wild animal. You see the Black Forest has many dangerous animals. We believe that Wolfram wondered off into the forest and was attacked by a wild animal. He was too small to defend himself."

"I'm so sorry for you loss Conrart, but why did you not want me to hear the story from someone else?"

"A lot of people believe that Lord and Lady von Spitzweg were jealous of Wolfram's beauty. He out shined every child including Sara. Sara is quite beautiful. I have heard people accuse them of killing Wolfram and making it look like a wild animal killed him. And of course Mother is no help in clearing her own brother's name. She blames him for not having guards properly posted that day. To this day we have not spoken to them."

"I see, what happened to the Spitzwegs?"

"Uncle Stofel, Gunter, and Sara are not welcomed here."

"What about Lady von Spitzweg?"

"Alazon ran off with Raven a few months after the incident."


"My uncle's right hand man at the time."


Yuuri was brought out of his recollection when he heard his name called. "Your Majesty…. Yuuri….YUURI!"

"Sorry my mind wondered off for a minute" he said a little embarrassed.

"That is alright dear" said Celi and added, "I think we should throw a ball for your fifth anniversary as Maou. What do you think?"

Yuuri did not ponder much on it. If it meant pretty girls were going to be invited - why not! "Yes. Let's have a ball" he said happily and added, "And invite all the eligible young people to the ball." Before Gwendal and Conrart could protest, Yuuri said "Gwendal and Conrart. I happen to agree with Lady Celi. It is time for me to meet and possibly date someone." And so, Lady Celi left the dinning room excited with the prospect of setting up a ball for the young Maou to find his future spouse.

It was set that a masked ball would take place in one month's time, and Yuuri had insisted that all single and eligible people be invited to the ball. He also insisted that it was time for at least Gunter and Sara to be welcomed back into the family. This did not sit well with Lady Celi. Instead of sending out invitations directed to each person, she sent out a generic invitation announcing the ball and that all single and eligible young women and men where invited. She believed that by using said wording, her two pretentious and obnoxious nephews would not come if a layman were invited. Was she ever wrong!

Three days after the invitations had been sent out a highly decorated envelope arrived at Spitzweg Castle by special courier. Gunter was the first to see it. He wondered what it was as he opened it. Gunter was a sight to behold. He had long lavender hair and crystalline lavender eyes. His face was perfect. He was tall and lean and had become a note worthy swordsman. No man or women ever approached him because he was considered the most beautiful man alive and also he had a bookish attitude. No one was good enough for him with the exception of the young Maou. He open it the envelope and pulled out the invitation. He read the first few lines and gave out a long wailing cry. "OH MYYYYYYYYYYYY! FATHER, SARA" he cried out as he ran through the castle towards Stofel's study. Gunter threw open the door of the study, and found Stofel and Sara going over financial records. Cinderfell was kneeling by the fireplace cleaning the fire irons. Gunter waved the invitation in the air.

"What is it Gunter," asked Stofel.

"This has just arrived from Blood Pledge Castle" he answered as he continued to wave the invitation.

"What does it say?" asked Sara curious as to what had been sent from Blood Pledge Caste. They had not had any correspondence from the castle in many years.

"It is an invitation to a ball celebrating His Majesty's Fifth Anniversary."

"What? We have been invited to the ball?" Sara could not believe it. They had never been invited back to Blood Pledge since the incident with the brat. He snatched the invitation out of his brother's hand. "Let me see that!" He read the invitation out loud.

All Eligible and Single

Young Women and Men

Of Shin Makuko

Are Cordially Invited to


The Royal Masked Ball

In Celebration of

The Fifth Anniversary of His Royal Majesty's Coronation

King Yuuri Shibuya

27th Maou of Shin Makuko


To be held on the 14th Day of the 8th Moon Month

To start promptly at 20:00 hours


Formal Attire and Mask Required


Sara threw the invitation back at Gunter and sneered, "It is a generic invitation. They have invited everyone in the kingdom."

"So what!" said Gunter.

"So what?! They opened the ball so anyone can attend. Do you think for one moment that I will set foot in the same room as plebeian? Can you imagine what kind of people will be there?" responded Sara.

Cinderfell was quietly listening to the conversation.

"I don't care" said Gunter. "I'm going!"

"We are all going!" said Stofel.

"But Father, I don't want to mingle with riff raff!" protested Sara.

"I said we are all going, and that is final. It will be a good way to get our feet in Blood Pledge Castle" Stofel said. He then turned to Sara and said, "And by the wording on the invitation, it sounds like King Yuuri is looking for a mate."

"Oh" said Sara. He had not thought of that. "Fine, I'll go, but when you mean all of us do you mean that thing?" He pointed towards Cinderfell.

"Of course not! He can't come. Were would he find formal attire?" said Stofel.

Cinderfell wiped the suet of his hands, stood up, and said "I wouldn't go even if I had formal attire. I would not want to be around riff raff like Saralegui."

"Who are you calling riff raff?" asked Saralegui.

"You of course!" said Cinderfell proudly.

"How dare you, you bastard!" Sara yelled back.

"THAT IS ENOUGH!" bellowed Stofel. "Apologise to step-brother Sara this minute!"

Cinderfell crossed his arms in defiance.


"Fine!" huffed Cinderfell and added, "I actually meant Gunter!"

Stofel was now exceedingly angry with Cinderfell. "How dare you insult my sons that way? I gave you a home, food, and clothing after your mother ran off. You should be grateful you ingrate!"

"Well no wonder why she ran off. You are all a bunch of RIFF RAFF!" and Wolfram ran out the room before Stofel could punish him.

Gunter stood by quietly during the argument. He felt pity for Cinderfell. He had been at the academy for several years studying and then had been travelling the world learning different sword techniques. He had not known about Cinderfell's birth until after he finally returned home several years after their mother had left. Gunter believed that Cinderfell was the bastard son of his mother and her lover. Gunter knew that they treated Cinderfell badly, but who was he to say anything against his father? So he let it slide for many years.

Gunter decided to give Cinderfell a break and went looking for him.

Cinderfell had fled down to his favourite hiding place in the cellar - his bedroom. Tears were running down his cheeks as he lay down on his straw filled bed. Why had his mother abandoned him? Why had she not take him with her? He hated his life. Was there not something better? Was there anyone out there who would love him? A knock came from the door.

"Cinderfell?" it was Gunter. He gently asked, "May I come in? I have a favour to ask of you."

Cinderfell wiped the tears from his face. "What is it?"

Gunter entered the room. "I was wondering if you could go to Stratton and buy a few things for me."

"Why me? Can't you go? Stratton is a two day ride from here."

"I need beauty rest, and therefore can't go gallivanting around for days."

"You need at least 15 years worth."

Gunter scowled at Cinderfell's last remark. He turned to leave but not before saying, "Fine I won't ask you any favours anymore. I just thought that you might have liked to get away for a few days."

Gunter was at the door when Cinderfell said, "Alright! Sorry about my last remark. I'll be glad to go for you."

Gunter smiled at him. "Here is the list of items and some money, and if I were you, I'd leave as soon as possible. Oh and if you have money left over, buy yourself a new set of clothes."

Cinderfell smiled at him and replied, "I'll leave as soon as I wash up."

Thirty minutes latter Stofel went looking for Cinderfell in order to punish him. He looked all over the castle; until Gunter was kind enough to inform him that Cinderfell had left for Stratton on an errand for him. Stofel was not pleased with his oldest son.